Adam Milstein: Writing Against Radical Islam

Adam Milstein is an Israeli businessman and entrepreneur who is also the founder of Hager Pacific Properties. He, along with his wife, is known throughout Israel because of the philanthropic programs that they are doing for the sake of their countrymen. He has a degree in business and economics, and his father influenced him to venture into the real estate business. He has been guided by his father to pursue a career in real estate and taught him how the industry works using their business as a model. His knowledge about the business grew, and Milstein decided that he should also build his own real estate company, giving birth to Hager Pacific Properties. View Adam Milstein’s profile on Facebook.


Adam Milstein also founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which aims to help the welfare of the Jewish people. They are providing scholarships to children of Jewish descent who would like to study but does not have the means to. They are also providing free books to those who love to read. Overall, the programs headed by Adam Milstein aims to enrich the minds of the young Jewish people. To reach more Jewish people, he then launched the Jewish News Syndicate, an online portal where people can read news related to the Jewish people. Adam Milstein is one of the website’s editors, and he is encouraging everyone to become a writer for the portal and write on behalf of the Jewish community. Learn more about Adam Milstein at


One of the latest articles that he published on the website are the threats of Radical Islam, particularly with groups operating in the Middle East. Being a Jewish, Adam Milstein is subjected to discrimination and Anti-Semitic attacks in the United States. He explained in his article how the Jewish people should face their persecutors, and how they can fight back. In the Middle East, lots of terrorist activities are aimed to destroy Israel. He is pleading to all Jewish leaders and citizens to do everything that they can to protect their homeland. The Jewish people are always under attack for their ethnicity, and he is appealing to everyone not to tolerate these actions.


Paul Mampilly, the investment guru

Paul Mampilly did something most of his colleagues would not dream of doing; move from New York and start teaching people on stocks. It is unusual for a man at the peak of his career to slow down for the sake of teaching others. Paul Mampilly is the founder and CEO of Capuchin Consulting and the editor of Bayan Hill’s Profits Unlimited. He has had over 25 years in finance and an expert in stock trade.

Paul Mampilly is known for his unique ability to invest in stocks that are profitable. This has seen him manage hedge funds worth billions and win the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition. He has worked for companies like Kinetics International Fund, Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank all of which describe him as a valuable asset. The experience his has gathered trading in the stock market has seen him give his opinion on stock in reputable networks like CNBC and Bloomberg.

Paul realised that many people do not invest in stocks because they have little knowledge of how to go about it. Very few people understand when to buy and when to sell. This is the reason why Mr. Mampilly started writing the newsletter Profits Unlimited published in Bayan Hill Publications. In his writings, uses his experience in buying stocks that go up to explain to his readers why stocks go up, how to assess the value of companies and when to get away from the stocks bought. He also comes up with impressive portfolios of stocks that go up in this newsletter.

According to Mampilly, the reason why most people go wrong in buying stocks is that they basically forget about their good buying skills. The same skills they use when shopping at a supermarket or buying an apple. Most people assume that since it is stock market, the buying and selling there has to be based on different things. Paul says his first job at Wall Street in the back office saw him learn a lot about how money flows in Wall Street. This made him realise that just like when buying an apple, buying stocks is dependent on the value of a company. Therefore the same way he would assess the value of an apple to determine is it’s good or not is the same way he assess stock to determine their value before buying.

Paul Mampilly’s mission in depositing his knowledge and wisdom in people is to help the average person become rich. He sees knowledge as a means of affording them the same opportunities the rich have. Being a contributor at Bayan Hills through his newsletter allows him to do this on a daily basis.

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Jed McCaleb Talks About His Career And What Is Next For Stellar

Jed McCaleb is the co-founder of Stellar, a nonprofit organization that combines technology with financial literacy. is supported by Stellar, a universal financial network. McCaleb enjoys using technology to help make the World a better place.

Jed McCaleb says that his interest in founding Stellar was shaped through Bitcoin. McCaleb saw that Bitcoin had the potential to change the World. Stellar was influenced by Bitcoin to create a financial network that connects financial institutions. McCaleb was alarmed when he found out that there are billions of people throughout the World who do not have access to a bank account. That means that many people are unable to save money. McCaleb also notes that many banks prefer not to serve low income people because of the maintenance costs. McCaleb sees Stellar as an alternative way for people to move money in a cheap and efficient manner.

McCaleb credits his success as an entrepreneur to his approach. McCaleb is often thinking about the long term plan. It’s important to have a clear view of where you want to go because differences in direction will negatively impact any productivity gains. McCaleb believes that making a global impact will lead to higher rewards. McCaleb tries to focus on creating great products instead of marketing them.

Overcoming Obstacles

McCaleb understands that entrepreneurs will deal with failure and adversity. It’s important to be persistent, knowing that eventually you will be successful. McCaleb takes time to reflect on his failures and wonders if there is anything that he would have done differently. McCaleb tries to think rationally about his failures, while also noting the importance of being able to block out outside distractions.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead to the future, McCaleb is excited to see artificial intelligence evolve. McCaleb believes that AI has the potential to solve problems and simplify things. McCaleb is proud to support the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, a non profit organization that oversees the operation of future types of AI software. McCaleb is a fan of Stack Overflow and Google Docs. McCaleb believes that every business should have upside potential.

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Shiraz Boghani: Serial Entrepreneur

In addition to managing over nineteen other businesses around the world, Shiraz Boghani is the president and CEO of the world’s top healthcare company, Sussex Healthcare. The company is based in the UK, it is a global healthcare provider servicing the UK and other parts of the world. With more than 30 years at Sussex Healthcare Group, Boghanis’ professional drive has helped him propel the organization to become a leader in the healthcare industry.

Sussex Healthcare was founded in 1985 under the preeminence of Shiraz Boghani. The organization has tremendously grown from just being a small firm to a global organization in the industry. Sussex has more than 18 care homes globally with the capacity of over 500 beds in every facility.

Since his arriving in the UK in 1969 from Kenya, Shiraz Boghani has gained leadership experience with other companies across the globe.

He began as an accountant working with a small firm named Chartered Accountants, he then preceded to move on to the Thompson McLintock Corporation. He has additionally founded past projects which included donations to charitable organizations.

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Most recently, in 2016 he was presented with the Asian Business Award as Hotelier of the year and he is also a successful chairman of the hospitality business in the UK named Splendid. For over three decades he has also been a leader in the hospitality industry demonstrating excellent knowledge and contemporary interests for the customer’s needs.

The renowned entrepreneur and accountant has additionally formed and launched Hilton London Bankside, a venture that has deemed him to be one of the globe’s top entrepreneurs. With Boghani leading more than 19 organizations, including The Grand Hotel, London based Holiday Inn and York, his hospitality skills are unmatched.

He holds a robust background in philanthropy and accounting and because he believes in giving back to society, he’s also partnered with charity organizations such as Aga Kahn Foundation where he is an avid supporter and where he is a Resource Development Convener. He is also a member of the National Council and served at the Ismaili Community, a culturally diverse community which includes over 26 countries around the world.


Eli Gershkovitch Makes a Name for Steamworks

The art of brewing beers has taken on a life of its own with todays beer lovers. Throughout Canada microbreweries are popping up and giving traditional beer a run for it’s money. Craft beer is eclectic and fun and making beer lovers of a whole new audience.

The selection of craft beers throughout Canada continues to surprise and titulate beer drinkers. Even gluten free beers are creating some buzz because normally the use of barley and wheat is a no no to the gluten free. With craft beers the brewery Brausseurs Sans Gluten in Montreal is using millet to offer their gluten free blends. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Ottawa Citizen.

Ales, ports, stouts, lagers, and IPA’s each offer their own personal taste and with the selections of original flavors the choices are endless. From flavors like raspberry and peach to chai and chocolate, tastings are stimulating to the pallet. Visiting breweries and tasting selections of Canadian craft beers is also an excellent way to experience the explosion in this industry.

As a huge fan and facilitator of the Canadian beer industry Eli Gershkovitch understands the growth. Eli Gershkovitch owns Steamworks Brewery in British Columbia and knows that there is a demand for microbreweries. While there have always been beer connoisseurs their is a new appreciation for the art and personality craft beers offer. Read this article at

Over the past 20 years Eli Gershkovitch has seen the growth of the craft beer industry as well as in his Steamworks brand. Starting small was his secret and growing with the demand is how he explains becoming successful in the craft beer industry throughout Canada. With his original pub that grew over time Eli is also throughout Vancouver with bars and restaurants. The sale of his Steamworks brand in these bars and restaurants as well as throughout Canada has shown what the industry can create with hard work and innovation.


Jorge Moll and his Fascination towards Technology in Healthcare

The evolution of technology has touched almost every industry in the world to execute and advance their operations efficiently. Healthcare is one of the leading industries that largely used tech innovation in the recent years. Jorge Moll, a leading cardiologist and co-founder of D’Or hospital network, is a proponent of the same. He says that the change which was visible in Northern California is moving across the globe, and people are seeing a digital technology revolution overflowing into healthcare sector by opening better choices in the industry. Follow Jorge on

Interestingly, Dr. Albert Chan of Sutter Health – a leading healthcare network in the United States – came to Brazil and introduced new treatment options and equipment, using new technologies, to Brazilian hospitals and physicians. He discussed the major changes in the healthcare sector and let the people know how technology can change the patient care. Dr. Jorge Moll added that the physicians would get technology that can help them to retrieve all the details of a patient with a single voice command. He said that Google Glass is efficiently using this technology implementation.

Dr. Moll sees that the technology would make the patient-doctor interaction more efficient. It also can help physicians to completely concentrate on patient care without investing time on taking notes or consulting files. The technology also ensures in-depth and safe medical evaluation than of current times. After each consultation, the details of the patient and inputs of the doctor are compactly collected, saved, and remotely reviewed by specialists. This would significantly advance the patient experience and productivity.


Dr. Moll also added that smartphone devices are getting integrated into medicine in the recent days. Applications of hospitals help the patients to make appointments, review their medical history, and more. While the Brazilian hospital industry has started seeing the integration in the recent years, it would embrace the entire industry in the coming years. It is expected to be implemented in every actor of the industry, including research institutions, individual developers, medical entrepreneurs and startups, venture capitalists, teaching centers, public and private institutions, and more. However, Dr. Moll feels that the industry players should create effective partnerships to accelerate the process. Watch this video on Youtube.

Glen Wakeman Is Someone Who Is Very Successful

There are some who find great success in the work that they do, and Glen Wakeman is one of those individuals. This man is someone who has found success with a variety of projects and jobs that he has taken on, and he is someone who keeps working in those areas where he has found success. Glen Wakeman is a Financial Services Executive and a Public Company CEO. This man is a board member in addition to the other roles that he has taken on, and he is an investor and a mentor. He is someone who helps others in the work that he completes. Read more about his interview at Ideamensch.

Everyone goes about their day in a different way, no matter what kind of job they have as their own. Glen Wakeman is someone who begins his day by looking at numbers from the previous day to see where he is at. He wants to know what is going on when it comes to sales and service performance. This man has shared that he meets up with his business partner after he has had a chance to look over the numbers and that the two of them figure out which jobs each one is going to take on that day. He then sets to work completing the tasks that are his to complete, and he ends the work day with coffee or tea. View Glen Wakeman’s profile

Glen Wakeman has shared that he brings the ideas that he has to life by sharing them with others. He forces himself to open up to others about the various ideas that he has and to help them understand them. He feels that sharing the ideas with those who need those ideas explained can help him to better understand the ideas, himself, and to bring them into being. He has a smart strategy for making his dreams realities.


The Meat President-David McDonald

OSI Group is an international company and a processor of meat products which are supplied to retail customers as well as brand clients all over the world. It is an organization with branches in Europe, China as well as the United States of America. David McDonald is the President of OSI Group and according to him their organization is well positioned that they have an international network with staff who are experienced in their offices as well as the processing plants located in several parts of the world. He further said that they have their operations are international which means that they have a scale in size. But despite the scale in size, David said that their organization has management teams which are very sensitive and understands the local taste.

OSI Group has their Head Offices located in Aurora, Illinois and is a leader in the supply of protein added products among them beef patties, links as well as sausages among others. OSI Group is a supplier of food products to food services, and retail brands, some of the food products they have been supplying include; pizza, and sandwiches among others. OSI is a privately owned company and has its operations in over 17 countries with more than 50 facilities. For over 20 years OSI Group has operated in China and the meat processing firm has expanded together with China’s economy. In China, OSI operates factories with one of the latest being the largest poultry producer in the region.

David McDonald is the President of OSI group. Ever since he took the position as the President he has been of great influence in the organization. He has a deep knowledge of the industrial operation skills and experience he took to OSI Group when he was appointed. David McDonald’s vast experience has enabled him to serve in various positions in OSI. Mr. David is not the President of the group but he also holds the position of the Chief Operating Officer of the meat firm. He is a go-getter and after his High school graduation, David joined Iowa State University where he studied and graduated with a degree in Animal Science. He has an incredible academic background with more than 30 years of experience serving in the food industry and he was qualified to be appointed as the Chairman of North America Meat Institute where he is the Board of Director.

The Entrepreneur George Soros

George Soros was born in the year 1930 in Budapest. He was one of the survivors of the Nazi- German war and immigrated to England in the year 1947. He graduated from the school of economics in London with both bachelors and masters in philosophy. George Soros is a philanthropist, author, and a successful investor. George is worth 25.2 billion dollars becoming one of the thirty richest world leaders.

George Soros started the hedge fund in the year 1969.The profits he obtained from the hedge fund enabled him to start the Soros Fund Management. The Double Eagle, his first hedge fund became the first firm to be advised by Soros. The fund was later renamed the Quantum Fund. The management of the firm had an initial of 12 million which later doubled to 25 million which was his net worth.

Soros is famously known as the man who broke England’s bank due to his short time he took to sell 10 million dollars. George applied Karl Popper’s theory to capital markets where he was able to obtain securities of markets and bubbles of assets he undertook. Soros benefited vehemently from the philosophical studies he had undertaken.

The securities of markets he got were used in shorting of stocks and also swapping them. George Soros supported political forums in his country such as the American Liberal and the American Progressive. The entrepreneur donated most of his funds through the Open Society, A foundation he had started. Read his profile at Forbes.

George Soros donated towards philanthropic activities in his country. More than 11 billion was donated between the years 1979 and 2011. More than 18 billion dollars have been transferred by the investor towards the Open Society Foundation. The group is the second largest in the United States in terms of offering grants.

The Open Society is an organization that has worked globally to promote democracy in many areas. George Soros has contributed largely in supporting the Super PAC Group which recognized and supported Hillary Clinton who was a Presidential Candidate in last year’s elections.

Fitzpatrick Dawn was hired by Soros to be the Chief Investment Officer of the Soros management that is based in the New York. The Fund also manages investments for the Open Society. The Forbes magazine has also enlisted him as worth 23 billion dollars. George Soros has also invested in President Trumps Son in-law’s company. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros record in investment has earned him respect among business moguls such as Warren Buffet. George has been of help to refugees supporting them in their undertakings. Soros has this spot for refugees as he together with his father were able to escape the Nazis persecution by the help of false papers. Soros also worked as a trader and an analyst for various firms including working for F.M Mayer.

Economic and Investment Plans: The Opinion of an Investment Specialist

Warren Buffett recently made a statement that he stands by passive index investments and would bet a million dollars that he could outshine any hedge fund manager using this approach. Tim Armour agrees with Warren in some cases, however, passive index investments is not the way to go.

Tim agrees that mutual funds can provide mediocre returns for investors and high management fees. But at the same time, passive index investments are an unknown factor and can be typically underestimated. It’s not about passive or active investment banking but more about how to deliver long term investments that are good with a low cost.

There is no hidden secret knowledge that can tell you beforehand how the funds will perform. So how is it possible for investors to identify hedge fund managers that are exceptional. Based on research of thousands of mutual funds they have concluded that there are two types of filters- high manager ownership and low expenses. By tossing out the high cost funds and having fund managers invest their own money will result in positive results.

Tim Armour, chairman of Capital Group Companies, has over 32 years of experience. He began his career at Capital utilizing The Associates Program as a participant and gained a bachelors degree at Middlebury College in Economics. In 2015, Tim expressed his thoughts on the market in China and the U.S. economy.

He stated the the economy was not growing as people expected and it would be healthy for the economy to invest in short term interest rates versus long term. In his opinion, this would lead to a stronger economic and financial system.