Richard Dwayne Blair’s Three Pillars to Financial Planning

Growing up in a family of teachers, Richard Dwayne Blair adopted an appreciation for the impact teaching can have on personal growth. With this in mind and his particular capacity with finances, Richard Dwayne Blair founded Wealth Solutions, a registered investment advisory firm in Austin, Texas in 1994. To this day his goal remains committed to providing personalized retirement income planning for all of his clients. Here are his three pillars to financial planning.

  1. Lay out the clients financial goals, both in the short-term and long-term. By having a clear and mutual understanding of a client’s financial goals, Richard can ensure that their particular financial plan is headed in the right direction.
  2. Develop a specific, long-term investment plan that caters to the goals the particular client outlined in the first step of the process. During this step, Richard will reallocate assets in a client’s investment portfolio, to take advantage of upward trends in the market and/or limit losses during negative movement in the market. The performance of the clients investments are tracked to ensure that they are meeting the goals outlined across all fronts.
  3. Provide insurance needs a client may have. At this point in the process, Richard will have tailored a financial plans to the specific needs of a client. After the process of managing a client’s assets and having the framework of the financial plan in place, Richard will move forward with insurance plans. This could be life insurance, long-term care insurance and potential annuities.

Richard Dwayne Blair’s, Wealth Solutions, has been a registered investment advisory firm for over 23 years. Currently valued at $52 million dollars, Wealth Solutions is one of the most successful RIA’s in the state of Texas. Their practice is overseen by the SEC, ensuring each and every client will gain credible financial planning and investment services.

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