Jorge Moll and the Anatomy of the Human Brain

I recently watched an interview with a Neuroscientist named Jorge Moll.I found the interveiw very informative and interesting. Jorge Moll works at the D’Or Institute for Research and Education in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. In the interview Dr.Moll said that he had always had an interest in the human mind and in the history of the human existence and evolution. He entered medical school to learn about the brain which eventually led him to neurology. Before going into neurology as a specialty he was interested in imagery. He and a colleague used an MRI machine(which allows you to see images of the brain.)to do research on the inner workings of the brain itself. Dr.Moll’s research included showing what parts of the brain are active when people make moral judgements. He basically studied what parts of the brain were responsible for actions such as feelings and judgements. Moral emotions really became an interest of Dr.Moll and he devoted a lot of time and research into it. He helped develop a model called The Event Future Emotion Complex model. Its a model that shows the functions of different areas of the brain and how they affect things such as mood and behavior. Dr.Moll also studied the evolution of the human brain,and how it has changed over the years. Our brains have developed from primal to the civilized society we have today. According to Dr.Moll our brains have went through thousands of years of evolution. He has also studied the affects of mental illness on the brain and how it affects emotions and actions. He studies a type of science that may never be fully understood .Dr. Moll and the researchers like him bring us understanding to something that isn’t easliy understood. The brain has many functions. It keeps us breathing, it keeps our hearts pumping, it affects our thinking and judgements. Even the neuroscientists like Dr.Moll are still trying to figure out our brain’s unique fuctions and activities. The brain is a fuction that we may never fully understand, but people like Dr.Moll are determined to unlock its secrets.

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