Isabel dos Santos Has Shed Some Light Regarding The Critical Importance That Education And Technology Will Play In The Development Of The Economy Of Africa

Isabel dos Santos recently made an appearance in the EU Parliament located in Brussels, Belgium. During this appearance, she discussed the fact that technology is poised to become the future of the burgeoning economy of the continent of Africa. Isabel Dos Santos spoke at the Africa Summit 2019 where she opened up about technological developments that can be applied in Africa as a way to foster growth across multiple regions of the large and diverse continent. She also discussed the challenges that exist in terms of bringing Africa fully into the digital age that the rest of the world has already entered into more fully.

Isabel dos Santos highlighted the importance of education going forward so that Africa can become competitive in terms of technology. As part of a distinguished panel at this summit that also included the ECR’s Chairman Syed Kamal and Antonio Tapani, the President of the European Parliament.

Businesswoman Isabel dos Santos holds the lofty distinction of being the wealthiest woman in the continent of Africa as well as having an impressive background in one of the most renowned political families of her native Angola. Her father, Jose Eduardo dos Santos held the Presidency in Angola for the better part of three decades, beginning in 1979. She currently has a net worth that exceeds $2 billion and also holds the distinction of being the first woman in Africa to become a billionaire. The has also been named as one of the top 100 Most Influential Women In The World. This distinction was bestowed on her by the BBC. Among her many activities, Isabel dos Santos is known for her continual drive to empower women as well as the generous contributions that she regularly makes to charitable causes.

Through her own website, Isabel dos Santos is known for sharing not only her own personal story but stories from countless individuals her home country of Angola and from around the entire world. These stories are often about individuals who have been able to achieve despite the barriers that might have been put in front of them. Helping these kinds of individuals has been one of the passions of the life of Isabel dos Santos.


Benefits Of Switching To Agera Energy

If you are unhappy with your current energy provider, it is time that you thought about switching to Agera Energy. There are many reasons why you might want to think about making the switch. For one, you’re choosing a brand that is well-known for its energy production and for its low rates. You will find that it is much cheaper for you to make use of this company when compared to some of the other ones that are out there. For this reason, you are going to want to take a look at this option and see for yourself why you might want to utilize this company for any and all of your energy needs.

If you would like to learn more about Agera Energy and all that it is able to do for you, be sure to visit Agera Energy website and see for yourself why this company has become a staple for millions of customers all around the country. No longer will you need to struggle with high-cost energy service when Agera Energy is readily available to help you out. This is important in that you are able to quickly and easily get what you need and not have to worry that you are spending small fortune.

You can also find this company on social media so that you are able to effortlessly make use of this service and know that you are choosing something that is going to be low cost enough for all of your needs. Before you look into using any other company, you can and should make use of this service provider to see why this is a choice for you. You can find out more by creating an account and signing up for yourself when it is most convenient for you. Before you know it, you will be looking into working with some of the best energy providers in the country and getting the consumption and usage that you need right now. You will love having a home or office that is running to the best of its ability right now.

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“Marc Beer’s women’s health startup raises $42 million “

Women around the world suffer from numerous health conditions that severely affect the quality of life that they live. Sadly, some of these medical conditions have been neglected by the biopharma companies for one reason or another. One man, Marc Beer, an experienced executive in the pharmaceutical sector and entrepreneur is looking to change the current situation in women’s health care. Through his biopharma start-up Renovia – based in Boston – Marc is looking to finding medical solutions to some of the most chronic health issues faced by women around the world.


Raising funds for the course


Recently, Marc Beer was out and about rallying for funds to further the good course of his start-up looking to not only improve women’s health but also bring happiness to communities. In his funds rallying campaign, Marc was very successful. He managed to raise a total of $42 million in funding to finance Renovia’s operations. The main focus for the company of late has been finding therapeutic and diagnostic solutions for the notorious pelvic floor disorders especially urinary incontinence. Reliable statistics indicate that not less than 250 million women from around the globe suffer from this dreaded condition.


The Renovia CEO raised a total of $32 million through Series B funding, and the additional $10 million came from venture debt. Marc Beer successfully got on board some of the most seasoned health sector investors in his Series B round funding to raise the $32 million. A healthcare-focused investment firm, Longwood Fund which had also earlier invested in Renovia was part of the Series B round. Other investors were Ascension Ventures from Missouri and Perspective Advisors from New York.


The funding raised will be dedicated to coming up with the second generation of the Leva devices. Additionally, there are three other break-through devices in the works at Renovia which these funds will play a significant role in their development. Making this funding announcement, Marc Beer mentioned that his company was very grateful for the support of its investors. He added that his company would keep delivering new treatments for pelvic disorders as their knowledge on it expands through research.


About Marc Beer


Marc Beer is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Boston based biopharma start-up Renovia. This pharmaceutical entrepreneur has over two decades of experience as an executive in the medical sector. Marc’s area of specialization has been the development and commercialization of break-through biotechnology devices and pharmaceutical diagnostics. Through his start-up Renovia, Marc hopes to help millions of women around the world living with pelvic disorders live normal lives. The Leva device (first edition) has significantly made this possible, and he hopes with its second edition things will even get better. Learn more:


What You Never Knew About Agera Energy

Agera energy is an organization supplying the community with electricity and natural gas supply services. The company was founded in 2014 and is located at New York with over 150 employees. The company aims to be the guide of its clients in enabling them make energy decisions based on kilowatt hours and thermal units. Energy is currently a major expense to a homeowner and a crucial facility for most business and that’s why agera energy sets out to change the conversation about supply of energy to the public because the costs are too far from being entertained.

With so many clients underserved by their local suppliers the agera energy scooped the opportunity to look at a different perspective and serve the customers differently. The company highly values its customers and takes their responsibilities with great concern. Agera energy also reaches out to its clients in social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn where it formulates its notifications with over 4000 followers. Due to the good interest the agera energy pays to its customers it seems to be set for a greater good.

The Consistent Achievements Of The Fortress Investment Group

This is an investment firm formed in the late 1990s is a private equity firm and spread in 2002. It is a worldwide global investment management firm that is based in New York. It was later purchased by Japan’s Soft Bank which was founded in 1981. The Fortress Investment Group uses advanced skills over some investment plans representing many institutional investors and also individual clients globally.

Fortress Investment Group has the main areas it specializes on. These areas are, for instance, investing in assets, management of operations and also on markets involving capital. The founders of the group had a primary aim of developing an investment firm that would promote equity in private sector. The earliest mode of investment they made was on real estates, but it fast advanced to debt securities and hedge funds.

The firm has brought about skills that no other entities can have. Fortress Investment Group has been involved in a project of constructing a commuter rail that will connect two cities. This will help to create a mode of transport that will spend less time. This has also seen a reduction in the number of cars on roads hence minimal harmful gas emissions. It has also been involved in other activities that have helped private entities to be able to enhance infrastructural development and improvement.

Fortress Investment Group has a well-founded groundwork such that other investors envy their operations. The transition of ownership of the management firm did not change how it operated since it was well established. The Fortress Investment Group will be beneficial to the Soft Bank in that it will help them to extend their real estate capability which will, therefore, increase their value in the market.

The leadership at the Fortress investment group is focused on ensuring that good governance, rules and activities are maintained. They have set particular standards to provide great honesty and responsibility in work. The leaders of this group also have enhanced transparency to the public. The tremendous success and innovation of its leaders have made it be widely recognized.

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Article On Investor Gareth Henry Profile

Gareth Henry is a Global Head of Investor Relations at alternative investment managers. He is a graduate of Bachelor degree in Actuarial mathematics and statistics from the Heriot Watt University where he graduated in 2001. After graduating he landed his first job as an analyst with Watson Wyatt’s company. He became the director of strategic solutions company for two years prior to joining Fortress Investment Group that is biggest Global investment firm in 2007.

Mr Gareth being the head of International Investor Management Company, He raised some capital for Fortress hedge funds and hold some real estate holding with private credits and equity. Gareth Henry was required by his job to extend his investment skills to Middle East and Europe and he managed at his later times at Fortress to raise 4 billion dollars hedge fund business. Currently, Gareth Henry is working in New York where he is the Global President of Investors Relations specifically Gordon, Angelo and Company. He also have gained a unique experience in investment field having raised capital across the worlds all continents.

Gareth Henry established and helped funding his access Bursary at Alma matter in his background university that’s Heriot Watt that was among the leading universities in United Kingdom for business and industry in 2018. Even though the stock market was volatile in 2018, His performance for the earlier half part of the year was recommendable as 1.67% more than multiplied by doubling an average of 0.81% return at the same time period when the stock market was still fluctuating.

Being a student of the market investment cycles, Mr. Henry have seen many first hand opportunities presented by a great rising rate cycle and more sophisticated investors would want to play such trend given the opportunities. Gareth was named one of the most successful people in the world in 2019 January when he was named as the Managing Director of Invest cooperation with its alternative firms that have their locations in New York, Bahrain, Singapore; London among other firms that Henry had been operating oversees in his daily operations and firms investments.

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Steve Lesnard expertise in the sports industry and connecting people to Brands

Steve Lesnard is a distinguished business professional with extensive years of experience. He possesses knowledge in the business development and creation of products that capture the consumers’ tastes and preferences. Steve Lesnard studied Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Babson University.

Steve’s career background

He started his career in the sports industry when he was recruited by Nike sports company. His skills in the marketing of brands have helped him to earn a promotion within the company. He has served in different positions and delivered the objectives of the department. His skills have enabled him to grow within the organization and receive top management appointments. Steve was instrumental in the promotion of Nike Brand globally during the Olympics games in Beijing and London in 2008 and 2012 respectively.

Steve serves as a global brand consultant consolidating his experience in the marketing of brands to help clients and institutions achieve success in their sales promotion campaigns. He gives solutions to institutions planning to implement a marketing challenge through his expert approach. The technological advancements have facilitated the marketing of brands through social media. Companies have also engaged celebrities and signed partnerships and endorsement deals in their bid to promote their brands to a group of people who identify and follow the star.

Steve Lesnard outlines two strategies to assist the companies to succeed in influencer marketing campaigns which include:

Create a robust mutual connection with the brand ambassador

Establish a partnership with celebrities who connects and identifies with your products. The company should seek a celebrity with genuine interest with the outcomes of the company to market them. The person’s values should correspond with the brand’s values and aspirations to continue strengthening the connection and building the brand. The link should assist the brand to penetrate new markets.

Establish robust marketing strategies that will complement with celebrity marketing

Companies should ensure that their brands satisfy the needs of the consumer.investing in modern digital marketing strategies should also be a priority for the businesses that want to succeed in marketing the products. Celebrity marketing should serve as another plan to spearhead the marketing strategy when there is already an established plan.

An Accomplished Author & Broadcaster with a Passion for Hill Climbing, Alastair Borthwick

A writer and broadcaster, Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire on February 17 in 1913. Described as a man with a lot of passion, Borthwick died on September 25, 2003. Among other things, Borthwick is remembered as a passionate author. He was also excited about climbing in Scotland’s highlands, but most importantly, people remember his ability to capture the grimness of war using the most graphic terms.

His book, Always a Little Further, which was published in 1939, clearly captures the start of the grass-roots movement by the working class and the unemployed of Clydebank and Glasgow into the Scottish Hills. By the beginning of the 1930s, a striking love for hiking and climbing was witnessed across northern Europe. This resulted in the creation of national youth hostels associations. While the sudden wave of enthusiasm for these activities initially tapped inspiration from the Wandervogel movement that was blossoming in the Weimar Republic, Germany, other factors were also to blame. One such element was mass unemployment in the shipyards of Clydebank. Besides, what would one expect from people who had a lot of time up their sleeves, very little money to spend, and mountains at their doorstep?

Writers such as J.H.B and W.H. Murray preferred capturing the activities of the mountaineering elite, besides concentrating on the climbing itself. It wasn’t the same for Alastair Borthwick. While he was more middle class than many others, Borthwick interacted and made friends with ordinary folks such as tramps and berry pickers during an era of significant social changes. He once said that his ideal life was to write 1000 words in the morning and then catch a salmon in the afternoon. This statement reveals a man who chose not to complicate life.

Alastair Borthwick also participated in the Second World War. Together with his fellow Seaforths, Borthwick traveled 3000 miles across Europe and North Africa during the battle of El Alamein. Upon defeating Rommel, they participated in conquering Sicily, invading Italy, Normandy and also in securing Holland’s Canal Zone.

While he was a simple man chasing simple goals, Borthwick always believed in going a little further in everything he did. When asked how he would want to be remembered, Alastair Borthwick said that he would want people to know that he was a journeyman writer, who never broke a deadline and was printable at any given time or place. For more information, visit:

The Effort Of Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is among the passionate leaders that have pushed for the talented groups and the creators in the community. The dedication that he has set in his field is to assist them to realize their dreams and create work out of their vision that is worth their efforts. This is one of the issues that has enabled the brand and generated platform on matters of the marketing strategy. The primary factor that Edwin Miranda has concentrated about is putting the issues in the position that will assist the clients to be at the level that will be successful in today’s market.

Edwin Miranda is one of the leaders that have a sincere belief on the matters of the power of performance. The commitment that he has showcased has assisted a lot of brands in extending their market share regardless of the challenges they are facing. The step has to contribute most of the brands in engaging with their customers and even winning the confidence of the rest of the clients which are new. The efforts that have been taken by Edwin Miranda marks the dynamic world that most of the brands should follow. This will assist them in reading trends in market.

Through the wits of the Edwin Miranda in the field of marketing, the future of each brand is near, and there is a need for them to step up. The KOI/IXS has assisted them to move in faster manner to make them fit the current dynamic situation in the market. Edwin Miranda great work as far as the matters of marketing is concerned has made the organization reached the top level in different aspects of technology. The advise that he has set to the clients in finding the agency that flows along the line of expectation and implement what is needed in the market.

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The RealReal Posts About All Of Its Unique Pieces On Instagram

The RealReal uses its Instagram page to show all of the unique items that it has for sale. It sells luxury items that are gently used, and it shows how beautiful each piece is, whether it be a purse or a pair of shoes, by posting artistic photos of them. And, customers of The RealReal can get inspired when they see the pieces because they can add them to their closet when they shop the app. But, this is a consignment shop, and only one person will be able to get each item, so that encourages customers to shop fast.

The RealReal posts pictures of rings, watches, and belts. It posts pictures of products from various luxury brands, from Fendi to Gucci. And, some of the pieces are more unique than others, making them more sought-after. The pieces are available for a lower price than they would be new, and everyone who wants to buy luxury clothing and accessories can find out more about The RealReal by scrolling through its Instagram page.

The RealReal believes that luxury pieces are made to last a long time, and that is why it resells them. And, it does this in part because it is a sustainable practice to reuse pieces. It also believes that it is a good thing for people to be able to save money when they shop, and that is part of the reason why it sells used pieces. And, it makes sure that every piece is authentic so that no one has to worry about that.