Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Steps In To Save Bradesco Bank From Losing The Top Position In The Brazilian Banking Market

The Bradesco Bank has dominated the Brazilian banking industry for quite a long time. Since its establishment, Bradesco Bank has grown by leaps and bounds, where it has been serving close to 30 percent of one the Latin America Market. However, some of the recent developments in the Brazilian banking industry have altered the landscape making the bank lose its dominance in the country to their rivals Itau Unibanco. As a result, Bradesco Bank needed to make some quick changes to salvage the situation and swing back to the top position. Lucky enough, the bank has some of the best minds in the Brazilian banking industry that helped the bank regain its market leadership.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi leads Bradesco to acquire HSBC branch
Before taking over as the President of Bradesco Bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served in the bank in various leadership positions. Luiz is considered as one of the most experienced employees having worked in Bradesco since when he was 18 years of age. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi started out as a bank clerk, and then rose through the ranks to the top management.

Luiz Carlos journey to the top wasn’t easy. Luiz has served in almost every department in the bank where he held various positions according to Therefore, he understands how Bradesco Bank works more than any other leader. It is for this reason that Luiz was bestowed the different leadership positions.


Throughout his career in the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi portrayed exemplary leadership skills. His leadership attributes were put to the test when he was tasked with leading the Insurance division of the bank for four years. At this time, Trabuco surprised many by delivering beyond expectations despite the fact that he had little experience in the area of insurance. Luiz managed to lead the Insurance division through the turbulent economic times and even made it one of the best in Brazil. His efforts bore fruits when he won the Insurance Personality of the Year twice, in 2003 and 2007.

Appointment as the Bank’s President
After leading the insurance division for four years and making it the best in Brazilian banking industry, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was given even greater responsibilities. In 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was appointed to the position of the company’s President. The appointment came at a time when Bradesco Bank faced a string of challenges. At that time, Bradesco had lost their market dominance to their bitter rivals and also the bank’s asset base was diminishing. With these challenges, Bradesco Bank had begun to lose both customer and investors’ confidence with the financial institution.

As Bradesco faced these challenges, their rivals were quickly expanding. Thus, Bradesco needed to make a quick change to remain afloat in the volatile market. In what is considered as one of the best financial deals in Brazilian banking industry, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi led Bradesco bank in acquiring HSBC branch for 5.2 billion dollars.

When the deal was completed in 2015, Bradesco bank regained its market dominance by increasing its customer base, branch network, and asset base. Through his vast experience and skills in the banking industry, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi managed to consolidate Bradesco’s position in the Brazilian baking industry.

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Mike Baur Advances Support To Startups Through The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur, since 2014, has been working with startups in the IT industry by offering them the needed support to advance to achieve their potential. His initiative that is fueled through the Swiss Startup Factory has helped many startups that held great potential to manifest themselves in the right manner. He launched the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 and has been working through a three months incubation program that allows selected startups to enjoy mentorship and funding that is meant to usher them into the complex world of business.


He quit being a banker to venture into business and entrepreneurship and it seems his ideas have worked in favor of his expectations. The success Mike Baur has earned all along is as a result of the great support he has received from other successful professionals in the industry.


Business development

Although many entrepreneurs come with smart ideas, they lack special skills that can help them to develop their ideas into sustainable businesses. Many of those who fail to get the support of experts fail just few months into inception. These are some of the things the Swiss Startup Factory is working to eliminate by availing experts to support the young entrepreneurs through advice and guidance. To enhance the effectiveness of the program, the Swiss Startup Factory has also partnered with universities across the country to ensure there is sufficient supply of the needed materials. The business development support is handled in the accelerator phase of the incubation program.


Access to funding

Once the idea is verified to be unique and capable of expanding to offer great results, those who lack the funds to push the business to the next level are presented before investors, who also happen to be professionals capable of offering advice about the management of the business. The entrepreneur pitches and if the idea is selected, they are offered funding to run the business through its inception. The Swiss Startup Factory is availing many tools and openings for young entrepreneurs to make their ideas a reality.


Post accelerator support

The post accelerator support is offered after the three months incubation period elapses. This is necessary to ensure all the ideas that were shared during the incubation phase are included in the running of the company. Additionally, the entrepreneur may not be in a position to implement a perfect strategy, so professional support is needed to correct some mistakes before they escalate to disaster.

Dark Wall Street Bank Causes Pain to Many… Laidlaw and Company

Dan Solin says that the ratio of bad investment advice is 10:1. He cites many examples of failure to be honest with clients in the financial services industry. Solin suggests avoiding so called experts’ picks of top stocks, and instead relying on good old fashioned common sense. Not doing so may jeopardize the financial welfare of your portfolio.


Laidlaw is publicly a trusted investment bank, but privately a headache for many of its employees. “I was on the phone all day,” groaned an insider. Laidlaw’s CEO’s Matthew Eitner and James Ahern were recently charged by a US Federal Judge with a restraining order for deceptive communication practices to Relmada Therapeutics. Relmada complained that Laidlaw was not above board in how they handled an attempted buy out.


Laidlaw has built a reputation for over 150 years of managing large investors’ wealth. The New York bank is proud to have a long legacy that stretches across generations. Employees of Laidlaw wish that the long time periods did not extend to their working hours. “Company doesn’t value any employees unless you’re a friend of the family,” observed a UK employee. The favoritism apparent in how Laidlaw ran its operations began to poison its relationships with its customers. False materials were eagerly spewed from the presses of the bank’s representatives, to the detriment of those unfortunates who had to work with the investment house.


“Very low salary requires long work hours and devotion to the telephone,” says another general employee of the bank. Laidlaw seems to view humans as cogs in a giant machine, to push around at will. The arrogance of the bank’s culture led to the US Federal Judge’s decision. “We are pleased that the Court has again granted an injunction,” remarked the CEO of Relmada.


The shenanigans of Laidlaw and other New York big banks needs to be investigated further, less the public suffer from lack of accountability. The financial recession of 2008 hopefully taught many that pundits often say one thing and do another. It is very important for the wise investor to avoid trusting in the cold brains of the financial giants of the world. Laidlaw is another great example of this.

The Career of Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is a tough career for anyone who has been able to break into the industry. Not only are the hours long, but the stress is also high. Over time, many people drop out of the industry in an effort to sustain themselves from the high stress. Martin Lustgarten is someone who has been able to thrive on the stress and help clients from all walks of life. He is a great example of the impact that just one person can make in this industry. He will continue to help others in this area because it is something that he is passionate about.

Investment Banking

There are a lot of people who have no idea what investment banking is. This is essentially an industry that is based around what people invest their money in. A lot of wealthy clients will work to have their investments managed by someone else. This is a great way to take advantage of all of the different ways to allocate your money. Over time, there are a lot of people who drop out of the market because they are scared of losing money. When working with a professional, this is often less of a concern. Professional money managers should beat the market for you, and if they do not you should move your money somewhere else. With all of the extra money that you are spending for their services, it is essential to keep a cool head while investing.

Martin Lustgarten

Over the course of his career, Martin Lustgarten has done a great job of helping other people achieve financial success. This is a great topic of conversation, especially as more people than ever are considering pulling their money out of the stock market. Over time, the stock market will yield higher returns that other avenues for you. There are a lot of risks associated with investing in the stock market, but for many people these risks are worth the reward that come along with it. Martin Lustgarten will work with clients to plan out different ways to balance their investment portfolio for long term growth.

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