Dr Saad Saad invents life-saving medical procedure.

Dr Saad was born in Palestine, he, however, grew up in Kuwait and also attended high school in Kuwait. Saad initial dream was to be an engineer. However there was a change, in Kuwait the temperatures are high, and engineering work requires one to operate outdoor. The high temperatures in Kuwait inspired him to change his career to become a doctor as a doctor working indoors.

After completing high school Saad joined Cairo University where he did his medical degree and graduated with honours, he later moved to England for his internship. During his time in England Saad got an opportunity to work closely with qualified people and this helped him to learn many skills that he still upholds to date. Some of the skills he acquired from his mentor were honesty and hard work, these attributes have been important in his career.

Saad has been in the medical sector for many years now and has saved many lives. He has also worked in different institutions as a lecture. However one of the most known works are his inventions, his passion for saving lives led him to invent a catheter detector. A catheter is a tube that is used in medical procedures to drain fluids in the body or even help in surgery, the tubes are sometimes left in the body temporarily or can be fixed in the body permanently.

When the catheter needs to be removed it is important to the procedure is safe during the removal of the catheter, the catheter detector makes the process more reliable since the tube can be easily located to the precise location in the body.

When asked about the inspiration for the inventions, Dr Saad explained that “necessity is the mother of all inventions”. The need for these inventions inspired Dr Saad.

After many years in the medical sector, Dr Saad finally retired, but he despite retiring Saad stills provides useful tips to other surgeons. According to Saad before performing surgery, it is vital to review the operation and refresh your mind this ensures that the process is a success.

There is a lot to learn from Saad, and one important lesson we learn from his journey is that your background should not define your future.

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