IC System: Unique Company Culture

IC System was founded in 1938, by Jack Erickson, on the premise that they would give their customers ethical and honest service no matter what (http://tcbmag.com/honors/articles/2013/2013-minnesota-family-business-awards/i-c-system,-inc). IC System is at the cutting edge of the accounts receivable industry because, in 1968, IC Systems decided to be the first collection agency in the United States that replaced their typewriters with computers. Today IC Systems remains ahead by using current collection tools that are meant to help maintain their reputation as one of the more secure collection agencies in the industry. IC Systems improves financial outcomes for customers and clients at large by keeping up with (CFPB, TCPA, 501(r), etc.).

IC System headquarters is outside of St. Paul Minnesota with the company mission to help individuals improve their financial outcomes. IC System has been nominated for the BBB Torch Award referring to ethics for three years, 2013, 2014, and 2015. IC Systems is about providing accounts receivable services nationwide as well as generously rewarding our employees. IC System prides ourselves in making our workplace a fun and rewarding place to work. IC Systems allows for a flexible schedule. IC Systems is about debt collection, however, collection agency calls are often stressful for customers.

Some collections agencies do not want to bother with making people trust them. Personal information cannot be shared with another party by law. Collection agencies also ask for your full name, address, date of birth, and email just to be sure, which is a requirement of federal law to protect consumers. Collection agencies can’t share all of your information with you at the beginning of the call since they will move on to discussing the nature of your debt. Core values of IC System are to treat people with dignity and respect, to do the right thing, to perform in a way that delivers results that have exceeded expectations, to take pride in what we do, and to find better ways of getting things done. IC System also values honoring employees with a Core Value Award, which recognizes individual efforts to do well in exemplifying one or more company values.