Knowledge to Action by Greg Secker

Having the most updated and appropriate software is not enough for trading. Greg Secker says that it’s more about your mindset, if you have the wrong mindset, having the best resources can’t make you a successful Forex trader.

In his conferences, Greg Secker is quick to indicate that the best traders are sure that there are no trends to follow and that the there is no best time to enter into a market. In reality, only a single individual can determine when the right time to enter a market is. However, to succeed, he offers several tips towards successful trading.

Learn the basics

Secker notes that trading is not all about making quick money. He further states that the reason many are failing at the trade is because they venture without educating themselves. Greg notes that just as in other endeavors, a deep understanding of trading is necessary. Before they venture into Forex, individuals should learn on how the market operates and have a foundation to lean on before joining the market.

Learn and stick to a given trading strategy

Greg advises newbies to master a strategy and stick to it even when things seem to be going otherwise. Constantly switching up between strategies only creates confusion and shifts the focus of the trader which is not advisable for making profits. Having an excellent focus is the key to successful trading. Therefore, traders should master a given trade and stick to it.

Emotions don’t mix with trade

Greg is quick to point out that the vilest enemy to trading is emotions. Though it is upsetting to deal with a setback, it’s advisable not to make rash decisions during such moments. Decisions based on fear, anger and frustration can only lead to disastrous results.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a known philanthropist who works with The Knowledge to Action Group. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Nottingham University.

Greg made to the top 200 most influential entrepreneurs and philanthropists in 2017. Greg believes that despite having helped a lot of people in the business world, being a father is his biggest achievement.