Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong And Supports Environment And Community Welfare

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As one of the biggest firms in Asia, cares for the sustainability of its operations. Its efforts to promote sustainable operation is one of the biggest initiatives in China. In addition,, which is led by Richard Liu Qiangdong, also help communities to improve the country’s overall economy by giving jobs. is one of the most committed companies in Asia to reduce the environmental footprint of its operations. As one of the biggest establishments in China and in the Asian region, the company knows how important it is to create an environmentally friendly operation. Richard Liu Qiangdong also thinks about the long-term impact of this initiative, so he built projects that can benefit the company in the long run. One example is the integrated solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation system which is attached in the roof of its Shanghai Asia No. 1 logistics center.

5,000 units of “new energy” delivery trucks are also available nationwide. These vehicles utilize “new energy”, which are either all-electric, hybrid, or hydrogen-powered vehicles. To boost its environmental effort in its logistics, the company also utilizes 100,000 “green boxes”. These boxes are made with thermoplastic resin, which is lightweight and has a longer usable lifespan than a paper box. also launched its JD Logistics Green Fund, in which the green box initiative is a part of.

Richard Liu and are also committed to helping communities where it operates. Its two goals are to enable access to their products to remote locations in China, as well as to help the economy of these places. JD managed to this in one shot by offering job fairs to remote locations. Over 25,000 recruits came from these job fairs and are integrated into JD’s warehousing and logistics work. also took account of people from small communities who can supply a new range of products to the platform. Handmade products made by rural artisans are made available to the platform. This program already benefitted over 300,000 people and had sales of over $3 million. It also benefitted 90% of the poorest counties in China.

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The Effort Of Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is among the passionate leaders that have pushed for the talented groups and the creators in the community. The dedication that he has set in his field is to assist them to realize their dreams and create work out of their vision that is worth their efforts. This is one of the issues that has enabled the brand and generated platform on matters of the marketing strategy. The primary factor that Edwin Miranda has concentrated about is putting the issues in the position that will assist the clients to be at the level that will be successful in today’s market.

Edwin Miranda is one of the leaders that have a sincere belief on the matters of the power of performance. The commitment that he has showcased has assisted a lot of brands in extending their market share regardless of the challenges they are facing. The step has to contribute most of the brands in engaging with their customers and even winning the confidence of the rest of the clients which are new. The efforts that have been taken by Edwin Miranda marks the dynamic world that most of the brands should follow. This will assist them in reading trends in market.

Through the wits of the Edwin Miranda in the field of marketing, the future of each brand is near, and there is a need for them to step up. The KOI/IXS has assisted them to move in faster manner to make them fit the current dynamic situation in the market. Edwin Miranda great work as far as the matters of marketing is concerned has made the organization reached the top level in different aspects of technology. The advise that he has set to the clients in finding the agency that flows along the line of expectation and implement what is needed in the market.

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Gulf Coast Western Operates All Over The United States

Over the course of the past few decades, there have been hundreds of startups in the oil and gas industry. That being said, it is no easy task being successful in the exploration and acquisition of oil, especially in large quantities. Gulf Coast Western has been a success in the oil industry ever since they first opened for business back in 1970 in Texas. Since Gulf Coast Western was opened, they have acquired thousands of acres of land all across the country to expand on their operations and today they have gas and oil reserves in many locations, including Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Oklahoma, which are their main reserves today.

Matthew Fleeger is the current CEO for Gulf Coast Western, which has been in his family since his father opened the business 48 years ago. Since the beginning, Gulf Coast Western has remained a supportive corporation which participates alongside many different charitable organizations throughout the country. Whether its a food bank in Texas, the St Judes Children’s Hospital, The Family Place, or the American Cancer Society, Gulf Coast Western is dedicated to aiding families and children in need all over the nation.

Over the past forty-eight years that Gulf Coast Western has been in business, they have been building valuable partnerships across the nation and they now have thousands of accredited partners that do business with them. More impressively, at least 70 percent of partners that going into business with Gulf Coast Western have had more than one deal with the company. The track record at Gulf Coast Western is excellent and they have a great standing within the community for their integrity and environmentally friendly processes. More expansions are coming in the next few years according to Gulf Coast’s CEO as they continue to focus on new drilling plans.

Bob Reina Looks Back at Founding Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion has become the golden standard for video marketing and communication solutions on the digital platform. If you run a business nowadays you are, at some point, going to need the kind of services that this company offers. Thankfully for us the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion came up with his ideas and got them rolling over a decade ago. Bob Reina is the ambitious, candid, and open founder of Talk Fusion and he has been the guiding force that has put the wind in the sails of the company. Talk Fusion just finished off a great 2016 which concluded with various industry awards. Now, Reina looks to the past to see how he got to this point. Learn more:


Bob Reina used to work as a police officer, nearly 15years ago at this point. While working as a police officer, for a full decade in fact, Becker got used to the idea of being another part of the structured machine. But he always wanted a chance to step out and show the world that he could be his own boss and create something that would be of value to people. After talking to a network marketing executive during an off-duty security gig, Reina had his answer. While the seeds of Talk Fusion were planted in 2003 or so, they wouldn’t actually begin to grow into fruition until nearly 2007. Learn more:


Talk Fusion launched around Bob Reina’s favorite product: the Video Email marketing suite. Reina was so excited and passionate about his flagship program that he talked it up to every business he could think of. The results were great. By the time Talk Fusion was launched there was already a generous buzz and people who wanted to get involved with Talk Fusion. Reina even admits that they were profitable pretty much from day one.


The key to Reina’s continued success lay in that same passion. Reina believes in the power of video and fundamentally believes that you need it in order to succeed. He loves his products and takes pride in helping out other businesses. This joy will keep Talk Fusion growing for years to come. Learn more: