Eli Gershkovitch Takes Canadian Craft Beer International

Beer is Canada’s most popular alcoholic drink. And craft beer is at the top of the list. While beer consumption has dropped slightly overall, craft beer sales and consumption have continued to rise. In fact, sales of craft beer in Canada have averaged double digit growth every year since 2009. There are a growing number of breweries all across Canada that produce excellent, flavorful, traditional and unique craft beers to meet the growing demand. One example of how much Canadians love craft beer is Niagara College created the country’s first teaching brewery and a post-secondary brewmaster program.


Canada’s love for craft beer has grown so much that many of the microbreweries that produce them no longer qualify to be called micro-breweries. In Ontario, craft beer breweries that produce 400,000 or more hectolitres of beer annually are not classified as micro-breweries. And a quite a few former micro-breweries fall into that category. One Quebec based brewer of craft beer reportedly averages over $20 million a year in sales.


Eli Gershkovitch, the owner, and CEO of the Canadian company Steamworks craft breweries is one person that has seen the growth in the Canadian craft beer industry up close. He was inspired to open a craft brewery after a 1987 tour of several European brewing establishments. Not long afterward he founded a small brew pub called Steamworks. Eli Gershkovitch is now an industry veteran. He has been brewing craft beer for over 20 years and has slowly grown his company. To maintain control of the rate of growth of Steamworks, Eli Gershkovitch bought out his partner in 1997. (http://www.calgaryherald.com/Steamworks+owner+Gershkovitch+awarded+registered+trademark+Cascadia+2006+after+seven+year+dispute+with+Granville+Island+Brewing/7612614/story.html)


In 2013 Eli Gershkovitch made his boldest business move. He expanded to a full-scale brewery. His brewery now produces over 40,000-hectolitre of craft beer. Eli Gershkovitch is no longer simply a brew pub owner with a 2,000-hectolitre output. He is now an internationally-known craft brewery pioneer. His Steamworks brand craft beer has a growing customer base in a number of Canadian provinces, as well as in 14 of the United States. Eli Gershkovitch also has international customers in Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, and Switzerland.