Article Title: CEO Zeco Auriemo develops JHSF into a Luxury Real Estate dealer

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JHSF is Brazilian company which focuses on real estate. This company constructs shopping malls, airports, residential hotels among other specializations. Since its foundation in the year 1972, Zeco Auriemo has been operating as the chairman and the president of the company. He has utilized his management skills in driving this company to achieve its goals in development of luxury properties in Brazil. The effort of this company has also been noticed in other countries such as Uruguay and United States.

Zeco Auriemo holds an engineering profession. He began his work journey at JHSF when he was 17 years old. During this time, he was entitled to administer the company’s packing business. Zeco Auriemo became a member of top officials of this company when he was below 30 years. . he has managed the building of several shopping malls as well as the most attractive towers in New York and other many buildings.While working as the president of JHSF, José Auriemo laid down foundation in the company’s brand such as hotels and public buildings.

José Auriemo signed a partnership with Hermes to oversee the company’s venture into retail. This led to establishment of luxury brands retails outlets in one of the shopping complexes owned by JHSF. Later in 2002, the company also signed another partnership with Valentino. This had a positive impact on development of the first Valentino and Red Valentino stores in Brazil.

One of the most properties build by Zeco Auriemo is Cidade Jardim complex. It was built in the year 2006 and it comprises of three offices towers collectively referred to as Cidade Corporate Center. This complex houses many retailers and tenants such as the Brookfield. Moreover, it has a shopping center which is placed at the center of the building

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