Sandy Chin Organizes Book Drive For Her Son’s Elementary School

PS11, known as William T Harris School, is located on the West Side of New York City. The elementary school proudly serves a diverse group of families. As the end of the school year neared, Sandy Chin noticed that there was a problem. The problem was that many of the students would not be reading over the summer. Whether this was due to the fact that parents could not afford to buy books for their children, or other activities took precedence, but for the fact that studies have proven that children who do not read over the summer experience what is called the summer slide, Sandy Chin wanted to step up and do something.

Chin, with many volunteers, organized a book drive with the goal being to provide every kindergartner with several books for summer reading. The two-day book drive not only brought in enough books for the kindergarten class, but enough books for the entire school. Sandy Chin and the volunteers counted approximately 3000 books.

Though everyone was more than enthusiastic over the number of books that were donated, the problem was that the books donated were not categorized into reading levels. Chin, along with the teachers from PS11, and other parents gathered the books and separated them according to grade and reading level to assure that all the students will receive books that they could read and enjoy.

The children were not only thrilled to receive the new, to them, books, but also excited because they were given the opportunity to pick them out themselves. The organizers were pleased with how excited the children were with receiving the books. Chin believes that the next book drive will be easier now that they have a system in place.

Sandy Chin, herself, is very passionate about reading and even named her children after book characters. Sandy Chin has spent over twenty years working in the financial industry. Chin is now in charge of her own company, Tidal Bore Capital. She is the Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager.

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