Contour Design Review Segment By NewsWatch TV Sparks Sales

When Contour Design had created a ground-breaking ergonomic workstation that reduced or prevented any stress-related hand injuries for avid PC users, they needed to market this product to the right audience and drive sales. Contour Design hired NewsWatch TV for promotional use and they extremely happy they did. After NewsWatch produced and aired a segment for Contour Design’s ultimate workstation, it reached to more than 95 million households and was seen in over 200 U.S. Markets. The sales immediately jumped afterwards and the product marketing manager for Contour shared that the company really appreciated the overall quality of the video segment and marketing campaign that NewsWatch TV successfully executed.

For over twenty-five years, NewsWatch TV has provided millions of American households with high-quality content and trustworthy breaking technology, entertainment and consumer electronic news. The bi-monthly series debuted in March 1990 and has since aired over a thousand original episodes. NewsWatch TV features all of the latest gadgets, mobile app and electronic reviews, travel, celebrity interviews, breaking medical and government news and so much more. Andrew Tropeano continues as the main host of the 30-minute television show and Michelle Ison, Susan Bridges, Amanda Forstrom and Eric Forrest are featured co-hosts and special field reporters.

NewsWatch TV has won both the Gold and Platinum MarCom awards in 2017. During that same year, the series had taken home the highly-coveted Videographer Award for Excellence. Back in 2016, NewsWatch had won a Silver Telly award and were nominated for another. Many American celebrities have made guest appearances on NewsWatch TV such as Denzel Washington, Jennifer Lawrence, Will Smith, Mila Kunis and many other famous entertainers that have spoken out about recent issues and causes they support. In May 2012, the series had introduced a new segment called ‘AppWatch’ that finds and reviews new mobile apps for every device.


Malcolm CasSelle Bridges the Gap Between the IT World and Cryptocurrency Markets: “Gamers, Welcome to My World!”

The buying and selling of virtual assets within the gaming console community is an increasingly growing market. In light of this, the executives at OPSkins and their team have capitalized off of the tremendous profit potential of this industry. The primary drawback, however, is the constraints of centralized technology. Decentralization is the new buzzword in many business markets and trading platforms. It is the white elephant in the room; the fly-on-the-wall; and the step-cousin many institutions are afraid to acknowledge, or even discuss. This is primarily because, while there stands to be an enormous profit, likewise, someone must inevitably incur a loss.

Malcolm Casselle

As a response to the economic markers of this trend OPSkins has positioned itself ahead of this curve where the profit lies. The World Asset eXchange, otherwise known as WAX is OPSkins answer to this trend. This blockchain platform allows virtual assets to be bought and sold from person to person, in a secure environment, absent of a middleman; thus creating a decentralized trading environment. So who, might you ask is the mastermind behind this ingenious project? Malcolm CasSelle, the President of WAX and Chief Informations Officer (CIO) at OPSkins. He has brought to the table a well-stocked portfolio of successful trading in cryptocurrency market couple with an impeccable knowledge and background in the field of Information Technology (IT).

Over the years CasSelle has been an active contributor to the success of many corporations, by way of leadership, as well as investing. He has gauged the level of interest and enthusiasm of the gamer community as it pertains to the usage of blockchain technology, and believes it will lead to the success and profitability of WAX. There is no doubt that his extensive expertise in digital and social media, as well as his understanding of the economics of the gamer community makes him a huge asset to the WAX executive team.

Utilizing his Ivy League education, with IT degrees from MIT and Stanford University, CasSelle has successfully created a marriage between his educational training and his entrepreneurial efforts. Who would have guessed this union would come with such a huge dowry attached!


Mike Baur and Max Meister Funding the Future

Mike Baur is a great person to look to when you want to become an entrepreneur. He’s a co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. The startup factory helps entrepreneurs by giving them funding and connections to help them thrive in their new businesses. The company offers mentors to guide them in their endeavors, so they don’t have to just jump in alone.

In an interview with The Red Bulletin, Mike Baur talked about how he comes up with his ideas. He says ideas come to him in a spontaneous way. Finding a gap in the market is the perfect way to create new startups. He says a lot of people have great ideas, but they aren’t sure how to implement them.

Some of his advice for succeeding with a startup is to not be afraid to fail and work all the time. He says it’s a good idea to share ideas with others and not be afraid they’re going to use them as their own. You need feedback to move forward with an idea. If you fail he says it’s a good thing, because it’s how you learn. It’s also okay, he says, to have dry spells because you grow from them.

Mike Baur interviewed his business partner Max Meister on Professional Tales to get a little more into what the Swiss Startup Factory is all about. Mike said the reason he became a co-founder of the company is that he recognized there was a gap in the marketplace where this type of venture could fit in. He says what makes the company work is a focus on research analysis. This way they know what will work for their entrepreneurs and their businesses.

When Mike asked Max how he deals with the unique challenges they face as a fully privately funded company he said they can’t fall back on deficit guarantees. The partners didn’t get a salary for the first two years, so the company could be funded. That really shows dedication to making something work. Their mission statement is the place where innovation meets execution. The follow through is the most important part of having a good idea.

In five years they want to expand on a global scale. They want to keep fueling entrepreneurs and making their good ideas come to fruition. Mike started his journey to entrepreneurship as a Swiss Private Banker for over twenty years. His realization of his dream at an older age is an inspiration to those looking to do the same.

Chris Burch Explains How Entrepreneurs Can Get The Right Investors

With more and more people choosing to be their boss rather than working for someone else, the amount of ‘entrepreneurs’ is on a steady rise. Businesses rise and fall every day, and a few manage to make it to the top. If a company wants to stand out, they have to not only think about themselves as a brand and their services but also have to think about its development and other aspects. Getting the right financial backing is something that a lot of people tend to struggle with when they are trying to start out their own company. Entrepreneurs, especially the ones who are new to the field don’t always know what are the best ways to get potential investors and seek better financial backing for the company as a whole. Finding a reasonable investor is vital for a company to grow genuinely, which is why entrepreneurs need to understand the routes that they have to take to get the best backing for their venture.

Chris Burch, a notable entrepreneur who has given life to several businesses recently released an article about how to get the right kind of investors for your startup ( Having been in the same position as countless other entrepreneurs currently are, he understands the finer aspects of what a company needs. Through his knowledge and experience, Burch outlined exactly what entrepreneurs need to look out for when trying to find an investor, starting from the very basics.

In the article, he outlined that one of the main things that one must focus on is the pitch. Investors need to be convinced that yours is the business that they should invest in, and how it can benefit them. Distinguishing between angel investors and venture capitalists is also something that an entrepreneur needs to be able to determine and is one of the many things that can improve the chances of an entrepreneur receiving the funding.

Burch states that keeping it simple is one of the best things that an entrepreneur can do. Investors don’t want to get into the know-how of the workings of a business, and mostly want to know how it can be profitable for them. Working around that and understanding that can go a long way into achieving one’s goal.

Keep up with Burch, visit, LinkedIn.

The Secret Behind Tony Petrello’s Overwhelming Dedication To Philanthropy

Although many people see oil executive officers in America as greedy and vain people, it is not so with the personality of Tony Petrello. He is one of the oil executives in Houston that is known for their philanthropic deeds. Tony has always been a man with a compassionate heart even before he became a reputable CEO of Nabor Industries. After he became a father of a premature daughter, Carena, Tony’s efforts and passion for philanthropy increased. If anyone was looking for a Chief Executive Officer with charitable institutions at heart, they would go for Tony.

Tony Petrello has contributed to the medical community in a great way. Medical scientific researchers have received immense emotional and financial support from Tony. To ensure the medical research came to fruition, Tony and his wife Cynthia gave 5 million dollars and even pledged to add some 2 million dollars more for this noble cause. Tony counts it a blessing seeing his daughter take her breakfast every morning. His daughter suffered from periventricular leukomalacia, a brain’s condition that affects how one speaks, walks and eats. The sincere kindness and positive attitude Tony and his wife have always filled their daughter with more optimism.

Besides being CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony is also the Executive Committee Board chairman of the same company. The Bermuda-based company is located in a city called Hamilton. Tony holds a J.D degree from Harvard Law School. He started his career at Yale University where he got both his BS and Master degree in Mathematics. Baker and McKenzie was the first law firm he worked for in 1979. From 1986-1991, Tony became the firm’s Managing Director before joining Nabors Industries the same year. Before he became the company’s President in 1992, he was the Chief Operating Officer in 1991. From 2003-2012 June, Tony was the Nabors’ Deputy Chairman before he became the CEO of the company in 2012.

Tony’s FY 2015’s total calculated compensation is 27,512 939 dollars. Since February 2011, Tony has been at Stewart & Stevenson as a Director. He has also been a Texas Children’s Hospital Director. He is also one of the Board of Trustees’ members who greatly support the clinical and research programs in the same hospital to ensure patients with neurological disorders get their cure. Since there is no cure, yet, for periventricular leukomalacia that has affected his daughter, he saw the need to invest his money, time and energy in brain research with hope for a solution. Tony and his family intend to collaborate with Texas Children’s Hospital in establishing an Institute for Neurological Research.

Stansberry Research and the Resource Sector

Stansberry Research is a publishing company offering financial analysis and business trend news. It provides a newsletter focused on trading global stock, currency, and commodity markets along opportunities available for investment. Stansberry Research also provides updates on gold, oil, copper, currency, and individual stock markets.

At Stansberry Research, Porter Stansberry ensures quality content is released to the subscribers by managing more than twenty financial analysts and editors. Together, his group has researched and visited many worldwide companies to give the readers the best analysis possible in the trading community. Recently there have been a few trends that have taken everyone’s attention to currency and commodities. There is a supply and demand rage that has people running around and investing and trading creating other markets to spike.

If the supply of product becomes limited to demand of the public, prices rise. A commodity is defined as being products offered as a trade. Higher prices will bring money to market in the form of profit and entice suppliers to produce more. When the demand is met to the customer, prices go down. The little-known fact is that short supply of one item can affect other markets. Let’s take the Bitcoin craze right now.

According to Stansberry Research, Marijuana trade is also a trend. A few States in the United States are legalizing the recreational use of the plant and the use of CBD oil as a form of holistic medicine. The trade is based on what the people think about the product, but it is being regulated like alcohol. The investment in this commodity is raising and the demand is getting higher due to many investors wanting to get in the market early to receive the best profit as possible.

Bitcoin is a fixed asset that only has a total of 21 million coins. Recently there was an influx of demand and the price for trading the cryptocurrency dramatically rose on this commodity. As a result of the influx in demand, prices for the devices used in mining rose. Computer graphics card prices rose along with the price of a Bitcoin.



Jeunesse Global Wants Customers To Have Energy To Do What They Love

Jeunesse Global is a company that cares about the wellbeing of people. That is why Jeunesse is known as a health-product company and not a traditional merchant. The owners of Jeunesse Global want their customers to have the energy they need to do what they love. That is why Jeunesse created Nevo.

Nevo is an energy drink unlike anything on the market today. For starters, unlike the majority of energy drinks, Nevo is completely safe. Nevo has no chemicals or artificial flavors in it. What makes Nevo taste so great is the real fruit juice that is used in the drink. This is the only energy drink that is almost 50% real juice.

Nevo gets its energy from guarana. Guarana is an imported bean that comes from Brazil and the surrounding countries. These beans are filled with caffeine and vitamins like vitamin D and vitamin B. Together, the caffeine and vitamins will help people feel energized all day long. Even better, Nevo also contains natural green tea. Green tea in itself is a natural stimulant to the body and helps people stay focused throughout the day.

An additional reason why so many people are now hooked on Nevo is that Nevo contains less than 50 calories. This makes Nevo the healthiest energy drink on the planet.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis want people to live extraordinary healthy lives without getting tired out easily. One of the reasons why they started Jeunesse Global was to research energy drinks. They wanted to find out how to produce a drink that is both healthy and built with an energetic structure. In just a few short years, Nevo was created. Nevo is the most popular drink Jeunesse has to offer. They are planning to release more flavors in the near future, and they are currently taking suggestions from clients and even potential clients.

Matt Badiali Insights on the potential investments in Natural Resource Sector

Matt Badiali considers himself an expert in the natural resources and agricultural sector with years of experience under his belt. Before joining the business world, mark taught geology at the University of North Carolina and Duke University before he was approached by an investor who wanted to invest in the mining, energy and natural resources sector. He has vast experience and knowledge of the industries having worked on oil wells, abandoned mines, and oil drill rigs. This has seen him travel far and wide to various countries including Iraq, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea among others. Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

Badiali started his career as a scientist and he holds a bachelors degree in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and a master of science in geology from Florida Atlantic University. It was at the University of North Carolina while working for his Ph.D. that the business opportunity came knocking and he never looked back. Visit to know more about Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali works for Banyan Hill Publishing Company where he contributes to his Newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist. Through the newsletter, he has been able build a good network of established and potential investors who have made great returns in their natural resource investments.

His famous work on what is now famously known as The Freedom Checks further served to increase his contribution and visibility in the sector. According to him, he says that millions of Americans stand a chance to reap millions as a result of America’s goal of energy independence which he sees it as a good investment in the coming years. The freedom checks he says will come from companies that have a primary focus on oil and gas sector. Investors stand a chance of making vast amounts of profits from the profits that these companies will make since most of the oil and gas production is now being done in the U.S. These investments will, in turn, make these companies grow tenfold since they trade like any other stock. Matt’s investigation concluded that freedom checks were not a scam but instead have substantial money-making potential.

Regarding technology, Matt Badiali says he sees electric automobiles as being disruptive and having a money-making potential. He urges investors to look into it and come up with innovative ideas to make significant change.

Matt Badiali attributes his success in the sector to the factor that he always wants to see things on the ground first before making decisions. This he says is the best way to ensure your investments are safe and secure.


Jason Hope – Making a Big Name for Himself Through His Philanthropist Efforts

Well, in the news, Jason Hope donates $500,000 to SENS to help fund their efforts in creating preventive medicines for diseases that cause a speed-up of the aging process as pertaining various parts of the body. Diseases such as: as Alzheimer’s, heart disease and lung disease. SENS is here to prevent these diseases from even happening, let along treating it.

Jason Hope’s background is pretty much in the technical field. He currently runs a tech company that specializes in creating innovative solutions of apps, desktop software and games. And he is a huge supporter of other tech companies – he invests in tech startups.

Jason Hope is a huge supporter of communities. He develops grants for high school and college students so that they’re tech ideas can have some support and make an impact on our world. Besides this effort to develop humanity, many of his philanthropist efforts is the reason of success behind many education, disease cure, scientific research and biotechnology solutions that has made a difference in our world today.

He holds a degree in finance from the University of Arizona State and an MBA degree from W.P. Carey School of Business.

His $500,000 means a lot to SENS. As the organization struggles currently to gain adequate funding for many valuable research endeavors, Jason Hope’s donation will be a huge jump-start to allow SENS to contribute to the hard-fought efforts of preventing Arteriosclerosis. Meaning, this donation will help SENS find a solution to hardened arteries to restore its elasticity. This disease causes aging factors to happen to the eyes and skin. When the medicine for the disease is created and approved by the FDA, it will also play a huge role in slowing down the blood pressure in patients.

Jason Hope believes in SENS 100% and the idea that SENS isn’t afraid to take on the modern day approach and innovate, makes Jason Hope that much more in support of its operations. As SENS focus is to improve health and life, Jason Hope believes that with SENS’ team of experts and focused ideals, they can honestly figure out a way for us to live forever. One day, somehow. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000 As Jason Hope continues to take on a philanthropist role, many communities and patients abroad are making the best of his efforts and benefiting greatly. Please do visit Jason Hope’s website for further details on his pursuits. There is more Jason Hope for the world to know. Via twitter

The Career of Executive Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a business executive who has established himself as one of the top business leaders in the world. He has a lot of experience in mentorship as well as having a entrepreneurial spirit and also being a revolutionary in business. During his career, he has developed M&A’s, provided guidance for startup companies and has also developed new methodologies for performance. He is most well known for being part of a company known as LaunchPad Holdings LLC which is a SAAS corporation ( This company started up in the year 2015. Wakeman currently holds education credentials such as a MBA in Finance and a bachelor’s degree in economics. During the early part of his career, Glen worked at prominent companies such as General Electric Capital as well as founded the company Nova Four. During his stints at these companies, Wakeman would review profit and loss statements, participate in business development and also serve as the President, CEO and Board of Directors.

One of the things that Glen Wakeman has been known for is developing a 5 step performance methodology in business. This consists of managing risk, using human capital, leadership and the execution of a number of business tasks. He is also a successful writer and investor which has allowed him to inspire other people in terms of analyzing economies and also developing management strategies. Wakeman has as lot of experience with emerging markets and corporate management which has allowed him to establish himself as one of the top market strategists. Over the years Wakeman has also counseled executive groups and has therefore developed a reputation as being one of the more innovative and versatile business leaders around.

Today Glen is quite active with business opportunities where companies are looking to undergo new transformations. With his experience and leadership, Glen is proven to be a very valuable person to work with as a result. Whenever a business is looking to undergo a transformation, Glen will provide advice for things such as raising capital, the use of angel investors and also taking advantage of a number of international financing options. With Wakeman, businesses will work with someone who is very passionate about business innovation, development and helping companies grow.