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Jeffry Schneider, an athlete, dad, and CEO, graduated from the University of Massachusetts, currently lives near Austin, Texas, and does nonprofit work for organizations such as the Cherokee Home for Children, Wonders and Worries, and the Gazelle Foundation. Jeffry Schneider is committed to giving back to the community and the world. An avid humanitarian, Jeffry Schneider is focused first and foremost on promoting health focused programs and supporting those who help others. Additionally, he sponsors individuals who have shown commitment in helping others in their community and around the world.

On a personal level, he wakes up every morning before sunrise so he can hit the gym and exercise, in order to maintain his healthy lifestyle. If he’s in a place where he can’t access a gym, he takes a jog at a nearby park. In addition to working out daily, Jeff runs in marathons, prioritizes eating healthy food, and practices meditation. It’s amazing and inspiring to see how much time he devotes to his health especially compared to others in his field. His commitment illustrates the idea that no one is too busy to incorporate healthy habits in their lifestyle. Instead of wasting time finding reasons why he can’t do something, Jeff simply goes for it. His desire to be more productive at work and live a longer, happier life, is why Jeff refuses to make excuses supporting why he can’t accomplish a goal, one of his many admirable qualities.

Jeffry Schneider, longtime supporter of personal wellness, understands and values the numerous health benefits that accompany a relaxed workplace. Because of this, he believes a strong leader should foster a healthy workplace through positivity and openness. Being in a highly competitive industry, he took the path less traveled and adopted a more creative approach to business, founding his firm on the concept. He attributes much of his success to his creative approach in life, and he’s not alone. Many effective leaders use the power of relaxation and creative thinking to successfully steer themselves towards a goal while simultaneously encourage their employees to do the same. By thinking creatively and relaxing, teams can solve problems and stay positive. Knowing this, Jeff strives to foster creativity in his workplace by implementing an open and relaxed office culture. An employee who looks forward to going to the office is more productive than one who goes seeking to avoid issues with superiors, but it takes team work to create a positive and  inviting work environment. The positivity required to accomplish this must originate from the team leader, as the leader forms the center of the organization, so Jeff works hard to maintain an optimistic and inspiring demeanor.

Jeffry as an enthusiastic fitness buff has made wellness one of his many passions in life and has been increasingly concerned with the plight of today’s kids,  many of which are obese at appallingly early ages. Jeff knows that the future of our world hinges on the values today’s youth are taught, he seeks to help kids of all ages and backgrounds improve not only their fitness but their mental states as well. By working with nonprofit organizations that focus on enriching children’s lives, Jeffry strives to teach children including his own how making healthy choices today can positively transform their future.

As he strives to do all he can to give back, Jeffry Schneider remains dedicated and focused on building better communities through health. By helping kids make healthy choices and by helping others understand the value of community bonds, Jeffry demonstrates daily what it takes to be a leader. Jeff is mindful of his altruistic mission and is always ready to extend his philanthropic reach. Knowing every day is a gift and an opportunity to help someone else, he puts others first, attempting to make the world a better place in which to live.

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