The Mark Carsten Thiel Leaves

Carsten Thiel is a one-of-a-kind type of pharmacist. He isn’t the sort of soul that comes walking in through the doors every day. No, a person like Carsten Thiel is far harder to find, not necessarily because they do not desire being found, but because they are simply too busy all the time to be found. A person who meets the success Thiel is known for would have to be extremely successful and relevant in multiple business and scientific industries.

The truth is, Thiel didn’t begin his adult life looking to become a businessman. It happened naturally, but he started education studying chemistry, and he developed a powerful knowledge for the field he truly held the most passion in. This is really what ended up being the backbone of his entire career; his ability to simply take an idea and run with it. And the idea he took, in this case, is chemistry. He became extremely familiar with the inner-workings of the field and made connections with others at the top of its business. Soon, he became renowned as a genius chemist and a revolutionary inventor and thinker. It is his creative and curious characteristics which, truly, have advanced him so far in the modern-day pharmaceutical scene.

Carsten Thiel began search for an in, but the journey was not as long as he expected. He reached success so quickly that he hardly remembered taking the dive at all. Building influential company after influential company, Thiel soon saw his gifts become fully realized. At last, he has reached the point in career that he was wanted to reach for as long as he can remember. And the mark he leaves on the world is only growing larger and larger.

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Felipe Montoro Jens: The Infrastructure Technician Of Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens is a business man from Sao Paulo Brazil. For twenty-five years, he has worked within international communities across the world. Some of these areas include the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Portugal. Within these regions, he has acquired professional experience within large enterprise; including Price Water House Coopers, and Enron and Enel.

Prior to his successful business career, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens began his education studying business at the Getulio Vargas Foundation, which serves as a knowledgeable business school in Brazil. After finishing his education in Brazil, he ventured to Arizona State University’s facility to study Global Management. Within a brief amount of time, Felipe moved into the corporate business world, earning promotions and affiliations. His dedication, education, and determination has led him towards a forturate path, by providing infrastructure management ideas for Brazil. Find out more at to learn more.

Felipe’s priority has been to guide improvement concepts for Brazil. He has provided support by specializing in finance and infrastructure, while helping large corporations. His knowledge in infrastructure decisions includes state government plans, economic waste solutions, waste eliminations, and focusing on Brazil’s environmental issues. Felipe Montoro Jens has partnered with many agencies to provide clean and safe waste removal from the cities of Brazil. Due to his knowledge of infrastructure development, he has successfully provided safe and effective waste removal for these Brazilian cities, which has also led to the improvement of life in these areas.

In January of 2018, the Metropolitan Housing Company was launched in Sao Paulo. The project is Sao Paulo’s first Public and Private Housing structure. The project is hoping to provide the development of 34,000 new housing areas, and will take around six years to complete. The construction project is supervised by Felipe Montoro Jens, who serves as the Infrastructure Project Specialist for this project. Felipe has stated that he would like for the project to generate over 100,000 jobs for Brazil. Joao Doria, the mayor of Sao Paulo, has been very positive about the development. Due to Felipe’s precision on the construction, the mayor is hopeful that the housing project will provide dignity and honor to Sao Paulo’s residents.



Edwin Miranda

Did You Know That Some Clients Can Get You Into Trouble? Edwin Miranda Explains Why

There are some consultants who feel they are doing a great thing by taking on some clients. However, there are some clients and requests that consultants should ever agree to work with. Edwin Miranda shares a few examples below.

1) Some clients are going to do what they call the “fake promise”, according to Edwin Miranda. It is similar to your husband saying “yes” to shut you up. They have no idea what you are saying. They have no intention of doing anything. They just say “yes” to end the conversation.

Your client is going to agree to things and then deny they ever made the promise. This is a consultant’s worse nightmare in marketing. You need to read the signs, according to Edwin Miranda. You should walk away if you notice the client starting to do that.

2) There are clients who are going to “waste your time” according to Edwin Miranda. Some of their requests may not use consultant’s skills the best way. Walk away if you feel your client is making absurd requests. They are wasting your time. They will move onto someone else.

3) Some clients will not be comfortable with anything you suggest. These clients do not want to employ you. They want to waste your time without paying for the results. It is similar to someone who strings their boyfriend or girlfriend along until someone better comes their way. We have all been there.

Walk away before you lose your dignity. Consultants deserve to have the resources and skills used efficiently and correctly. There is a better client out there waiting to use your services.

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Things to know about Bernardo Chua


Bernardo Chua has always influenced the lives of many people through his ventures. His major concern is the health of others. Through his ventures, he seeks to help people live healthy and happy lives. He believes that everyone has the right to live a life free from diseases through the use of healthy products that do not interfere with their healthy living. Through Organo Gold, he heavily relies on the use of a local herb to manufacture healthy products that help them keep fit and live better lives.

Bernardo Chua has been operating his firms for a couple of years and thorough the great leadership he has brought to the firm, he has achieved a lot of successes. In his early days of his career, the duo believed that he would face numerous challenges before his firm gained a status in the society. Despite the many issues that affected the operations of his firm like government regulations, he still continued to work harder to ensure that he accomplishes his targets. Read more about Bernardo Chua at

Over the years, Organo Gold has grown tremendously to gain a great recognition in many countries. The firm has launched its subsidiaries in many parts of the globe and its operations have changed the lives of many people. The firm has established many subsidiaries in the United States, Philippines, Australia and many other countries.

The integrity and commitment that Bernardo Chua has shown towards his career has not only enabled him run his firm smoothly but it has also helped him overcome all the challenges that he goes through. Besides, he has also showcased impeccable customer services skills over time. He is known for his ability to efficiently handle the numerous needs of his clients regardless of their complex nature. The duos also possess great communication skills that have enabled him relate well with everyone he meets.

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How Succeeds under the Leadership of Richard Liu

Richard Liu is the CEO of He started the company in 1998 with few storefronts, and it would begin to gross nearly $9 million. As trends began to change Liu switched the focus of the company to more of an online platform in 2004. improve logistic system allowed them to deliver more goods to various parts of China. With the use of their own logistic system, would reduce the amount of damaged or lost items. Under the leadership of Liu, has grown to become a leader in online direct sales.

Liu ensured had quality goods and service. It helps the company build trust with their customers. Liu is responsible for becoming one of the first internet companies from China to be categorized as a Fortune 500 company in 2016. has become quite successful, and the revenue generated by the company makes them the largest retailer in China.

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Stream Energy’s Philanthropic Works to its Community

About the Stream Energy Company

First founded in 2005, Stream Energy serves in the sector of providing home services, stream wireless, and energy to over seven states in the United States. The company was established by Pierre Koshakji and Rob Snyder who first had the first office opened in Texas before expanding to other states where it also sells gas and electric services. Its first venture was in Georgia State in 2008, before going to the other states where they include New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, and Washington D.C. as well. What’s more, the organization’s current headquarter is located in the north of Dallas at Dallas Parkway where they moved in 2017.

How the Company benefits its Community through the Stream Care Department

Apart from conducting its business in the energy sector, Stream Energy also concentrates on supporting its community through one of its arms known as the “Stream Care Foundation.” As part of its roles, one of its most recent works was when the company volunteered to the help victims of the Hurricane Harvey disaster that happened in 2017. This happened after the hurricane swept most of Houston and its neighborhoods, which left many people including animals stranded due to the rains and floods. It is as a result of this that Stream Company partnered with Hope Supply Co. where they stood out amongst other companies in Dallas in helping many of the residents including some of their clients who were affected by the hurricane.

Further, the Stream Energy has been in the business of engaging in charity foundations for over a dozen years though it formally launched the Stream Care Foundation recently. Moreover, the Stream Company proved itself as an example of how the corporates in America are integrating the philanthropic and charity works into their businesses as they build their brands to benefit the communities. It is again for this reason, that the Dallas based company spent a lot of its finances in helping the Americans who were deeply affected by the disaster, hence increasing their customer’s loyalty besides earning respect from them due to their kind gesture. In addition, the 2016 statistics on donations in the United States indicate that companies donated almost $19 billion to charity organizations.

Shervin Pishevar Tweetstorm Produces Widespread Commentary

Over a period of 21 hours, no less than 50 Tweets issued forth from the account of Shervin Pishevar, super angel investor and Silicon Valley legend. What all of those Tweets had to say created something of a media sensation. Part of the reason for that is that when Shervin Pishevar speaks, people listen. But also, what he had to say was often remarkable.

Take, for example, the way Pishevar unloaded on the famous business corridor that made his career — Silicon Valley. Mr. Pishevar said he thinks the best days of this California tech hub are behind it. He said that Silicon Valley has become more of an idea rather than a solid entity where big things have happened. Competition can now come from anywhere in the world as other global entities invest in and ramp up new centers of innovation.

Shervin Pishevar also discusses an issue that has been smoldering among social observers and economists. That issue is the growing trend toward underemployment. Pishevar noted that, more and more, people with high tech skills are finding fewer employers willing to hire them full time. Because of that, many folks with unique and valuable skills find they must work at other, more mundane jobs to make ends meet.

The value of stocks were another subject Shervin Pishevar expounded upon in his Tweetstorm. He put forward a rather dim forecast. The market is vastly overvalued, Mr. Pishevar said, and that we can expect a very significant downward correction. He mused that the stock market could drop by as much as 6,000 points before all is said and done.

He had similar warnings for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It also is wildly overvalued, Shervin Pishevar Tweeted. He thinks it will undergo a precipitous plunge in value, but also may stabilize at $2,000 to $5,000. Even so, Pishevar said he likes the idea of Bitcoin because it is a “stateless currency” and offers a unique financial vehicle entrepreneurs can leverage for startup opportunities.

A wide range of other topics were addressed by Shervin Pishevar in a Tweetstorm that has had wide-ranging consequences and produced considerable discussion.

Sheldon Lavin, A Role Model To Young Entrepreneurs

In the world of business, it is filled with entrepreneurs that have a goal that they will be able to change the market with brilliant products. However, most of these young entrepreneurs fail to do so because they lack the needed managerial skills and knowledge. To help in achieving the success one thing that the new entrepreneurs should do is that they should look at some of the successful CEOs. One of the CEOs is Sheldon Lavin because over his career he has gained the reputations of knowing what it takes to build a leading business empire.

The operations that Sheldon specializes in include the large-scale financial services that will assist firms to be able to maintain the complex supply of food. So that to be able to manage the operations successfully then Sheldon will take into considerations all the factors. Some of the factors that Lavin tracks are the consumer preferences, technological changes, and resource shortages. Through making use of skilled individuals at his company then Sheldon can consider many variables. It was has been of help because through the process then he can be able to make informed decisions.

The other skills that he offers apart from his financial consulting services, he provides managerial abilities and leadership. At the OSI Group, he offers his services as the Chief Executive Officer. OSI Group has been for years offered its meat-packing and food processing services to people all over the world. Sheldon Lavin believes in doing good to others the reason why he uses the company’s funds in investing in the environmental sustainability practices. The ethical practices have gained him the reputation of being a role model to so many millennial entrepreneurs.

The success that Sheldon Lavin has received in leadership and business is the reason why he has earned numerous awards. The other thing that he has been recognized of is his philanthropic efforts. At the Ronald McDonald House Foundations, he donates a large sum of money. The foundation will offer their help to families that have patients that are dealing with severe illnesses by providing them with housing accommodations and amenities. The passion that Sheldon Lavin has is the reason why he is involved with the organization.

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OSI Industries is a World Class Food Supplier

OSI Industries is one of the largest food-processing companies in the world. To look at the full spectrum of the company’s operations throughout the world today, one would find it difficult to believe the humble beginnings of this food-processing giant.

OSI Industries was actually founded in 1909 by a German Immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. It was a family meat market in Chicago. Later, it began to sell wholesale meats and Otto included his sons in the name of the company, naming it Otto & Sons in 1926. They established an unblemished reputation by offering quality meats.

It was when an agreement was reached with McDonald’s, however, that made the company being to truly flourish. It became the supplier of meat patties to the fast food giant in 1955. After that, OSI Industries began to expand with its quality supply of meats to restaurants and companies throughout the US, and then became an international company in the 1970’s.

It opened a subsidiary called Glenmark for all business that is not related to food production and processing for McDonald’s. It became OSI Industries in 1975.

With its annual revenues in the billions, Forbes listed the company as the 136th largest company in the US. Its scope is now truly international, with plants in many counties and on nearly every continent.

It purchased Tyson Foods in 2016, and has acquired many other subsidiaries and companies since that purchase. It operates its own plants and those of it subsidiaries, and it wins awards for cleanliness and for being environmentally friendly. To know more about the company click here.

In 2016, Forbes listed the company as number 58 on the list of largest private companies, with a net worth of over $6.1 billion.

Just some of the noteworthy companies that are supplied by OSI Industries are McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Subway, Starbucks, and others. The company offers an abundance of products to restaurants, including beef patties, chicken, pork, fish, hot dogs, and vegetable products.

Cloudwick Security Analytics Platform

Cloudwick is the leading big data service provider in the world today. They have the ability to capture more than 100 million activities per second of telemetry data. Some of the activities they have performed include networks packets, alerts, NetFlow and logs.

This business has a unique cyber data lake (CDL) platform. The CDL is a converged system made by Cloudwick as a result of this innovative technology. The system manages hardware appliances with integrated software too. It can be launched as a virtual appliance on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The CDL uses AWS Direct Connects to link the data center appliances to the cloud and ultimately help improve long term investment strategies.

Cloudwick is the best security analytics platform compared to other systems. The data lakes can gather a vast amount of data in a short amount of time. Cloudwick analytical systems capture the data through a long form ingestion pipeline too. The data is then kept in an on-premise data lake as a result.

The CDL manager provides access to security and respondent operators from the on-premise operations. Meanwhile Cloudwick uses learning machine, improved analytics, and man made intelligence to identify risk and prevent future attacks. The CDL uses cases such as compliance, investigation and incident response, risk and vulnerability management as well as efforts in securing the cloud.

Besides AWS, the company is working with other technology partners in improving the platform. These partners include LogTrust, Graphistry, Bricata, Corelight, Solarflare and Protectwise. Cloudwick has created a proprietary software for their products over the years. The company uses open source Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark as well as integrated technology from Bricata, Solar flare, and Corelight when optimizing the platform.

The demarcation of security analytics allows the enterprise to access their data easily. The platform uses various applications and tools to analyze data as well. The democratization of security analytical data is a driving force behind the services offered by this business. The company also uses the Trident platform owned by Dell technologies capital which focuses on providing security alerts while automating threat analytics at the enterprise operation center. This business offers one of the cloud services that has transformed banking, finance, insurance, and healthcare.