Beneful©: Purina Raises the Bar to Help Dog Owners Keep Their Dogs Happy and Healthy

The owners and employees of Purina love dogs. They strive in all they do to ensure that their products are safe and of high quality. Being dog owners themselves, the employees stand by their products. Beneful products are specifically created to ensure your dog is happy and healthy.


The scientists at the Purina labs work closely with the Food and Drug Administration and with other agencies to ensure their products are safe for canine consumption. Purina stands by its Beneful© products by allowing consumers to proactively ask questions and maintaining a dialog to answer pressing customers’ concerns.


The Purina nutritionists, dog owners themselves, are committed to ensuring that Beneful© and their other products pass rigorous inspections before they go out to market. Strict quality controls such as a sophisticated tracking system that tracks the product from creation to distribution ensures that dog owners get the high quality product they expect to receive. Beneful© dog food has been tested for nutritional value, safety and quality ingredients.


Dog nutritionists, and veterinarians and dog owners agree that Purina’s commitment to canine health and happiness shows in the way Purina’s employees support their products. Most of the employees that work for Purina have fed Beneful to their dogs with no ill effects. This, in itself, is proof that Beneful© is safe.


The Beneful© brand dog food comes in both wet and dry food. Specifically formulated to meet canine needs such as weight loss and balanced nutrition, Beneful’s ingredients also are tailored to taste good. Dog owners have a wide variety of Beneful© products to choose from in both wet and dry formulas. The nutrition team at Purina have come up with formulas that help puppies grow; help older dogs remain healthy, help dog lose or maintain a healthy weight and help keep teeth clean.


Beneful’smotto is “Enjoy a healthy and happy life together.” Their variety of textures and flavors is geared towards creating food that dogs love to eat. They also have a wide variety of dog snacks.

The Far-Reaching Impact of Bruce Levenson

The Atlanta Hawks basketball team has a high likelihood of being sold to the Anthony Ressler, owner of the private equity firm Ares. This comes as the Atlanta Hawks work in the NBA playoffs toward a championship for the 2015 season. Much of the success is thanks to the leadership of the team’s principal owner, Bruce Levenson.

Bruce Levenson is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and holds a law degree from American University. After he attained his degree, Levenson wrote for the Washington Star and Observer. Levenson spent his free time working with his friend, Ed Peskowitz, publishing newsletters describing oil industry trends. This free time work helped Peskowitz and Levenson create United Communications Group (UCG) in 1977, a data analysis company.

Since the founding of UCG, Levenson has served as a member on the board of several philanthropic foundations. He has even worked as the president of the “I Have a Dream” Foundation. One of his major contributions has been to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in which he is a founding donor. Levenson has also served as a board member to TechTarget and associations like the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. In 1997, Levenson became an inductee in the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame for UCG.

In 2004, Levenson formed the Atlanta Spirit LLC with Ed Peskowitz, Todd Foreman, and several others to purchase the Atlanta Hawks and the Philips Arena. Since the purchase in 2004, the Atlanta Hawks have reached the NBA playoffs every season starting in 2007. In September 2014, Levenson sold his shares in the team and Leveson and his partners hired Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to begin selling the Atlanta Hawks. As of April 23rd, 2015, Anthony Ressler has placed a $730 million bid to purchase the team.

Although Levenson’s era with the Atlanta Hawks is over, his investment in the team arguably has helped the Atlanta Hawks become a dominating basketball team in the NBA. There is no doubt that Levenson will continue to be a major financial giant in the U.S. economy.

The Dorchester Collection Looking to Grow

The Dorchester Collection group of hotels is looking to grow inside of the United States. Currently it is located in Europe and in the United States, but it only has two hotels and both are located in the metro Los Angeles area. However, there are other options out there for the hotel to expand with and right now the collection firm is looking to expand its total number of hotels from 10 to 15 in the next several years.

By the end of 2015, the hotel chain wants to include five more hotels, and they discussed it on YouTube. To do this, it sold one of its largest hotels only a few years earlier, which was located in New York. It is an extremely large hotel, boasting 899 rooms as the New York Palace Hotel. With the money it made from the sale the company was able to invest in other hotels. However, it is also looking at other possible locations to expand to.

Currently, the chain is looking to move back into New York. As the largest city in the United States and with millions of visitors each and every year, it makes sense for the hotel chain to move back to the city. Right now though, it is looking at a smaller hotel than the Palace. Beyond just New York though, the hotel collection does want to spread its wings into other markets as well. Regarding the United States, Washington D.C. is potentially on the docket and the high-end luxury hotel collection would fit right in here.

As for international locations, the hotel collection is eying Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore when it comes to Asian locations. It is also looking at Sydney and Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi for Middle Eastern cities that have a growing market and money as well.

The hotel chain has been around since the Sultan of Brunei purchased the Dorchester hotel in 1986. Since then the hotel chain has brought in several different hotels around the world, and while the chain is down to 10 currently, it has the sizable amount it brought in from the previous New York hotel that it can expand into many other demographics. The chain enjoys the smaller, almost boutique style of hotel, which is why it sold the larger, nearly 900 room New York hotel. While the chain has a long way to go to add five more hotels by the end of the year, there are many options available.

Financial Planning With BRL Trust

It is no accident that BRL Trust is where it is now. This company is focused on healing money problems of individuals and corporates ensuring them safety and reliability. People are learning to distinguish relaity from hype, and probing deeper to understand the ups and downs of finance. BRL Trust is a one-stop for all your financial needs – be it investment, loans or advice.

Founded in 2005, BRL Trust earned accolades from a number of investors for its innovative services. The company began to operate its business providing trust services to clients for their personal and business loans. By the end of 2014, this company had more than thousand loyal customers. The company now specializes in other areas of businesses as well, such as capital markets, investment fund management, mergers and acquisitions. Currently, BRL Trust is the biggest sole administrator for Brazil’s investment funds.

Recognizing what customers want in all its forms and sorting their priorities is a lifelong skill that very few companies are well-versed in. BRL Trust is one such company that stands out when it comes to investment. It has participated in a number of transactions – both innovative and structured – and has many awards on its side. The company’s investment strategies and solutions are tailored to its customers’ financial requirements. BRL Trust is also popular in underwriting securities services. This way customers are sure to get best options in local as well as global market.

BRL Trust handles finances in a safe and transparent manner. If you have been in a financial fog or money come for a serious time, you might be afraid of emerging from it successfully. To bring you out of this misery, BRL Trust has plans carved out of years and years of professional experience. Modern technology has made it even more easier to drift out of this fog. What’s more, the company has been able to preserve its ethics since its inception and is dedicated to serving its customers in times of economic recession as well. It has been able to keep the interests of its customers above its own. The professionals working here are well-trained and experienced in their field. They possess knowledge to produce the best results in the stock market. BRL Trust is built on the motto that has been able to bridge the gap between internal and external business relationship. Its success has been far more obvious than anything you could depict in words.

North American Spine Teaches The Benefits Of A Strong Core

The use of complimentary medicines and preventative care is being pushed forward in maintaining a healthy back and spine by members of Dallas, Texas medical center North American Spine. The medical group recently celebrated six years of offering patients the unique and innovative AccuraScope procedure that is a minimally invasive technique designed to eliminate lower back pain in a wide variety of patients with a reduced period in surgery and rehabilitation. North American Spine has also been at the forefront of pushing forward the use of a number of complimentary techniques designed to limit the damage done to the spine and core while improving the all around health of patients.

Yoga is a form of therapy that most individuals have heard of as a good way of maintaining good health and limiting the problems that can affect the body as we age. However, this is also a good option for those who are suffering with the symptoms associated with back pain who wish to try as many options as possible to relieve their problems without resorting to surgical treatments. Back pain affects a growing number of the population who are affected by the sedimentary lifestyle many people lead in this digital age where sitting in uncomfortable positions hunched over a keyboard is often the norm.

Keeping the body fit and healthy is one of the major benefits the professionals at North American Spine have recently been discussing as they took part in a national yoga campaign and community event. North American Spine members held a beginners yoga class for groups of kindergarten students from the Dallas, Texas area and gave away free yoga mats to try and encourage continued participation in the practice long into the future. Building a strong core and maintaining good posture and health are just two of the keys to reducing the risk of damaging the spine and requiring AccuraScope surgery in the future. By encouraging participation in exercise and promoting periods of daily activity the professionals at North American Spine hope to reduce the number of back injuries they see affecting future generations.

Get Out There And Work Toward Your Dream

When great people die suddenly it brings a sense of shock or of sadness to us all. Andrew Lesnie was the cinematographer for ‘Lord of the Rings’ and other movies and he was great at doing his job. He recently passed away at the age of 59, and it is hard to see that kind of thing happen. No matter who the person is it doesn’t seem fair to see them die so young, but it is especially hard when they are a celebrity and you know all of the great things that they have accomplished.
I guess the thing that we can draw comfort from, though, is to know all of the things that he has done in the amount of time that he had. And we can use that as inspiration. If you have a dream in life there is no waiting around for it. Ivan Ong, CPA and Marketing Coach is a poster-child for the go-getter attitude. There is no reason to sit at home and do nothing all day when you could be accomplishing something great. If your dream is to be the next Andrew Lesnie and to accomplish all that he has, then you need to get out there and start working hard toward your goal. Your dream won’t make it without some effort on your part, and some effort sooner rather than later.

Alexei Beltyukov, solving problems with SOLVY

America may lead the world in many aspects, unfortunately, education is not one of them. Specifically, American students have typically done poorly in math. However, there is light at the end of this tunnel. SOLVY has recently brought on one of the most innovative minds in the educational field, Alexei Beltyukov.
Alexei Beltyukov happens to be an entrepreneur with an MBA and a medical degree, according the the PR Newswire. He also happens to be a huge proponent for a proper education. By pairing with Solvy, an online educational system whose goal is to bring high school students and educators the tools they need in regards to a quality education in mathematics.
The biggest hurdle most students face now is the inability to grasp the materials. Solvy hopes to make it more accessible and easier to understand. Their goal is to raise high school students test scores, and I.Q.’s nationwide by customizing the learning experience.
Students are not the only ones who will benefit from this merger. Educators will be able to access automatically generated homework and quizzes tailored to their students needs. Progress made will be easily tracked, and areas where each student is falling behind can be pinpointed and focused on more easily.

Variety, Flavor and Nutritious Beneful

There are over a hundred different dog foods on the market today. I find it very odd that many of the dog foods contain the trash from animal products or plant products. I adopted two precious little puppies two summers ago. The puppies ate a diet of Beneful most of their lives. These puppies grew up to be healthy, loving dogs. When it came time to breed the female dog to another dog, the breeder’s family requested that I supply my dog’s food. I was glad to produce a bag of Beneful dry dog food. My female dog, Susie and the male that we were breeding with her both ate out of the same bowl. After a few days, the breeder told us that their male dog would not eat his regular dog food because he had the taste of Susie’s Beneful. Another dog converted to Beneful.

A few months after Susie gave birth to her pups we began giving them Beneful puppy formula dry dog food. The puppies ate the food really good when we added a little water to moisten the food and make it soft. Eventually, Susie was able to wean the puppies and they went up for adoption. Each puppy adopted out was given their very own bag of puppy Beneful. The families adopting the puppies were happy with their new friends and each of them said they would continue to feed their pet the dog food.

I like to encourage pet owners to check out what they are feeding their dogs. Beneful is full of good nutritious proteins and nourishing vegetables. Our dogs always have healthy teeth and bones. Their coats are shiny and strong. Each dog eating Beneful is given, the dog treats and snacks along with their food. Veterinarians recommend dog food with high protein values. This will always produce happier and healthier dogs.

When I looked for dog food for my best friends in the past I use to like to read the labels. Now I depend on one dog food that our Veterinarian recommended. Dog food should not only taste good, but also should be good for my pet. Beneful dog food is a quality dog food at a great price. There are so many varieties that most dogs can have the type they like. There are chopped chicken and vegetable blends, lamb, beef, liver and even salmon. Each of these foods is healthy and prepared for the dogs likes. Even the most finicky dogs can feast on Mediterranean or Romano style dishes. When introducing your dog to a new dog food, make sure a few different types to find the taste your dog prefers.

Expand your wine knowledge with The Antique Wine Company

The chance to become something of an expert in the grape is not something that the majority of people often feel they have the chance to do. However, the growing market for people to spend their time exploring the joys and intricacies of fine wines is hitting people of all backgrounds and budget levels. The opening of an academy by the world renowned wine merchant, The Antique Wine Company, makes it simple and easy to learn how to taste and sample the best wines in the world under the guidance of a wine expert. Being taught to taste wine in the correct way is a great experience and to have the knowledge of a world renowned expert is seen as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Established in 1982 by Stephen Williams The Antique Wine Company has recently been looking at expanding its customer base to new and exciting areas, which include those new to the collecting and tasting of wines. The company has been a major supplier and trader of wines to some of the best known celebrities on the planet and even supplied the wine for the birthday party of former president Bush in the US. An expanding market for wine collecting in Asia and a growing number of new collectors in North America and Europe has seen The AWC open its academy and look to educate the next generation of wine enthusiasts.

The academy operates from the Marylebone, London headquarters of The Antique Wine Company and sees the members of staff working at the site providing classes for a variety of experience levels. These courses include the basics of wine tasting through to understanding the different types of grape and vineyards that are sold by The antique Wine Company and other companies. Once a wine enthusiast has developed their skills they can also look to create the perfect cellar with the help of The Antique Wine Company and their network of wine contacts in the four corners of the globe.

Groundbreaking Surgeon with Patient Welfare Focus

As one of the most exceptional and renowned plastic surgeons in the United States, Dr. Rod Rohrich is globally celebrated for his incredible skill and focus on patient welfare. He graduated from Baylor College of Medicine with high honors, followed by prestigious fellowships at Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard and at Oxford University. His great skill and great compassion has earned him numerous awards, and distinctions throughout his career.

Dallas-based plastic surgeon and academic, Dr. Rohrich has served both as the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and as Editor-in-Chief of the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery”. He has also been twice honored with the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation Distinguished Service Award. Through peer nomination and peer review, Dr. Rohrich has been recognized as one of the top plastic surgeons in the United States by Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor Program.

His passion for his craft is clear in all that he does, including researching new innovations in medical procedures and safety, and devotion to numerous charitable organizations including March of Dimes, and the American Cancer Society. He is also a founding member of the Dallas for Children Foundation which assists with programs for underprivileged children. Dr. Rohrich ceaselessly strives to ensure that the most advanced procedures are used to ensure happy and healthy patients. He encourages patients to think of the “Three Es” when selecting a surgeon: Expertise, Experience and Exceptional results. His focus on patient care and patient needs makes him one of the most caring and passionate plastic surgeons in the United States.

His numerous leadership positions and commitment to excellence has earned him many honors, and even featured appearances on The View, Good Morning America, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. He has also been featured in several prestigious publications, including the New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. He is truly a gifted and generous surgeon.