Barbara Stokes’ Success in Green Structure Homes

Barbara Stokes’s experience in disaster management has played a big role in managing GSH. She has portrayed excellent leadership in Green Structure Homes. This is an organization that actively participates in relief construction. Barbara has overseen contracting activities for many great organizations. Since GSH relates closely to disaster management, it is supporting FEMA’s mission.

Barbara is a graduate of biomedical engineering and physics. She also studied technical communication, manufacturing, and management, thermodynamics and properties of materials. All these courses were done at Mercer University. Before she joined GSH, Barbara had worked for Pisces Corporation and Boeing. During her career, she gained a lot of experience in government contracting. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

GSH has roles concerning the on-site construction, delivering, designing, building, and other related activities. North America has several residential and commercial structures from GSH.

Barbara Stokes has been the company CEO since 2011. Under her leadership, Barbara has created numerous jobs for the local communities in Alabama. At the same time, GSH believes in purchasing local products to promote those businesses. Communities in Alabama have enjoyed getting quality homes from GSH. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Apart from individuals and commercial houses, GSH also serves government facilities. The company has been operational for the past thirty years. Over these years, GSH has shown competence in development, planning, installation and inspection of both commercial and residential structures.

In September 2017, GSH announced that it has a new contract with FEMA and Homeland Security. The contract was about building exceptional homes after the Hurricane Harvey disaster. The project is supposed to go on until March 2018. Such a project is what GSH enjoys because it is about supporting the mission of FEMA.

As they build these homes, GSH will ensure they will be state-of-the-art homes. They will also be constructed innovatively and adhere to safety standards. Every home will have a fire suppression system. GSH is determined to deliver quality to every customer they serve.

Green Structure Homes is keen on modern technology. Barbara Stokes wants the company to embrace technology that improves homes. As time advances, the company is using modern constructing practices that will increase the home experience by giving maximum quality. Stakeholders are anticipating the growth of this company. It is expected to expand and even open new branches in other nations. Housing is a basic need, and everyone deserves to live in a decent home. GSH has purposed to avail this provision to anyone who needs it. Shortly, everyone should be living in a good house.