Ascendant Capital is a unique investment company that can handle international alternative investments. They offer rear kind of strategies in investments to a multi-base while focusing on money generating private equity.The staff at Ascendant is devoted to comprehending the requirements of the market. To meet these needs, they partner with proven fund managers to source and create various strategies. They seek advice, organize, market and give services to these services. This ensures that they get high levels of service and quality investments.

It is the aim of Ascendant Capital to be a credited source of strategies to alternative investment and change how alternative investments are viewed by investors. They rely on their knowledge to offer plans that are specifically tailored for a particular market. The rapport with clients is of importance to the Ascendant team.The staff at Ascendant focuses on giving investors services professionally. They emphasize on sharing strategies with customers who wish for an income based alternative investment. They work on behalf of the managers they represent concerning everything contained in the capital market process.Visit his Facebook profile :

We work with investors globally with certain emphasis on distributing plans to investors who would wish an income-oriented alternative investment. We take every manager we represent on all capital markets process that includes; funding programs, the position of the market, collateral and educational material development, partnership terms and conditions and resource capacity.

Jeffry Schneider is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Ascendant Capital. The firm is considered as one of the leading companies in alternative investment. He has been in the investment sector for more than 20 years. He has a lot of experience after serving in many reputable organizations. The exposure and knowledge he has gotten from working for over two decades have seen him become a champion in alternative investment in Texas. He is currently working with big firms to bring income within a short time by applying his investment strategies.

Jeffry was born and raised in Manhattan. He is a graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. He began his career by working for reputable firms like Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney. He has been a senior manager at Axiom Capital and also Paradigm Global Advisors. It is while working for these organizations that Jeffry got to master an in-depth know-how and the art of investment. He is also good at developing and maintaining strong rapports with customers and partners.

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