A Look at Ourselves With Jorge Moll

With things such as artificial intelligence appearing to coming up in the horizon of the near future and the fact that so much remains unknown to most people about how our brains work despite all the advancements in technology, many more people seem to be wondering just what makes us who we are, and what makes us different. Well, renowned medical professional Jorge Moll has taken some steps further into understanding these things as a Neurologist and Experimental Pathologist. Having received his MD from The Federal University of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil in 1994, Dr. Moll went on to complete his medical residency in Neurology at the same university in 1998 to later pursue his goal of cultivating world-class research, education, and healthcare (Terra).

Although for most it’s easy to say the human brain works in a way comparable to a computer, it’s also safe to say it’s much more complex than anything man-made and a lot of our best traits come from the way most of our brains reward us for doing good in a way only a humans (and possibly some animals) would. Some of his most interesting findings involve this, such as his findings on how the brain is effected by our actions of helping and giving to other people.

With their studies in the mid 2000s, Dr. Moll and Jordan Grafman came to a conclusion that people, at a biological level, are hard-wired to feel good about giving to others less fortunate – providing the first form of real scientific evidence that giving to others can benefit and reward the person giving in 2006. These studies involved letting people donate before scanning and observing their brain via fMRI.

In conclusion, even though we may be far from replicating it, we have researchers and scientists like Jorge Moll to thank for amazing advancements and findings in the fields of understanding what makes us who we are.

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