Community Banking: In Pursuit of Greatness

Banking is a great way to store your wealth or to help it grow. Without these advanced institutions, people would be storing their hard earned assets behind picture frames and under floor boards. The surge in community banking has created a lot of buzz over the past few years and no longer are these financial centers limited with services. In November of 2016, the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference was held and it was a hit. This event was a great place to discuss the industry of community banking such as organic growth, branching, innovation, as well as any known issues that may be plaguing the community.


The President and CEO of NexBank Capital attended the event and he served as one of the exclusive panelists. John Holt has done an amazing job at the Dallas, Texas based location and he discussed many of NexBank’s issues as well as benefits. The Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference was a great place for advisers, consults, and for bank leaders to share their perspectives of the industry and how to make it more efficient. This exclusive forum went off without any distractions and disturbances as it allowed these industry leaders to network as well as to come up with new concepts that could be of some beneficial use.


NexBank Capital is located in theDallas, Texas Region and it has become an affluent institution that hosts many advanced services. NexBank also provides services forother organizations such as large corporations, middlemarket companies, real investors, and for otherfinancial centers. The future of community banking is looking might bright these days and NexBank personifies this notion perfectly.

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