Nina Vaca Breaks the Glass Ceiling to Creating an Empire

Nina Vaca lives a life only a few can imagine. She is the current CEO and chairperson of Pinnacle Group. Pinnacle Group has grown from a startup into one of the fastest expanding IT companies in the United States. This alone is an indication of the determination she has towards achieving her personal and career objectives.

Vaca’s journey to becoming one of the most influential figures in the business and IT industries began after she completed college. Vaca, an Ecuadorian immigrant, had only her talent and the will to succeed. Today, Vaca has earned a top status in the entrepreneurship world. Barack Obama, the former president of the United States, appointed her Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship.

From an immigrant woman’s point of view, Vaca is well aware of the struggles that minority groups face every day. To help others like her pull themselves back up after hardships, she invested in a program that focuses on empowering minority groups. Pinnacle Group partners with Dallas Independent School District and the Dallas County Community College District. Together, they support high school students and help them discover their strengths early and pursue their dreams.

Vaca’s desire to give back to society goes beyond borders back to Ecuador, her country of origin. After the 2016 earthquake, Vaca knew that she had to do something to help the victims of the tragedy. Although her efforts couldn’t reach the entire affected population, she made a significant impact in the lives of the affected individuals. This shows how one determined person can achieve a lot within a relatively short duration.

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