Isabel dos Santos Has Shed Some Light Regarding The Critical Importance That Education And Technology Will Play In The Development Of The Economy Of Africa

Isabel dos Santos recently made an appearance in the EU Parliament located in Brussels, Belgium. During this appearance, she discussed the fact that technology is poised to become the future of the burgeoning economy of the continent of Africa. Isabel Dos Santos spoke at the Africa Summit 2019 where she opened up about technological developments that can be applied in Africa as a way to foster growth across multiple regions of the large and diverse continent. She also discussed the challenges that exist in terms of bringing Africa fully into the digital age that the rest of the world has already entered into more fully.

Isabel dos Santos highlighted the importance of education going forward so that Africa can become competitive in terms of technology. As part of a distinguished panel at this summit that also included the ECR’s Chairman Syed Kamal and Antonio Tapani, the President of the European Parliament.

Businesswoman Isabel dos Santos holds the lofty distinction of being the wealthiest woman in the continent of Africa as well as having an impressive background in one of the most renowned political families of her native Angola. Her father, Jose Eduardo dos Santos held the Presidency in Angola for the better part of three decades, beginning in 1979. She currently has a net worth that exceeds $2 billion and also holds the distinction of being the first woman in Africa to become a billionaire. The has also been named as one of the top 100 Most Influential Women In The World. This distinction was bestowed on her by the BBC. Among her many activities, Isabel dos Santos is known for her continual drive to empower women as well as the generous contributions that she regularly makes to charitable causes.

Through her own website, Isabel dos Santos is known for sharing not only her own personal story but stories from countless individuals her home country of Angola and from around the entire world. These stories are often about individuals who have been able to achieve despite the barriers that might have been put in front of them. Helping these kinds of individuals has been one of the passions of the life of Isabel dos Santos.


Kamil Idris Speaks Out Regarding Intellectual Property

Kamil Idris serves the World Intellectual Property Organization as the Director. He has additionally served the International Union as the Secretary General. Kamil Idris is highly educated and attended the University of Ohio where he earned Master’s degrees in International Affairs and International Law. He earned his Bachelor of law while attending the University of Khartoum. His Bachelor of Arts in Economic Theories, Political Science and Philosophy were acquired at the University of Cairo. He additionally holds an International Law Doctor degree from the University of Geneva.

Kamil Idris has spoken about the transfer of intellectual property, the management of IP pitfalls and mitigating the risks of IP theft. He believes company outsourcing is being influenced by globalization and has changed supply chain management. He believes new destinations for contract manufacturing are emerging due to company expansions. Kamil Idris has stated intellectual property or IP will be a necessary tool for development, information, knowledge and economic growth for all countries.

Kamil Idris says the way this is translated and applied for practical use is dependent on numerous factors. This includes a country’s national policy objectives, their political commitment to the development of IP and the IP rights receiving respect in every sector of society. He additionally feels the existing operational and legislative infrastructure, the skilled IP professionals and policies encouraging creativity and innovation play an important role.

Kamil Idris believes globalization is responsible for the intellectual property pitfalls that have been identified as counterfeiting, piracy and backlogs regarding processing applications for patents. Another challenge caused by globalization is the need to focus more attention and resources on developing IP. human resources and IP training. He sees numerous challenges posed by the communications revolution. This has caused an increase in copyright piracy due to the easier distribution of creative works despite the lack of authorization.

Kamil Idris has spoken of the WIPO Phonograms and Performances Treaty and the WIPO Copyright Treaty. These are steps to incorporating the digital age with the international copyright framework. Minimum protection levels are established by these treaties for material protected with a copyright. There is additionally a coordination of enforcement protection for the owners of the copyrights.

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