Tsunami XR’s Alex Hern Explains The Future Of Virtual Reality

The decision of Alex Hern, a popular technology entrepreneur to throw his lot in with the development of virtual reality has confused some. Alex Hern explains the desire to build on the early success of virtual reality comes from the advances already made in the field over the last few years. Advances have are already been made in the sectors of sight and sound in virtual reality leaving the sense of touch, taste, and smell as the breakthroughs waiting to happen. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

San Diego-based Alex Hern has been involved in the development of technology startups for more than 25 years and believes he has the ability to push forward the virtual reality sector. Through his work with Tsunami XR, Alex Hern is looking to create better standards for audio and visual experiences in the simulated digital world. There are still some boundaries to be explored by pioneers in the field, including touch, taste, and smell. Some theme parks are leading the introduction of smell into their experiences with the introduction of odor into events. Researchers from academic institutions in North America and Japan have found the introduction of odor into virtual environments can alter the perception of place. A virtual environment which includes the correct odor can be better believed and enjoyed in the view of researchers at Tokyo University.

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Alex Hern points to the fact the virtual reality industry is set to be worth an estimated $209 billion by 2022 as reason enough for his continued research into the technology. In the future, Hern believes the simulation of physical environments and imagined ones will change the way academic subjects are taught and leisure time enjoyed. Follow Alex Hern on linkedin.com.