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Gareth Henry is a Global Head of Investor Relations at alternative investment managers. He is a graduate of Bachelor degree in Actuarial mathematics and statistics from the Heriot Watt University where he graduated in 2001. After graduating he landed his first job as an analyst with Watson Wyatt’s company. He became the director of strategic solutions company for two years prior to joining Fortress Investment Group that is biggest Global investment firm in 2007.

Mr Gareth being the head of International Investor Management Company, He raised some capital for Fortress hedge funds and hold some real estate holding with private credits and equity. Gareth Henry was required by his job to extend his investment skills to Middle East and Europe and he managed at his later times at Fortress to raise 4 billion dollars hedge fund business. Currently, Gareth Henry is working in New York where he is the Global President of Investors Relations specifically Gordon, Angelo and Company. He also have gained a unique experience in investment field having raised capital across the worlds all continents.

Gareth Henry established and helped funding his access Bursary at Alma matter in his background university that’s Heriot Watt that was among the leading universities in United Kingdom for business and industry in 2018. Even though the stock market was volatile in 2018, His performance for the earlier half part of the year was recommendable as 1.67% more than multiplied by doubling an average of 0.81% return at the same time period when the stock market was still fluctuating.

Being a student of the market investment cycles, Mr. Henry have seen many first hand opportunities presented by a great rising rate cycle and more sophisticated investors would want to play such trend given the opportunities. Gareth was named one of the most successful people in the world in 2019 January when he was named as the Managing Director of Invest cooperation with its alternative firms that have their locations in New York, Bahrain, Singapore; London among other firms that Henry had been operating oversees in his daily operations and firms investments.

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