The Career of Executive Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a business executive who has established himself as one of the top business leaders in the world. He has a lot of experience in mentorship as well as having a entrepreneurial spirit and also being a revolutionary in business. During his career, he has developed M&A’s, provided guidance for startup companies and has also developed new methodologies for performance. He is most well known for being part of a company known as LaunchPad Holdings LLC which is a SAAS corporation ( This company started up in the year 2015. Wakeman currently holds education credentials such as a MBA in Finance and a bachelor’s degree in economics. During the early part of his career, Glen worked at prominent companies such as General Electric Capital as well as founded the company Nova Four. During his stints at these companies, Wakeman would review profit and loss statements, participate in business development and also serve as the President, CEO and Board of Directors.

One of the things that Glen Wakeman has been known for is developing a 5 step performance methodology in business. This consists of managing risk, using human capital, leadership and the execution of a number of business tasks. He is also a successful writer and investor which has allowed him to inspire other people in terms of analyzing economies and also developing management strategies. Wakeman has as lot of experience with emerging markets and corporate management which has allowed him to establish himself as one of the top market strategists. Over the years Wakeman has also counseled executive groups and has therefore developed a reputation as being one of the more innovative and versatile business leaders around.

Today Glen is quite active with business opportunities where companies are looking to undergo new transformations. With his experience and leadership, Glen is proven to be a very valuable person to work with as a result. Whenever a business is looking to undergo a transformation, Glen will provide advice for things such as raising capital, the use of angel investors and also taking advantage of a number of international financing options. With Wakeman, businesses will work with someone who is very passionate about business innovation, development and helping companies grow.