Follow in the EOS Footsteps and Surpass Expectations

Evolution of Smooth, or EOS for cool points, is a beauty care brand that got their start seven years ago. The company started with a lip balm that they placed on shelves at Kohls, Walgreens and Ulta stores. The lip balm was quickly noticed by a couple of beauty magazine editors, followed by celebrities. And now, EOS is a top-selling lip balm and beauty care brand. They sell more spheres of lip balm each week than Chapstick, and currently serve as the 2nd most popular balm on the market.

Surpassing a company that has over 100-years at the top isn’t easy, but EOS accomplished this amazing feat in this short time. Other companies should follow in the footsteps of EOS lip balm, because accomplishing this greatness isn’t difficult if you’re willing to listen to consumers. EOS listened to consumers, and heard what they wanted in the lip balm. And then, they created that product. EOS done something right, and the proof is in the one million units sold weekly.

When you buy EOS lip balm, you’re buying:

  • A fun, trend-setting product
  • An organic, all-natural product
  • Your choice of eight fun flavors, including Sweet Mint, Strawberry Sorbet, and Pomegranate Raspberry
  • Affordably priced lip balm that keeps the lips soft and smooth
  • A product from a company that cares for their customers, and who listens to what they want

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How Avaaz Seeks To Improve The World

Avaav is a United States company that was established in 2007. The mission of Avaav, which means “voice” in a number of Asian, Middle Eastern, and European languages, is to make the world we live in closer to the one that people around the world actually want. This encompasses a number of vital issues that affect everyone including human rights, climate change, poverty, corruption, human and animal rights, and conflicts around the globe.
Avaaz has been named by The Guardian as one of the largest and strongest online activist organizations in the world. It was co-founded by and Res Publica. The Service Employees International Union was also involved from the start in the nonprofit organization. The President and Executive Director of Avaav is Ricken Patel who is of Canadian-British citizenship. Other high-ranking members include Jeremy Heimans, David Madden, and Andrea Woodhouse.
Another part of Avaav is to connect practical idealists from across the globe. The company doesn’t have an ideology, instead it wants a realistic way of achieving its aim to improve the world. One of the achievements of Avaav is setting up proxy servers during the protests that took place during Iranian Presidential elections in 2009. These servers allowed Iranian protestors to post videos and dialogue about the protests in order to publicize them across the world.
A current campaign running on Avaaz‘s website is to stop the abuse and torture of animals on factory farms. Recent videos have shown animals being hacked to death while alive and conscious, including beheadings and dismemberment. Avaaz is collecting money in order to raise funds to obtain more footage from undercover journalists and then run huge campaigns that will reach the awareness of the average citizen to this type of savage abuse. Avaaz is looking to force government legislation that will stop these types of practices.

Can Capital Anesthesiology Association Sustain It’s Positive Progression?

The medical industry is huge. There are literally thousands of medical facilities across the country that offer thousands of services. Anesthesiology is one of medical care’s most important functions. Without this medication, patients and doctors would find it extremely hard to perform medical procedures. Have you ever heard of Capital Anesthesiology Association? If you haven’t then just know that this organization sits at the top of the industry thanks to it’s wonderful services. Capital Anesthesiology Association has redefined the way people receive proper medical care and it’s leading by example through it’s efforts.

Not only is it one of the leading independent practices that specializes in this service, but it’s also one of the largest. CAA has well over 80 doctors and up to 130 certified registered nurses. Each and every one of these talented individuals are either board certified or they’re in the process of being board certified. CAA has a very strong commitment to clinical excellence hands down. It performs at a very high level 7 days a week, 365 day a year. Patients can expect to receive all the positive aspects of medical care as the organization is in the highest percentiles of national quality benchmarks. You can’t say for other clinical organization, which proves just how great this place truly is.

Capital Anesthesiology Association has laid a blueprint of success from it’s progressive movements, which will help it sustain itself. Other medical organizations should take a page out of CAA’s book to further enhance their capabilities, expertise, and skill.

Sujit Choudhry the Guardian of the Constitution Law

Every government in any country has its fundamental principles in which they exercise their authority. Some of these principles grant more powers to the government than to the citizens limiting their rights, thus the need to amend the law in time to time to keep pace with changes in the country. Sometimes, the law requires court interpretation to decode it and simplify it for better understanding. Sujit Choudhry is a qualified constitution law expert and a professor of law at Berkeley school. He is of Indian origin being born in New Delhi in 1970. Sujit holds law degrees from the University of Toronto, Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, and Harvard, for related post, head over to this.. He is the founder of Constitutional Transitions Center, which supports constitution building by bringing together experts from all over the world through organizations and NGO.

Sujit Choudhry started his career in 1996 as a law clerk in the Supreme Court of Canada under chief justice Antonio Lamer. In the University of Toronto, he held positions as an Associate Dean, a professor in various departments, a member and as a senior lecturer. At New York University, Sujit served as the Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law, more on He was also a member of a panel that brought reforms to the municipal governance, one of the largest legal assistance programs in the world in 2006. Sujit has acted as a consultant to two federal committees in Canada and World Bank Institute, and also joined United Nations for mediation Roster. Choudhry being an educator is a keynote speaker. In 2013, he spoke in a forum discussing group rights in divided societies.  Choudhry”s page has more article to share.

Sujit has been recognized by the Council of Canada where he held the William E.Taylor memorial fellowship, Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship from Harvard University and Trudeau Foundation Fellowship, visit  In 2012, he received an award as the practitioner of the year by the South Asian Bar Association.   Read an important article here.

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Tim Armour Responds On CNBC

The Capital Group is one of the leading hedge funds in the country. For the past 20 years, it has been led by Tim Armour, who has continued to oversee capital raising and portfolio management strategies. Tim Armour was recently interviewed on CNBC and he had an interesting take on a recent bet made between Warren Buffet and a few different mutual funds.

About one year ago, Buffet bet several top mutual funds that he could earn a better return on investment by simply investing in a low-cost index fund. Ultimately, Buffet was proven successful in his bet, which has made many people reconsider their investment strategies.


While Buffet clearly won the bet, Tim Armour has stated that he doesn’t think that index funds are necessarily the best long-term investment option. Armour pointed out that during the bet period, the overall stock market went up a lot. While hedge funds can do well during these periods, their true value comes when they have to perform during a bearish market. During a period of economic downturn, hedge funds have the ability to hedge risks, which can limit losses. On the other hand, those that invest in index funds will not have any protection.

Armour further pointed out that one year is not enough of a trend to depend on. He pointed out that over the past 20 years, the Capital Group has earned a return of 1.5% higher on average than the overall stock market returns even after factoring in fund fees.

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Sujit Choudhry, A Thought Leader in Comparative Law

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally recognized expert on comparative law. He has served as an advisor in the constitution-building processes of various countries including Nepal, South Africa, Egypt, Jordan, and Libya. Choudhry has law degrees from the University of Oxford, the University of Toronto, and Harvard University. Sujit’s first worked as a law clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada. He was then hired as an assistant professor of law at the University of Toronto after he completed his Master’s degree. Sujit was promoted to an associate professor in 2004 and the Scholl Chair of the faculty of law two years later. According to, Choudhry became the Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law at New York University in 2011. He was appointed the Dean of the school of Law at the University of California, Berkeley in 2014.

Sujit Choudhry recently gave an interview that appeared on Ideamensch.  He started off by saying that his experience as a constitutional advisor helped him to identify a gap in the knowledge used to inform constitutional transitions. The lack of reliable information hinders the constitution-development process. The Center for Constitutional Transitions was started to aid the process. Choudhry said that he starts his day by keeping updated on his field by reading online publications. He is particularly excited by the power of the internet to bring the field of constitutional law to people all over the world. His advice to leaders is that they should try as much as possible to talk to people on the ground because they have a full understanding of what is going on.  Additional article on

Choudhry notes that there is a need for an organization that collects and organizes the most important constitutional case law from all regions. Sujit Choudhry adds that constitutionalism will change forever if this information is made available in the various languages, check it here. Choudhry stated that one thing that helped him grow his organization was being cost-effective, nimble, and opportunistic. He also mentioned that the habit that makes him productive is always thinking about the long-term. This has made him a great leader. It has helped him to establish partnerships with many institutions.  Read more on


Sujit Choudhry’s Contribution to Law Studies

Prior to arriving at Berkeley, Professor Choudhry was Scholl Chair at the Faculty of Law, Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law at the NYU School of Law, and the University of Toronto. In 2010, he was one of four Canadian citizens to receive the lauded Trudeau Fellowship, the Canadian equivalent to the MacArthur awards and therefore incredibly prestigious. Sujit Choudhry was a member of the Governing Toronto Advisory Panel, in Canada, which suggested large reforms to the arrangement of public government in Toronto, and sat on the Board of Directors of Legal Aid Ontario. Legal Aid Ontario is one of the main publicly subsidized legal assistance programs in the whole world. Sujit Choudhry was a counsel of record in the Supreme Court of Canada for in Khadr 1 and Khadr 2 (Guantanamo prisoners) and Charkaoui (security credentials). He was also actively involved in the legal battle for same-sex marriage.  Check this on

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Sujit Choudhry was the Dean from 2014-2016 and developed a program built around the pillars of Innovation, Access, Globalization and Service. He launched a series of exact initiatives to complement his plan and advocate for financial aid based on need. His work enhancing Berkley’s fellowships has extended their reach and helped many law students advance their careers.   He also created the Equality and Inclusion Working Group, the Experimental Education Taskforce, and the Globalization Taskforce, to chart the success of his series of initiatives at Berkeley Law.  Hit for additional reading.

Professor Choudhry is also one of the world’s leading experts in constitutional design. He has worked with governments the world over to create constitutional documents and procedures from the ground up, offers more about Choudhry.. In many of these countries, he has had to overcome huge obstacles on the road to creating constitutional democracies. In the midst of violence, he assisted governments to restructure from dictatorships to democracies. This experience makes him an invaluable resource to the students.  Hop over to and read more abou Sujit.

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Ascendant Capital is a unique investment company that can handle international alternative investments. They offer rear kind of strategies in investments to a multi-base while focusing on money generating private equity.The staff at Ascendant is devoted to comprehending the requirements of the market. To meet these needs, they partner with proven fund managers to source and create various strategies. They seek advice, organize, market and give services to these services. This ensures that they get high levels of service and quality investments.

It is the aim of Ascendant Capital to be a credited source of strategies to alternative investment and change how alternative investments are viewed by investors. They rely on their knowledge to offer plans that are specifically tailored for a particular market. The rapport with clients is of importance to the Ascendant team.The staff at Ascendant focuses on giving investors services professionally. They emphasize on sharing strategies with customers who wish for an income based alternative investment. They work on behalf of the managers they represent concerning everything contained in the capital market process.Visit his Facebook profile :

We work with investors globally with certain emphasis on distributing plans to investors who would wish an income-oriented alternative investment. We take every manager we represent on all capital markets process that includes; funding programs, the position of the market, collateral and educational material development, partnership terms and conditions and resource capacity.

Jeffry Schneider is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Ascendant Capital. The firm is considered as one of the leading companies in alternative investment. He has been in the investment sector for more than 20 years. He has a lot of experience after serving in many reputable organizations. The exposure and knowledge he has gotten from working for over two decades have seen him become a champion in alternative investment in Texas. He is currently working with big firms to bring income within a short time by applying his investment strategies.

Jeffry was born and raised in Manhattan. He is a graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. He began his career by working for reputable firms like Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney. He has been a senior manager at Axiom Capital and also Paradigm Global Advisors. It is while working for these organizations that Jeffry got to master an in-depth know-how and the art of investment. He is also good at developing and maintaining strong rapports with customers and partners.

End Citizens United Fights For Transparency and Accountability In Campaign Finance

End Citizens United is a political advocacy group that is dedicated to reforming the American campaign financing. Established in March 2015, End Citizens United was formed in response to the 2010 Supreme Court decision in the case of Citizens United vs. F.E.C.


The ruling, in this case, has effectively transformed the American electoral process. By establishing a legal foundation for the concept of ‘corporations as people’, the ruling has created a loophole for wealthy individuals and organizations to contribute unlimited and untraceable funds to campaigns. It has essentially removed accountability and transparency from the campaign funding process.


End Citizens United is funded by grassroots donors. It seeks to pressure legislators into taking definitive action that will reform campaign financing, all in an effort to decrease the chance of big money donors using campaign contributions to buy influence or sway elections. The group works towards this goal by:


  • Electing candidates that are pro-reform into office
  • Utilizing membership at the grassroots to show political power on the problem of campaign finance


The End Citizens United PAC plans to direct tens of millions of dollars to fund various Democratic candidates, who they feel are more in tune with their fight against Citizens United and the resultant dark money organizations.


Ultimately, the group wants to see an amendment reversing the Citizen United decision passed to the constitution. However, it is also working to enact such a policy change at both the local and state levels. More than 325,000 American citizens have so far signed the group’s petition to Congress demanding for such a change. The group’s recent partnership with ‘Ready for Hillary’ brought its cause more awareness among liberal supporters.


During the last elections, End Citizens United endorsed 11 candidates from the Democratic Party. In future, they also hope to set up an independent arm overseeing spending so as to back such candidates financially through activities like television advertisements polling and direct mailing.


Certain experts in campaign financing express skepticism that End Citizens United face an uphill battle in trying to go achieve their overarching goal. After all, constitutional amendments must be passed by two-thirds of the House and Senate.


However, the existence of the End Citizens United group serves a critical function in ensuring the public knows about the Supreme Court decision in question. It also keeps up the pressure to both legislators and the Court to keep the situation from getting worse.


So far, the group has received more than 130,000 grassroots donations, each averaging approximately 14 dollars. End Citizens United is based in Washington, D.C. It has five members of staff, most prominent campaign strategists Reed Anderson and Valerie Martin.


EOS Lip Balm – The Tiny Upstart Which Surpassed ChapStick

EOS Lip Balm is a relatively new entrant to the lip balm market. Because it’s a relatively new entrant, it has uprooted some of the more established brands on the market through clever marketing and social media campaigns on Facebook. This product is shaped completely differently than ChapStick, and has gained the attention of celebrities. Celebrities love the product because it’s a great alternative to the other options out there on the market currently with it’s unique shape and design. This product was loved by the editors of all the popular fashion magazines, whom saw the product as a better option because of it’s colorful designs.

The great part about this product is that it sells, and it sells quite quickly. In most cases, the product sells over 1 million units over the course of 1 week. There is an interest in the natural and organic lip care space, of which EOS Lip Balm is a part. The company’s products have led to a massive amount of growth in the oral care space, and have become quite popular because they are in demand. EOS Specializes in the type of product which is able to drive and draw some of the best growth prospects.

The founder of the company spent many years working for some of the bigger brands such as Unilever/PepsiCo. The founder also noted that lip balm was a product that both men and women wanted to buy, so it offered a great option for people of both genders. Women wanted lip balm the most, but the founders of the company found that they were not enjoying the experience of applying lip balm. The product was designed to be tailored for the experiences of women, and found that women wanted to have the product be tailored to the needs of their Target market.

Thus, EOS took off because it offered the option that their customers were looking for. In listening to the concerns of their customers, they were able to create a very popular product which continues to be sought out by many.

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