Lime Crime’s New Expansion

Lime Crime is a vegan cosmetic company which prides itself with the production and sale of animal friendly cosmetics. Recently, the company decided to expand and offer their products in China.

Kim Walls,the Global General Manager for the company, realized from the beginning selling in China would be almost completely different from how selling was done at present, and it did not take long to realize that a transition like this came with its own challenges.

The first such challenge was with regard to Chinese policy; which states that all cosmetics must first be tested on animals. Obviously, this requirement is in contrast with Lime Crime’s core beliefs and was not willing to bend the ethical stance to increase business. Luckily, there was a way around that requirement.

Chinese law states that animal testing is not mandatory if products are shipped directly from the US. This means that the cosmetic company could ship directly from the US without having to worry about the animal testing requirement.

At first glance, this seemed to be a solution. However, other challenges like international refunds and the distribution of counterfeit products, caused issues for the company. Over a million units of fake lip topper had already been discovered being sold in China. What Lime Crime needed was a more secure way to ship and a way to make sure the brand was protected.

Brand protection and eCommerce tools were found through Revolve. Revolve is an eCommerce platform based in Los Angeles. The company joined with Revolve to handle international shipping. This seemed to be the best move, considering that Lime Crime, did not wish to deal with issues that comes with international shipping.

In addition, the cosmetic company developed a “seed audience” which serves the purpose of protecting the brand. Through social media and the internet, Chinese consumers now know that authentic cosmetics products are affiliated with Revolve.Now, consumers can be certain that they are buying authentic products when it is associated with Revolve.

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