Clay Siegall leads in the development of revolutionary antibody drug conjugates

One of the key problems that have faced the treatment of cancer over the years is the extreme side effects caused by the main line treatments. The triad of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery have been the mainstay of cancer treatment since the 1950s. However, all of those treatments come with horrendous side-effects, up to and including the death of the patient. These terrible adverse outcomes have long been a primary motivating factor in the quest to seek new modes of cancer treatment that retain or even improve upon the overall effectiveness of the older methods while reducing or completely eliminating the side effects that come with them.

The area of cancer research that sprung up in the late 1980s, referred to as targeted cancer therapies, includes a wide range of completely disparate treatments. Some of these involve the modification of genetics. Others involve mechanical treatments that make use of nanoscopic-level precision, such as the use of automated laser systems to excise malignant tissue.

But one method of targeted cancer therapy that has proven to be both effective and highly innovative is the use of antibody drug conjugates. This class of drugs was developed by a man named Clay Siegall and his team at Bristol-Myers Squibb in the mid-90s. Using antibodies derived from real humans, which are often synthetically produced in the laboratory, antibody drug conjugates bind a cytotoxin to the anti body itself, only allowing for the release of the highly lethal chemical when it has actually come into contact with the tumor site.

In theory, this method of delivering chemotherapeutic agents can eliminate completely the horrible side effects that come with mass systemic release of poison into the bloodstream. In practice, it is always a bit more complicated. However, antibody drug conjugates that have been approved for use in the general public have indeed proven that it is possible to radically reduce the side effects that are associated with traditional chemotherapy.

Dr. Siegall, through his company, Seattle Genetics, is currently producing the only FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate. It has been approved for use in refractory non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and is marketed under the brand name ADCetris. This drug has saved thousands of lives each year and holds the promise of being approved by the FDA for many other treatments.

If things continue on the same course for Seattle Genetics, within a decade, Dr. Siegall may be the most famous name in the pharmaceutical industry.


Amicus Therapeutics: Driven Toward Invention and Healing

Although Amicus Therapeutics is located in New Jersey, the biopharmaceutical company is making huge strides around the globe. The company’s focus is on treating a wide range of devastating rare and orphan diseases. These diseases include Pompe Disease, Fabry Disease, and other Lysosomal Storage Disorders(LCDs) (Indeed). The company has an ongoing product pipeline that addresses the needs of those suffering from these diseases.


Amicus Therapeutics scientists dedicate their time and research to finding treatment for rare and orphan diseases through innovation and technology. These groundbreaking findings allow for patients to benefit from the enhanced treatments that the research uncovers.


The company has goals for those working within the company and for those that the company hopes to wish through its work. Amicus Therapeutics believes in the continuous growth of ideas to remain at the forefront of learning more about rare diseases. The company takes smart risks to ensure that they are doing everything possible on behalf of those suffering from these rare diseases. The company supports the patients and the families of those affected by giving them hope and education. The company believes in being honest and ethical to provide long lasting partnerships with other companies. Producing medicines that are reasonably priced and easily obtainable is important to Amicus Therapeutics.


Amicus Therapeutics has teamed with patient organizations, families, and healthcare providers to ensure that the company is doing all that is possible to positively advocate for those in need. Because the diseases are so rare that Amicus Therapeutics works to treat, it is essential that the company reaches out to all in need of help. Today, the company is continuing its work, by developing treatments and introducing new ideas on how to help those in need of the research and medicines that have been discovered. The company promises also to continue to educate about these rare and orphan diseases so that others can help in the fight to advocate on behalf of those in need.

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Arthritis Help On The Horizon at Osteo Relief Institute

Arthritis is a common disorder that causes swelling of the joints. There are dozens of different types of arthritis, but the most common by far is osteoarthritis. Osteo Relief Institute dedicates itself to treating these patients.


Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage around the joints begins to degenerate or break down. This can happen due to advancing age, sports injuries, excessive weight, and genetics. When the cartilage wears down enough, this supportive tissue around the joints allows the bones to rub one another at the joint junction. It is this rubbing that causes swelling and pain ranging from mild to severe. Osteo Relief Institute has an excellent team of specialists that include board certified orthopedists and physical therapists specially trained in orthopedic therapy.


Conservative treatments such as weight loss, exercises, and walking can help lessen the stiffening caused by osteoarthritis. There are times, of course, when surgical intervention is necessary when other treatments fail or run their course. Minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgeries are far less debilitating than full joint replacements.


The team at Osteo Relief Institute understands the pain their patients suffer with on a daily basis. Their compassionate care is one of the reasons their patients seek them out, treating patients as though they’re family. There is no cure for osteoarthritis but there are treatments to help with the pain. There are over the counter drugs known as NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (CrunchBase). This class of drugs includes aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. There are also prescription pain medications that are anti-inflammatory or opioids to name a few.


The physicians at Osteo Relief Institute have dedicated themselves to helping those suffering from osteoarthritis without using strong pain medications which can cause dependence, or NSAIDs, which can be irritating to the stomach.


This type of arthritis is commonly seen in the larger joints such as the knee, spine, and hip. These joints, in particular, are under considerable stress by harnessing a burden of the body’s weight. The compassionate staff at the Osteo Relief Institute has the latest equipment and FDA approved techniques to treat this osteoarthritis pain without surgery.

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Eli Gershkovitch Takes Canadian Craft Beer International

Beer is Canada’s most popular alcoholic drink. And craft beer is at the top of the list. While beer consumption has dropped slightly overall, craft beer sales and consumption have continued to rise. In fact, sales of craft beer in Canada have averaged double digit growth every year since 2009. There are a growing number of breweries all across Canada that produce excellent, flavorful, traditional and unique craft beers to meet the growing demand. One example of how much Canadians love craft beer is Niagara College created the country’s first teaching brewery and a post-secondary brewmaster program.


Canada’s love for craft beer has grown so much that many of the microbreweries that produce them no longer qualify to be called micro-breweries. In Ontario, craft beer breweries that produce 400,000 or more hectolitres of beer annually are not classified as micro-breweries. And a quite a few former micro-breweries fall into that category. One Quebec based brewer of craft beer reportedly averages over $20 million a year in sales.


Eli Gershkovitch, the owner, and CEO of the Canadian company Steamworks craft breweries is one person that has seen the growth in the Canadian craft beer industry up close. He was inspired to open a craft brewery after a 1987 tour of several European brewing establishments. Not long afterward he founded a small brew pub called Steamworks. Eli Gershkovitch is now an industry veteran. He has been brewing craft beer for over 20 years and has slowly grown his company. To maintain control of the rate of growth of Steamworks, Eli Gershkovitch bought out his partner in 1997. (


In 2013 Eli Gershkovitch made his boldest business move. He expanded to a full-scale brewery. His brewery now produces over 40,000-hectolitre of craft beer. Eli Gershkovitch is no longer simply a brew pub owner with a 2,000-hectolitre output. He is now an internationally-known craft brewery pioneer. His Steamworks brand craft beer has a growing customer base in a number of Canadian provinces, as well as in 14 of the United States. Eli Gershkovitch also has international customers in Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, and Switzerland.

Glen Wakeman: A Prosperous Career

Glen Wakeman, CEO, and Co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, is mainly known as a successful mentor and entrepreneur. Wakeman has achieved great fleets all throughout his lifetime and business career. He is praised for his great works in the fields of management and commerce. Glen Wakeman’s life of tremendous success has advanced and influenced industries concerning global affairs and markets.

Wakeman has put his time and energy in becoming educated in contemporary commerce. He first graduated from the University of Scranton in 1981 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Finance. In 1993, Glen Wakeman received a Master of Business Administration in the field of Finance from the University of Chicago.

After spending his spirit and vigor in getting degrees concerning the modern market, Glen Wakeman decided he would start his career with a boom. He was offered a job at GE Capital that pertained to profit and loss and business development.

Soon, Wakeman also began his mentoring career. He has guided very large businesses throughout his life. Many of them contain very large numbers of staff and tremendous budgets (Ideamensch). Glen Wakeman’s experience and hard work led to the great success of many of the businesses he worked with. His principles and background were utilized in many different types of firms and organizations.


Glen Wakeman is also known for his educational and informing blogs, each updated on a regular basis. His blogs concern topics such as the current market and what it may become, leadership, and financing. Wakeman’s blogs provide the tips that he follows when he concerns himself with commerce. His passion for marketing and finance inspire him to also share his ideas and opinions with others from all around the world.


Fourth Largest Bank In Texas

In New Orleans the Texas Bankers Association held their 5th annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. This took place in November of 2016, Mr. Holt the President and CEO of NexBank was a panelist. NexBank Capital Inc is a financial services company. The company serves its clients through 3 core businesses. The core businesses are, Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Industrial Services.

NexBank was established in 1934, with it’s headquarters located in Dallas, Texas. As of March 2017 they have 86 employees at 4 locations. They are the 4th largest bank in Texas and the 200th in the nation. The directors of NexBank bring a wide range of management and leadership experience. The director’s also have a strong commitment to the company’s success. Their clients are mostly institutional clients and financial institution. They also serve corporations, real estate investors, and middle-market companies. There are specific services available under the 3 blanket services. Under the Commercial banking services, you have the choice of 6 options that fit needs your need best. Under the Mortgage Banking services, you have a choice of 3 options depending on your needs. Under the Institutional services there are 5 different options you can find services through.