How Edward Graham Influences Telereal Trillium Philanthropic Endeavors.

Telereal Trillium has been involved significantly in influencing the United Kingdom’s property sector in the 21st century. It is on the list of the most significant real estate corporations in the country. Telereal Trillium has a management portfolio of properties spreading across a floor area of 85 million square meters and houses around 1% of UK’s employees. The portfolio is estimated to be worth around £6 billion. The success of the company was not achieved in a fortnight but took the sacrifice and hard work of its esteemed employees under the leadership of a very dedicated Graham Edwards who is the conglomerate’s chief executive officer.

Graham Edwards story at Telereal took a turn for the best in January 2009 when he negotiated with Land Securities Group Plc to actualize the acquisition of Trillium. The deal consolidated the company’s space in the market and made the now formed Telereal Trillium a dominant player in UK’s property market. The agreement also helped to stress the company’s formidable services in development, partnerships, and investments. The result was the creation of a company whose total annual revenues clock £1 billion.

Before Edward Graham joined Telereal Trillium, he had made a name for himself in the property sector. He had worked at Talisman Global Asset Management as their chief investment officer. The subsidiary was the management division of the parent company Pears FSA. Over the years, the division grew exponentially, with an initial investment of £50 million, it now has assets of over £1 billion. Before Talisman Global, Edward had worked as BT Group’s finance manager in their property department, and a fund manager for Merrill Lynch Investment Management.

Since joining the company, Edward Graham has seen the company transform to become a global property leader with success in every sector of the market ( Telereal Trillium continues to astonish many not only in real estate but also in their efforts to bring change in the world through various charity initiatives. The company’s staff donated and helped raise funds to support over 103 UK registered charity organizations. The total amount given by the members was £131,663, and to top it up, Telereal Trillium added £81,708 to compliment the amount. With their Donation Matching Scheme, the company continues to show the world that it understands the value of sharing.