Adam Goldenberg’s JustFab Shopping Experience Gaining Global Fan Base

Shopping for fashion in the modern world has changed significantly in just the past few years, and JustFab co-founder Adam Goldenberg has had the vision to expand on the way people love to make purchases when leading a busy lifestyle.

Along with his co-founder Don Ressler, the businessmen duo have made the JustFab brand a quality label to watch in the coming months. Already, more than 4 million members have joined the JustFab community, and the new numbers keep exploding every month.

JustFab is an online subscription fashion retailer selling a gorgeous selection of shoes, denim, handbags and jewelry on receive personalized style with superb quality and value.

It’s so popular, that tons of celebrities shop at JustFab, showing off glam, sexy looks all the time. Stars like Ariel Winter and Angie Harmon love Just Fab shoes, Amy Smart digs their skinny jeans, Emily Blunt and Ellie Kemper love JustFab’s cool clutches and Lindsay Lohan adores their cute, stiletto booties.

Adam Goldenberg says the key to JustFab is this:

“Giving women and now men, access to the fashion they want, at a value they love.”

He believes that modern shopping occurs online and that the major fashion brands of this decade and the next, will emerge from e-commerce instead of through retail. JustFab has been able to cut out the middleman, so to speak, and bring excellent value back to the customer at 30% savings each time one shops.

Still, Adam Goldenberg and his partner Don Ressler are also trying to corner the retail market. They’ve opened 10 retail stores so far and intend on establishing about 100 more brick and mortar JustFab locations within the next three to five years. This allows JustFab fans to see the merchandise up close, examine it and try it on in person, and according to Adam Goldenberg, these few JustFab test stores have been doing great business.

VIP membership to JustFab is quick and easy, after taking a style quiz, and then it’s off to shop. Membership costs $39.95 per month, and new members get 20% off their first item with lots of wonderful perks and offers that keep pouring in.

Adam Goldenberg not only possesses great vision when it comes to branding, he’s also developed quite an impressive resume in internet marketing, product development and management.

JustFab also shares its business umbrella with three other online fashion retailers- Fabletics, FL2 and FabKids. Source:

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