Jeffry Schneider Uses Fitness as His Secret Weapon

Jeffry Schneider has been considered a pioneer in the alternative investment field for several decades now. He has been on the fast track to success in investing ever since he graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Schneider was recruited by some of the top financial services firms in the industry, including Alex Brown and Smith Barney. He made the transition into senior executive roles at Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors in almost record time. This invaluable experience supervising other advisers and being personally responsible for client satisfaction molded Schneider into the dedicated and effective leader he is today at his own investment firm.

In what some would consider to be one of the most cut-throat industries to build a career in, Schneider appears to have climbed to the top with ease. What most people did not see was that Schneider pursued his career just like a duck paddling under water. While everything looks smooth and calm on the surface, he was scrambling at full speed below the surface to go that extra mile. Schneider distinguished himself through his commitment to working hard than anyone else around him and handling the stress of his blossoming career with a positive attitude and great sense of humor.

When asked what allowed him to approach his work and professional relationships in such a calm and composed manner, Schneider always gives the credit to his physical fitness regimen. Running has been a strong constant throughout his life, and he has remained true to a very difficult training schedule. Running allows Schneider to clear his mind and regain focus on the most important tasks at hand. It also is a constant reminder to him that he is actually stronger than he thinks and is capable of anything that he puts his mind to. The motivation and stress relief that Schneider enjoys from working out have propelled him to the top of the financial services industry and earned him a reputation for being an accomplished marathoner. He now enjoys seeking out new races across the globe to meet new people and break his personal records.