Malcolm CasSelle Bridges the Gap Between the IT World and Cryptocurrency Markets: “Gamers, Welcome to My World!”

The buying and selling of virtual assets within the gaming console community is an increasingly growing market. In light of this, the executives at OPSkins and their team have capitalized off of the tremendous profit potential of this industry. The primary drawback, however, is the constraints of centralized technology. Decentralization is the new buzzword in many business markets and trading platforms. It is the white elephant in the room; the fly-on-the-wall; and the step-cousin many institutions are afraid to acknowledge, or even discuss. This is primarily because, while there stands to be an enormous profit, likewise, someone must inevitably incur a loss.

Malcolm Casselle

As a response to the economic markers of this trend OPSkins has positioned itself ahead of this curve where the profit lies. The World Asset eXchange, otherwise known as WAX is OPSkins answer to this trend. This blockchain platform allows virtual assets to be bought and sold from person to person, in a secure environment, absent of a middleman; thus creating a decentralized trading environment. So who, might you ask is the mastermind behind this ingenious project? Malcolm CasSelle, the President of WAX and Chief Informations Officer (CIO) at OPSkins. He has brought to the table a well-stocked portfolio of successful trading in cryptocurrency market couple with an impeccable knowledge and background in the field of Information Technology (IT).

Over the years CasSelle has been an active contributor to the success of many corporations, by way of leadership, as well as investing. He has gauged the level of interest and enthusiasm of the gamer community as it pertains to the usage of blockchain technology, and believes it will lead to the success and profitability of WAX. There is no doubt that his extensive expertise in digital and social media, as well as his understanding of the economics of the gamer community makes him a huge asset to the WAX executive team.

Utilizing his Ivy League education, with IT degrees from MIT and Stanford University, CasSelle has successfully created a marriage between his educational training and his entrepreneurial efforts. Who would have guessed this union would come with such a huge dowry attached!


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