Clay Siegall Speaks to Inspirery on Founding Seattle Genetics

Clay siegall is a chief executive officer and president of Seattle Genetics. He co-founded the company in 1998 to help cancer patients. He has conducted research in the various cancer therapies; he was determined to provide innovative methods into the treatment of cancer. Speaking to Inspirery, he gave an overview of what drove him into entrepreneurship.

Dr. Siegall was motivated by the need to find alternative treatments to cancer that would alleviate patient suffering. He speaks on his passion for medicine and a desire to eradicate diseases by using technology to find suitable drugs. He was always driven to making the lives of people better by ensuring they could get access to drugs and treatments for chronic diseases such as cancer.

Dr. Siegall acknowledges the presence of few oncologists to deal with the burden of cancer that has become an epidemic. He was particularly concerned about the effects of chemotherapy, which exposed patients to more suffering and pain. He was dedicated to finding solutions to better care and was particular in embracing technology to develop innovative care and therapies. He also talks about his company, which took over ten years to kick off in order to stream in profit from its operations.

Seattle Genetics grew due to dedication and undying hard work to make it a cancer centre. Dr. Siegall tells Inspirery how the company makes money through the sale of their own drugs. Despite providing treatments, the company has a set of manufacturers that are distributed to other healthcare facilities and pharmacies. The company is also involved in the development of technologies and processes that benefit patients. The licensing of these technologies is a source of revenue.

Dr. Siegall does not shy away to mention the long journey before the company became profitable but he was patient and put great efforts to enhance its growth. Clay Siegall studied zoology at the University of Maryland. She was interested in cancer treatment that led to her enrollment at George Washington University to acquire a PhD in genetics. She has worked at drug manufacturing companies such as Bayer before founding Seattle Genetics.