Adam Milstein: Writing Against Radical Islam

Adam Milstein is an Israeli businessman and entrepreneur who is also the founder of Hager Pacific Properties. He, along with his wife, is known throughout Israel because of the philanthropic programs that they are doing for the sake of their countrymen. He has a degree in business and economics, and his father influenced him to venture into the real estate business. He has been guided by his father to pursue a career in real estate and taught him how the industry works using their business as a model. His knowledge about the business grew, and Milstein decided that he should also build his own real estate company, giving birth to Hager Pacific Properties. View Adam Milstein’s profile on Facebook.


Adam Milstein also founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which aims to help the welfare of the Jewish people. They are providing scholarships to children of Jewish descent who would like to study but does not have the means to. They are also providing free books to those who love to read. Overall, the programs headed by Adam Milstein aims to enrich the minds of the young Jewish people. To reach more Jewish people, he then launched the Jewish News Syndicate, an online portal where people can read news related to the Jewish people. Adam Milstein is one of the website’s editors, and he is encouraging everyone to become a writer for the portal and write on behalf of the Jewish community. Learn more about Adam Milstein at


One of the latest articles that he published on the website are the threats of Radical Islam, particularly with groups operating in the Middle East. Being a Jewish, Adam Milstein is subjected to discrimination and Anti-Semitic attacks in the United States. He explained in his article how the Jewish people should face their persecutors, and how they can fight back. In the Middle East, lots of terrorist activities are aimed to destroy Israel. He is pleading to all Jewish leaders and citizens to do everything that they can to protect their homeland. The Jewish people are always under attack for their ethnicity, and he is appealing to everyone not to tolerate these actions.


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