The man behind the AXA Advisors success Introduction

Mr. Vincent Parascandola is a senior vice president and s AXA Advisors. He has Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University. He is also an established leader being in the sector for over 25 years. He has worked in different organizations that he has driven to success.

His efforts in seeing the growth in the industry have made him receive various acknowledgments like the Master Agency Awards and the GAMA’s Career Development. He is also a renowned speaker where he has addressed at different companies and major conferences.

About the company

AXA Advisors LLC Is a multinational corporation that specializes in the families’ attaining financial stability through their various insurance policies. The company has been in existence since the year 1859.The duration it has been in service has seen it enlarge to become the second largest regarding ownership. The massive growth got facilitated by the organization policy of offering quality services to its clients. The firm is also dedicated to seeing that the families have a better life. They provide them with the tools that are intended to guide the clients to have a better planning policy. The firm also helps those in the business and the organizations in ensuring the sees the expansion and maturity of the venture. They do this by protecting the premises.

Philanthropic activities

The firm has embarked on different projects that get tailored at giving back to the community. They do this through the various scholarships for the needy as well as the many planned philanthropic activities. They incorporate their skilled personnel in ensuring that the projects are successful.

In the education sector, the firm has issued numerous supports for the students. They are meant to see that they attain the highest education possible. The organization believes that the school is directly involved with the success in life. Moreover, they make the sector better by recognizing the best worker in the industry like the tutors. It is meant to increase the workers’ output and hence deliver even more to the students.

To the community, the AXA has an interest in the caring of the environment. They are concerned with the corporate responsibility of funding different research in ensuring that they curb the intensity of environmental degradation. Moreover, they collaborate with the local non-charitable organization through is issuing them with grants intended to creating awareness of disaster preparedness, at risk youth projects and health and disease prevention.