Luke Lazarus, A Successful Melbourne Based Startup Consultant

Mr . Luke Lazarus is a graduate from Melbourne school of Business in Australia, where he acquired is master’s degree. After his graduation he ventured into business as a startup consultant, where he now offers insights to CEOs ,helping in executing decisions for brand’s next steps and sustainability in the market, he also advice’s business leaders on the importance of having partners for the success of their businesses. Having started and sold four successful firms in one decade, Mr. Luke Lazarus believes in his strength and power as a vital key to helping businesses get started or ensuring a business is reborn and back on track again and also helps business leaders in defining or redefining their projections and plans.



In a recent interview Luke Lazarus puts out that telling a great story about your ideas, products, brand, service or company is important as it guarantees a good startup for your new idea and how it will be perceived in the market. Let your product create an impression with your consumers, make them feel the need to have the product or service. He further states that most of his business ideas comes from his own personal problems, thus coming up with great solutions to problems that eventually fit in the marketplace is a great way to start as a young entrepreneur. As a young entrepreneur Luke advises that one should not worry too much but remain focused on your dreams and work smart towards achieving them.



Mr . Luke Lazarus believes in success as the key to achieving everything in the market. One needs to have confidence in every particular project and use past experiences to get past future challenges. This not only helps you to be successful in the market but also gives you enough experience and expertise in your field.



He believes that every idea, project or service must be centered around a story that defines its existence and uniqueness. Drawing from the ideas’ story one can now easily build relevant growth models and come up with good sales strategies for their idea, such that if your product’s story is a well-defined and a winning one then you are set for success .He also believes that by surrounding oneself with great talent who are ready to execute the job correctly is vital in helping one remain successful in the marketplace.



For instance Luke believes that however, a collaborative business startup can tend to be successful, sometimes you should not consider doing it with those you really care for especially where you differ in ideas and decisions for executing operations. All in all the best thing is being cautious and using your failures as a stepping stone towards success in the market.


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