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The largest retailer in China is or Jingdong. AI startups have been established by the company to further AI technology in the real world. The AI accelerator was launched last August for companies in the early stages and AI startups. The products were showcased in March. Numerous industries were covered including education, healthcare, legal and retail. has already implemented some of the projects. FaGouGou offers legal consultancy services powered by AI. They are working with Jingdong’s legal team on a merchant chatbot providing legal services and advice.

The technology for speech recognition, legal databases and AI algorithms have already benefited a lot of the entrepreneurs, partners, merchants and suppliers of The questions regarding financing, investment, labor issues, certifications and corporate management have been answered quickly. The new legal technology from FaGouGou has been crucial for fulfilling the requirement for the experienced attorneys in China. Wine shoppers are also benefiting from another AI startup. The app requires the technology from Jingdong.

The app offers a shopping consultant 24/7. Photos uploaded by the users are analyzed by AI to provide recommendations. The extensive database recognizes an enormous variety of wines. The information includes the type, taste, color and origin. Wine can be purchased by uploading a copy of the wine label and recommendations can be received. The AI accelerator program from has enabled the company to offer the new AI startups in China support services to help them achieve success including mentoring and training in research and development, legal marketing, financing, management, products and technical support for databases, algorithms and API’s.

The startups have access to different application scenarios from Jingdong such as HR, legal, logistics and retail. This increases their scale by placing their products into the real world. The program has enabled the sixteen original startups to see a participation increase exceeding eighty percent for new AI technology debuts. The second round of seventeen new startups has been announced by This includes Zen Video, an online video platform from Huajie IMI. plans to work with the startups closely to help their innovations reach the next level.

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