Article Title: Carsten Thiel: The True Definition of Integrity

Carsten was born in German and proved to be above average in his education. He pursued chemistry in Malbrook and later on left Germany in the hopes of learning more about the Anglo Saxon education system in the United Kingdom. He joined the prestigious University of Bristol where he studied organic chemistry a topic he was passionate about since his childhood. He further specialized in biochemistry which was an acquired taste for him. Later on, he earned a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology focusing his research efforts in the topic of the proteins that are involved in the transformation of healthy cells into cancerous cells.

Today Carsten Thiel is considered a pioneer in the field of high profile medical products. He has pioneered the market launch of many medical drugs that have made major therapy breakthroughs. Through his excellent skills in leadership and expertise, Carsten Thiel has changed the lives of many patients in the world. His input has brought about the re-evaluation of existing medical protocols which inevitably resulted in better care for patients and saving of lives that would have otherwise been lost. In many instances, Carsten Thiel’s role in the biochemistry industry required him to lead by the show of example by making hard decisions for the wellbeing of patients.

His focus on the long term success of the product, as opposed to big initial sales, has earned him respect amongst his peers in the industry. Vectibix is a new drug that is made for patients suffering from colorectal cancer. Scientists came up with a way to test patients and are able to tell from the results whether the drug would be effective as treatment or not. Carsten Thiel encouraged his team to incorporate this new technique into the procedure of administering a drug that had already been marketed. This goes to show his firm belief in providing the best care for patients.

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