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OSI Group began when Ray Kroc joined hands with Otto’s Sons to supply the McDonalds with fresh meat. They were reliable supplies providing the best meat and devoted to the McDonalds; Otto’s sons even built meat plant in Illinois where they continued the supply as McDonald’s restaurants expanded. There was a need for transition in the business; hence Otto’s Sons adopted advanced technologies using liquid nitrogen to freeze food, and also they partnered with Sheldon Lavine to share his expertise in the company. Sheldon Lavin was the consultant for the Otto Sons and now being the partner he played a significant role in ensuring the business was thriving.

Otto Sons changed their business name to OSI Industries in 1975 and as there was controls growth with the McDonald business they supplied meat product to a wide range of restaurants. Kroc as the CEO of the McDonalds restaurants he was devoted to making significant changes in the company was expanding its reach and concentrating on providing the best products to clients. Ray Kroc overseen establishment of the restaurant based in Utah founded in 1977. Three years later they constructed more facilities in Northern America.

The OSI Group continued expanding relative to the McDonald expansion. They currently have more than 20, 000 employees serving in more than 17 countries with 65 facilities. They have developed locally and internationally serving millions of customers. This expansion led to investing billions in adopting modern technologies to detect metals, shape meat patties and even for preservation. OSI Group promoted Sheldon Lavin to be the CEO as well as the Chairman of the Board since he has exceptional leadership skills. Also, Sheldon has extensive banking and capabilities; hence he can manage the resources of OSI.

To ensure reliable and continues growth of OSI management team have taken the initiative of forming joint ventures with local traders across the globe including in Poland, Hungary, Mexico, Australia among other areas. Forbes ranked OSI Industries to be among the top companies selling more than $6.1 billion. Many clients prefer goods from OSI Group since they are made by experts and follow the set health standards strictly.

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