Whitney Wolfe Rolls Multiple Aspects of Social Media All Into One App

Whitney Wolfe is undeniably a leader when it comes to app technology even though this is not what she actually signed up for. In the beginning she was fine with working with others as the co-founder of Tinder. This is where she initially broke ground in the app development world. In time, however, Whitney Wolfe found herself in a leadership role with own dating app company. It would become one of the most talked about dating apps and the world today. It would make her popular beyond belief, and it would finally show women in the spotlight of a CEO when it came to social media apps.

Some people might say that Whitney turned the social media world upside down when she decided to expand dating app with other components like Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. No one saw this coming, and it became something that frightened many competing adversaries like Kevin Systrom (founder of Instagram) and Mark Zuckerberg (of Facebook fame). Whitney Wolfe creativity has a creative spark that matches both of these social media moguls.
It appears that Whitney Wolfe has a desire to connect with the same people that are interested in apps like LinkedIn and Facebook. Whitney Wolfe is a triple threat because she has three different components of Bumble for people to engage in. This definitely makes it interesting for people that sign up for one account and get access to three different aspects of social media. The original Bumble platform is perfect for them.

There are going to be others that have a desire to build friendships and the Bumble BFF platform is going to be alluring to people that are trying to do this. It is definitely helpful because there are people that move into new cities all the time, and they may not know anyone. Dating may not be on their agenda as they move into a new city, but they may like to go out for drinks or to a movie with friends. Bumble BFF is the app that makes that possible even when someone has moved to a new city and they have no friends and this area.

What Whitney Wolfe has essentially done is roll everything into one area. People can even network and find other business associates through the Bumble Biz portion of this app. That has changed the way that people view social media today.

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