Futuristic Healthcare Data Integrations Envisioned by IT Entrepreneur Drew Madden

There are countless opportunities for IT developers to use their expertise to advance the healthcare industry. Although there are currently many data systems to store data, few are capable of integrating well with other data collection systems. Fewer still can analyze the data for a specific patient with the purpose of improving patient outcome.

One of the hindrances to the development of more advanced systems is the lack of awareness on the part of IT entrepreneurs. First a developer must have a deep understanding of the gaps that need to be filled in regards to a person’s health data. Then hardware and software developers need to possess the imagination to design systems that will fill these gaps.

For example, IT specialist Drew Madden points out that there is a great deal of room for improvement in systems that would improve communications between patients and their physicians – or multiple physicians. But far beyond that, he envisions systems that would allow a person to share his own heath information with help of cloud technology, while still adhering carefully to HIPAA regulations.

In addition, Drew Madden understands the need for building high-quality teams in forward-thinking company environments that will optimize developers’ skills to create outstanding products that will enhance the quality of healthcare for people everywhere.

One frontier yet to be fully developed is the potential for the cloud to improve a person’s healthcare experience in ways that most people have yet to contemplate. Imagine a system that would interface with all diagnostic hardware and compile that data in one location unique to that patient. Then imagine a system that could analyze the data to recommend treatments. This cloud-based system could be accessible to the patient and all his physicians.

A further IT development could accept data from a patient over long periods of time. For example, a diabetic’s blood glucose readings could be stored in the patient’s own cloud storage location. Any physicians with access to this area could examine the patient’s long-term trend and make a more informed decision about the most optimal treatment.

Advancements in hardware and software that will raise the bar on healthcare standards are there for IT entrepreneurs who are ready to take this industry to the next level.