Glen Wakeman Sets the Standards for Young Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman is well known for his five-stage business turnaround strategy that emphasizes on leadership, human resource, execution, risk management and governance. Glen’s vast experience, spanning over 20 years, has earned him respect both locally and internationally.

He previously worked at GE Capital for over two decades before joining the startup world. Working for GE Capital enabled him to live in six different countries where he got to understand emerging markets challenges. Over that period, Glen performed various complex roles in the company and got promoted to CEO of GE Money in Latin America (Dailyforexreport). As CEO, he built GE Money from a startup into a multinational with operations in nine countries, over 17.000 employees, and $2 billion in assets.

Glen received his MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago and his Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Scranton. Currently, he is the CEO of Nova Four, a company that offers business solutions as well as provides access to capital for growth-stage companies.

He is also the CEO and founder of LaunchPad Holdings. The firm works with early-stage startups providing them with planning services, turnaround strategies, and digital marketing solutions. The company avails its services through their online platform.

Glen advises young entrepreneurs to take up a holistic approach as they lead their ventures. Being aware of what is happening in all departments will help a leader get a deeper understanding of all the businesses processes. In case of economic downturn, the entrepreneur will quickly identify a lousy division and decide on a right course of action. Glen also advises entrepreneurs to allow their employees some degree of freedom as it will enable them to become innovative (

Glen says he derives pleasure in solving the world’s problems by finding rewarding business solutions. Using his skills, he is examining how machine learning can help entrepreneurs address their unique business problems. Glen stays relevant by providing business insights and engaging young entrepreneurs through his blog posts on his website. Glen is indeed playing his part in shaping the future business environment and the next generation of business executives.