Jorge Moll and his Fascination towards Technology in Healthcare

The evolution of technology has touched almost every industry in the world to execute and advance their operations efficiently. Healthcare is one of the leading industries that largely used tech innovation in the recent years. Jorge Moll, a leading cardiologist and co-founder of D’Or hospital network, is a proponent of the same. He says that the change which was visible in Northern California is moving across the globe, and people are seeing a digital technology revolution overflowing into healthcare sector by opening better choices in the industry. Follow Jorge on

Interestingly, Dr. Albert Chan of Sutter Health – a leading healthcare network in the United States – came to Brazil and introduced new treatment options and equipment, using new technologies, to Brazilian hospitals and physicians. He discussed the major changes in the healthcare sector and let the people know how technology can change the patient care. Dr. Jorge Moll added that the physicians would get technology that can help them to retrieve all the details of a patient with a single voice command. He said that Google Glass is efficiently using this technology implementation.

Dr. Moll sees that the technology would make the patient-doctor interaction more efficient. It also can help physicians to completely concentrate on patient care without investing time on taking notes or consulting files. The technology also ensures in-depth and safe medical evaluation than of current times. After each consultation, the details of the patient and inputs of the doctor are compactly collected, saved, and remotely reviewed by specialists. This would significantly advance the patient experience and productivity.


Dr. Moll also added that smartphone devices are getting integrated into medicine in the recent days. Applications of hospitals help the patients to make appointments, review their medical history, and more. While the Brazilian hospital industry has started seeing the integration in the recent years, it would embrace the entire industry in the coming years. It is expected to be implemented in every actor of the industry, including research institutions, individual developers, medical entrepreneurs and startups, venture capitalists, teaching centers, public and private institutions, and more. However, Dr. Moll feels that the industry players should create effective partnerships to accelerate the process. Watch this video on Youtube.

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