Customer`s Positive Feedback Indicate the Success of Securus Technologies

There is an increasing need to develop technology that monitors, controls and reduces crime. At Securus Technology, we develop systems that revolutionize prison environment and helps improve public safety. We are a leading provider of public safety solutions, criminal justice corrections, investigation processes and monitoring technology. Our technology protects inmates and the public from lawbreakers.


Our dedicated efforts have benefited many customers who shared their views about our services. These comments were provided by law enforcers, jail officials and managers through formal communication. We have received thousands of praises from multiple individuals who have benefited from our institution.


Securus Technologies Customer`s Feedback


 A manager thanked us for providing technology that helped the firm arrest a corrupt employee. The staff had introduced contraband to the company.

 A jail official appreciated how our monitoring technology had helped identify inmates who were breaking the prison`s laws. Such offenses include dealing drugs, transferring money, using cellular devices and threatening other prisoners.

 A law enforcer thanked us for developing an investigative tool that has curbed the rate of crime in the country.

 A police officer appreciated how we had facilitated the apprehension of a suspect using the covert alert system.

 A law enforcement agency was grateful for our LBS software. The system has helped recover money, drugs and illegal assets.


About Securus Technologies


Our organization was established in 1986. Located in Dallas, Texas, we serve thousands of facilities and law enforcement agencies in the country. Securus Technologies has offices in Allen, Carrollton, Georgia and Atlanta. We have more than 1,000 employees who work in our major offices throughout the country.


Our mission is to create a safe environment for American citizens by connecting all law enforcement agencies. We offer multiple services that include information management, communication, inmate control, monitoring, investigation, biometric analysis, emergency response and incident management.


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