Cassio Audi-Drum Player to Financial Wizard

Cassio Audi started out as a drum player in the heavy metal band, Viper, started by his brothers, before he became a successful entrepreneur and businessman. Although the band was very successful, Cassio Audi wished to go back to school so he left the band to pursue his education. He went on to receive a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and then proceeded to ear his MBA. He has since become one of the most talked about figures in the Brazilian financial world. Follow Cassio Audi at Facebook.


He started his financial career in 1992 at JP Morgan where he was hired as a stockbroker, and has since then accumulated over 23 years working in the financial industry. Since Casio Audi’s beginnings in the renowned bank, he has taken on financial responsibilities for a wide range of public and private financial institutions, as well as start-ups. He currently works as the Chief Financial Officer for Península Participações. Read this article at The Bro Talk.

Cassio Audi’s native country, Brazil, suffered a major economic setback that reached its lowest lows in the 4th quarter of 2016. In all of 2017 Brazil showed no signs of recovery. Brazil’s new investors will be wise to take any advice they can get from Cassio Audi to find the best investments that can bring Brazil back to its economic state before the collapse. His financial strategies will be sure to make Brazil the success he has made of every other person and institution following his financial advice. It has been said of him that everything he touches turns to gold.


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