Daniel Arriaga’s Oscar Win Is A Seminal Moment For Academy Of Art University

The Academy of Art University has made a strong name for themselves in the world of secondary education. They are the largest privately owned school of its kind in the nation and the largest property holder in all of San Francisco. The school also has a number of famous alumni.

In addition to big names like fashion designer Kara Laricks and bitcoin entrepreneur Margaux Avedisian, this school was also once the stomping grounds of famous film maker Daniel Arriaga. His recent Oscar win for his work on Coco just may have elevated to the very top of this prestigious list.

Arriaga is the senior director of Pixar Studios and this is one of the most prestigious positions in all of animation. Coco allowed him to combine two of the biggest passions of his life: his love for animation and his Mexican culture.

While this school has been in existence for nearly 90 years and has seen thousands of students pass thru its hallowed halls, this might be the biggest achievement yet. In addition to their contributions to the film industry, this school is also a regular participant in New York’s Fashion Week.

Arriaga has also been quick to credit the Academy of Art University for providing him with the tools that he needed to become a top notch film maker. He studied animation and art direction at the university and believes that the tutelage he received played a major role in the success that he was able to enjoy.

He was able to weave these lessons together with his own cultural history to create a film that seems destined to stand the test of time. Not only was he able to place the benefits of his educational experience on full display but he was also able to use the film as a means of dispelling falsehoods about his culture.

American audiences were finally able to learn about the true story of the Land of the Dead and El Día de los Muertos. Spreading his culture’s beliefs and getting rid of the stereotypes that have continued to persist was very important to Arriaga. Film industry observers are now waiting with anticipation for Pixar’s follow up project.