The RealReal Knows the Real Deal

Staying on top of a venture, its investments, and returns that accompany the deal is a challenge in itself, for any CEO. And, it is even more so of a challenge when a captain of industry seeks to do business with new investors, while staying on top of daily business duties. Getting everything to come together in smart fashion while cutting a profit in a competitive market can prove daunting at times.

It is not uncommon for businesses to take a beating just to break even, so they can do it all over again when the next year comes. Those companies that do make a profit, and in some cases thrive within their industry, really ought to be commended. Throw in the reality of politics involved within the world of fashion accessories, and one woman in a thousand has the fortitude to succeed.

Still, RealReal CEO Julie Wainwright manages to find meaning and the vision needed to drive her business toward success. So, it is only reasonable that she networks for potential investors regarding her venture. The concept is simple. Wainwright uses her own acumen and modern technological advances, such as the internet, to resale high-end fashion.

Of course, there are things like payroll, insurance and the leasing of office space that make investing networks everyday institutions. The goal is impressive. Adding to hundreds of millions of value, Wainwright invites new blood into the fold. No matter what happens in trade and commerce, or anywhere else in life, there is usually more than one way of thinking through a situation.

One the one hand, some people see Wainwright’s public seek-and-find mission as an indication that her company is not as stable as it could be. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it simply may need time to grow. However, other industry insiders say that RealReal’s need for investors coupled with its ability to survive this long points to one fact. They believe there may be a substantial and hidden market ready to provide a lucrative service worldwide once the groundwork is finished being laid.”

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