Luke Lazarus, A Successful Melbourne Based Startup Consultant

Mr . Luke Lazarus is a graduate from Melbourne school of Business in Australia, where he acquired is master’s degree. After his graduation he ventured into business as a startup consultant, where he now offers insights to CEOs ,helping in executing decisions for brand’s next steps and sustainability in the market, he also advice’s business leaders on the importance of having partners for the success of their businesses. Having started and sold four successful firms in one decade, Mr. Luke Lazarus believes in his strength and power as a vital key to helping businesses get started or ensuring a business is reborn and back on track again and also helps business leaders in defining or redefining their projections and plans.



In a recent interview Luke Lazarus puts out that telling a great story about your ideas, products, brand, service or company is important as it guarantees a good startup for your new idea and how it will be perceived in the market. Let your product create an impression with your consumers, make them feel the need to have the product or service. He further states that most of his business ideas comes from his own personal problems, thus coming up with great solutions to problems that eventually fit in the marketplace is a great way to start as a young entrepreneur. As a young entrepreneur Luke advises that one should not worry too much but remain focused on your dreams and work smart towards achieving them.



Mr . Luke Lazarus believes in success as the key to achieving everything in the market. One needs to have confidence in every particular project and use past experiences to get past future challenges. This not only helps you to be successful in the market but also gives you enough experience and expertise in your field.



He believes that every idea, project or service must be centered around a story that defines its existence and uniqueness. Drawing from the ideas’ story one can now easily build relevant growth models and come up with good sales strategies for their idea, such that if your product’s story is a well-defined and a winning one then you are set for success .He also believes that by surrounding oneself with great talent who are ready to execute the job correctly is vital in helping one remain successful in the marketplace.



For instance Luke believes that however, a collaborative business startup can tend to be successful, sometimes you should not consider doing it with those you really care for especially where you differ in ideas and decisions for executing operations. All in all the best thing is being cautious and using your failures as a stepping stone towards success in the market.


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Desiree Perez Makes Jay-Z Successful

Two years ago, Diddy was named the wealthiest hip hop artist. Last year, people expected to hear the same story. However, the name appearing on Forbes Hip Hop Wealthiest was different. Jay-Z made it to the first position for the first time in his life. Although he was doing well in his musical career, the musician had never been this successful. His breakthrough in the music scene was witnessed in 2017 when he managed to earn more than nine hundred million dollars. The artist has acquired the first position because of several reasons. First of all, he is currently running a wide range of businesses that have turned out to be very successful. Desiree Perez has also joined Jay-Z’s team in recent years. Perez is working for one of the top companies owned by the musician as the chief operating officer.

While serving as the chief operations officer at Tindal, Desiree Perez has numerous responsibilities. The businesswoman is recognized for being among the few successful females in the American music department. For many years, Desiree Perez has worked with some of the big names in the music industry. Perez has also been fortunate to work with marketing department heads, record label executives and renowned promotion managers. When she joined Jay-Z’s company several years ago, everyone knew that the results were going to be amazing. Her career spans more than twenty years, and this explains her expertise in the music industry.

When talking about the recent achievements by Jay-Z, it is impossible to forget Desiree Perez. The music executive has helped to bring a revolution in the career life of the American artist, making him a successful investor. The musician is expected to increase his fortunes and accomplish bigger goals in life when working with Perez.

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The Way to Write a Press Release That Gets Publicity

If you are a brand that’s been running for years, crafting a news releases may not be a brand-new point for you. You could have written tens of thousands of media releases to declare your site introducing, shop opening, cooperation, new item or new hiring.

With a lot of reasons to compose a media release, it is a need that each brand requires to comprehend exactly how to make up a terrific one. Unless you are utilizing a supply company providing writing and circulation of media releases, understanding that the layout and syntax are crucial for every single PR professional.

Just what is a news releases?

A best press release distribution is created by a PR expert as well as delivered to the press, like reporters, bloggers, reporters, as well as books. It’s a well-written statement concerning business growths with the objective of public awareness.

Directly speaking, news release will be your ticket to advertising and marketing. When done appropriately, it may land you a TELEVISION or radioprotection as well as may be syndicated from the hottest and also area books.

What are the needs of a superb news release?

The media select not all media releases. In addition to the excellent pitching techniques, there’s a perfect etiquette in producing a great press release.

Take a Look at the qualities of a Superb press release under:

1. Create a relevant story.

What’s the reason that you’re composing a press release? Is it something that will make the reporter stop as well as assume, “this is an excellent story to write,” or be sorry for why they read your pitch and also say “it’s all the same old tale?”

You do not wish to squander your time producing a news releases and coating in their scrap folder. Make sure you are writing a various type of narrative that can make the press reporters mention they will certainly need to communicate with you for extra info.

If something considerable takes place in your company, compose it. But not all reports justify a discharge. In certain industries such as lawful, a media release is necessary, even if filing lawsuits with serious public policy consequences of declaring a judgment that is significant.

2. Ensure that you’re targeting the optimal media after sending a news releases.

It seems silly, but some nonetheless send media releases to the incorrect reporters.

3. Adhere to the suitable phrase structure.

Just like the means the press reporter composes an overview or internet site, a news releases should stick to the appropriate style as well as syntax. You can not simply compose it just how you need it, without considering the requirements. Observe the:

Simply below it, make up a catchy heading that’s created in strong letters.

It’s then followed with the very first sentence of this discharge.

4. Abide by the appropriate restriction.

Your news release should certainly be limited to a solitary web page, yet may transcend to 2 web pages.

It needs to be responded to based upon its relevance in the narrative.

5. Maintain it brief, easy as well as free of mistakes.

Do not attempt to include a great deal of unnecessary words, such as exaggeration or adjectives to tempt a reporter’s rate of interest. Remember you mean to introduce a newsworthy content with the expectation the press will certainly compose it.

Guarantee your story is free of grammar, punctuation and also punctuation mistakes. Steer clear of from typo mistakes, so analyze your story before tossing it to raise the opportunity of insurance coverage.

6. Prepare a media set.

Providing a networking set will possibly offer you with an indicator of acceptance if your news release is excellent. You may additionally provide extra documents that could improve your possibility of getting a promotion, including product evaluations, history information of the company and also reprint of posts created by various other publication worrying your brand.

Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong And Supports Environment And Community Welfare

Article Text:

As one of the biggest firms in Asia, cares for the sustainability of its operations. Its efforts to promote sustainable operation is one of the biggest initiatives in China. In addition,, which is led by Richard Liu Qiangdong, also help communities to improve the country’s overall economy by giving jobs. is one of the most committed companies in Asia to reduce the environmental footprint of its operations. As one of the biggest establishments in China and in the Asian region, the company knows how important it is to create an environmentally friendly operation. Richard Liu Qiangdong also thinks about the long-term impact of this initiative, so he built projects that can benefit the company in the long run. One example is the integrated solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation system which is attached in the roof of its Shanghai Asia No. 1 logistics center.

5,000 units of “new energy” delivery trucks are also available nationwide. These vehicles utilize “new energy”, which are either all-electric, hybrid, or hydrogen-powered vehicles. To boost its environmental effort in its logistics, the company also utilizes 100,000 “green boxes”. These boxes are made with thermoplastic resin, which is lightweight and has a longer usable lifespan than a paper box. also launched its JD Logistics Green Fund, in which the green box initiative is a part of.

Richard Liu and are also committed to helping communities where it operates. Its two goals are to enable access to their products to remote locations in China, as well as to help the economy of these places. JD managed to this in one shot by offering job fairs to remote locations. Over 25,000 recruits came from these job fairs and are integrated into JD’s warehousing and logistics work. also took account of people from small communities who can supply a new range of products to the platform. Handmade products made by rural artisans are made available to the platform. This program already benefitted over 300,000 people and had sales of over $3 million. It also benefitted 90% of the poorest counties in China.

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Article Title: Eric Lefkofsky Talks About Handling Of Patient’s Personal Health Data

Article Text:

In the past few years, there has been a debate on how personal health data should be handled in the U.S. Individuals such as Eric Topol and Eric Lefkofsky have weighed in on the matter. Eric Topol began by using Estonia as a point of reference. As the director and founder of Scripps Translational Science, he is in a better position to offer some insight into the matter. In Estonia, each person is responsible for managing their health data. The government has also supported this initiative. The country makes use of blockchain technology, and that way the data is safe and the patients can easily share their data.

Eric Topol was issuing his sentiments on the matter while attending a health conference in San Diego. He said that the U.S. has a long way to go before implementing a system whereby patients can own their health data. Such debates have been arising since personal health data is being sold, stolen, or even hacked. There are also many potential clients on the dark web who are willing to access this data. Hackers can fetch a good amount of money when selling this data.

In the U.S., personal health data is stored in servers, and that is why the data is susceptible to cyber-attacks. There are times where a hostage situation may arise, and hospitals are forced to pay a substantial amount to hackers to access the personal health data on the servers. When the personal health data is handled by the patients, it would be in the smallest unit size, which means it will be safer. In a civil rights perspective, his sentiments make a lot of sense. If only other countries followed in the footsteps of Estonia, global health information problems would be easily solved.

Jessica Mega is the CMO of Verily. The company deals with the life sciences. She was supporting the sentiments of Eric Topol. The co-founder of company Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky also weighed in on the issue. He supported the initiative about the patients owning their health data. The main challenge is that the data cannot be transferred from one system to another since the current infrastructure is broken.

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Agera Energy Continues Its Quest For Growth And Excellence With The Addition Of Two New Executives

Agera Energy is a unique and innovative supplier of energy services in the electric and natural gas sectors that has developed a reputation of excellence since its 2014 founding date. The company has built this reputation off of its offering of customizable energy solutions for its customers and its contract that have a flexible nature to them. These factors have helped Agera Energy to become the fastest growing private sector energy provider in the United States. Follow Agera Energy on

Geoffrey Dude is the new Chief Executive Officer at Agera Energy. This was announced at the end of May in 2018. His past experience with Liberty Energy makes Duda the ideal fit to help lead Agera Energy into its next phase of company growth. Read more about Agera Energy at

Only a handful of months later, it was Duda that announced the arrival of new Agera Energy Chief Financial Officer Mark Linzenbold who has come over to Agera Energy after a successful seven-plus year run with Direct Energy as one of the firm’s Vice Presidents. Both of these individuals are expected to make an immediate impact on the success at Agera Energy.


The Pharmaceutical Trend That Carsten Thiel Is Excited About

After being born in Berlin in what was then a still divide Germany, Carsten Thiel has gone on to have quite an interesting career. Mr. Thiel was born into a family that was inclined to work in the medical sciences, so he naturally followed suit with something similar. As a result, he traveled to the University of Bristol in the southwest of the United Kingdom to study a Bachelor of Science degree. While there, he specialized in Biochemistry before going on to the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. Upon graduating from here, he obtained a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology.

Since then, Carsten Thiel has gone on to have quite a few notable positions in the pharmaceutical industry, which started in Hoffman La-Roche. By utilizing his skills and the knowledge that he got with his education, Mr. Thiel gained quite a positive reputation as the companies Communications and Product Manager. Following this, he became more and more responsible for the likes of scientific marketing, and market assessment. This gave Carsten Thiel quite a significant amount of experience when it came to marketing scientific products, and led to a considerable amount of recognition within the industry.

As such, he was able to follow-up from his position with Hoffman La-Roche with companies such as Insadong Eastern Europe, where he served as General Manager, and more. Throughout this time, Carsten Thiel has seen a variety of different trends come and go. Because of that, he’s seen quite a few different improvements and evolutions in the industry. One of the more significant ones that Mr. Thiel has pointed out has been the increasing role of technology in helping to treat patients. Carsten Thiel has noted that this is having an impact in a variety of different areas, from diagnoses to treatment and even to how medications are made. As a result, he’s noted that technology will become increasingly more significant in the coming years.

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Article Title: CEO Zeco Auriemo develops JHSF into a Luxury Real Estate dealer

Article Text:

JHSF is Brazilian company which focuses on real estate. This company constructs shopping malls, airports, residential hotels among other specializations. Since its foundation in the year 1972, Zeco Auriemo has been operating as the chairman and the president of the company. He has utilized his management skills in driving this company to achieve its goals in development of luxury properties in Brazil. The effort of this company has also been noticed in other countries such as Uruguay and United States.

Zeco Auriemo holds an engineering profession. He began his work journey at JHSF when he was 17 years old. During this time, he was entitled to administer the company’s packing business. Zeco Auriemo became a member of top officials of this company when he was below 30 years. . he has managed the building of several shopping malls as well as the most attractive towers in New York and other many buildings.While working as the president of JHSF, José Auriemo laid down foundation in the company’s brand such as hotels and public buildings.

José Auriemo signed a partnership with Hermes to oversee the company’s venture into retail. This led to establishment of luxury brands retails outlets in one of the shopping complexes owned by JHSF. Later in 2002, the company also signed another partnership with Valentino. This had a positive impact on development of the first Valentino and Red Valentino stores in Brazil.

One of the most properties build by Zeco Auriemo is Cidade Jardim complex. It was built in the year 2006 and it comprises of three offices towers collectively referred to as Cidade Corporate Center. This complex houses many retailers and tenants such as the Brookfield. Moreover, it has a shopping center which is placed at the center of the building

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Article Title: Tempus And Eric Lefkofksy At The Precision Medicine World Conference

Article Text:

Eric Lefkofksy was recently interviewed for the website titled, “Q&A: CEO Eric Lefkofksy and his Cancer Data Health tech Tempus Labs.” The interview took place at the 2018 Precision Medicine World Conference. Eric Lefkofksy was one of the speakers who discussed adapting big data into actionable information for the medical market.

He believes the success of Tempus is due to the problem-focused strategy. The company was designed to solve the data issue that takes place in healthcare and cancer care. He believes it is a problem that should be solved because there is a lot of data that can be mined to help physicians use the information to create a more individualized treatment plan. When he saw the difficulty of treatment first hand, he was shocked at how little data the physicians were using to solve the problem. He has spent the last twenty years creating businesses that help markets bring technology and unstructured data into the market by structuring the data at scale. He wanted to bring a similar solution to the cancer treatment market.

When he created Tempus, he used large medical systems to funnel the data and structure it. Tempus has partnered with more than 50 different cancer centers out of 69 in the U.S. Eric Lefkofsky believes they can use the data and combine it with molecular and clinical data for each patient to create a better treatment plan for each patient. The next step was creating an algorithm and analytics tool that could silo the data volume while also helping physicians understand it in real time. Working with the academic medical centers and the cancer treatment centers might have been tricky, but they believe it can have a huge impact. They created a demonstration that shows how the tool works by sifting through the clinical variability of the different drugs and therapies to create a precise treatment plan for the patient.

Tempus devised a strategy to collect data from the different patients which help oncologists learn about the best treatments for the different cancers. They can see what treatment has worked and what hasn’t. They use drug-response data and phenotypic data to see how the patients respond to different drugs.

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Article Title: Is Taking The Lead In AI Technology

Article Text:

The largest retailer in China is or Jingdong. AI startups have been established by the company to further AI technology in the real world. The AI accelerator was launched last August for companies in the early stages and AI startups. The products were showcased in March. Numerous industries were covered including education, healthcare, legal and retail. has already implemented some of the projects. FaGouGou offers legal consultancy services powered by AI. They are working with Jingdong’s legal team on a merchant chatbot providing legal services and advice.

The technology for speech recognition, legal databases and AI algorithms have already benefited a lot of the entrepreneurs, partners, merchants and suppliers of The questions regarding financing, investment, labor issues, certifications and corporate management have been answered quickly. The new legal technology from FaGouGou has been crucial for fulfilling the requirement for the experienced attorneys in China. Wine shoppers are also benefiting from another AI startup. The app requires the technology from Jingdong.

The app offers a shopping consultant 24/7. Photos uploaded by the users are analyzed by AI to provide recommendations. The extensive database recognizes an enormous variety of wines. The information includes the type, taste, color and origin. Wine can be purchased by uploading a copy of the wine label and recommendations can be received. The AI accelerator program from has enabled the company to offer the new AI startups in China support services to help them achieve success including mentoring and training in research and development, legal marketing, financing, management, products and technical support for databases, algorithms and API’s.

The startups have access to different application scenarios from Jingdong such as HR, legal, logistics and retail. This increases their scale by placing their products into the real world. The program has enabled the sixteen original startups to see a participation increase exceeding eighty percent for new AI technology debuts. The second round of seventeen new startups has been announced by This includes Zen Video, an online video platform from Huajie IMI. plans to work with the startups closely to help their innovations reach the next level.

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