Steve Lesnard expertise in the sports industry and connecting people to Brands

Steve Lesnard is a distinguished business professional with extensive years of experience. He possesses knowledge in the business development and creation of products that capture the consumers’ tastes and preferences. Steve Lesnard studied Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Babson University.

Steve’s career background

He started his career in the sports industry when he was recruited by Nike sports company. His skills in the marketing of brands have helped him to earn a promotion within the company. He has served in different positions and delivered the objectives of the department. His skills have enabled him to grow within the organization and receive top management appointments. Steve was instrumental in the promotion of Nike Brand globally during the Olympics games in Beijing and London in 2008 and 2012 respectively.

Steve serves as a global brand consultant consolidating his experience in the marketing of brands to help clients and institutions achieve success in their sales promotion campaigns. He gives solutions to institutions planning to implement a marketing challenge through his expert approach. The technological advancements have facilitated the marketing of brands through social media. Companies have also engaged celebrities and signed partnerships and endorsement deals in their bid to promote their brands to a group of people who identify and follow the star.

Steve Lesnard outlines two strategies to assist the companies to succeed in influencer marketing campaigns which include:

Create a robust mutual connection with the brand ambassador

Establish a partnership with celebrities who connects and identifies with your products. The company should seek a celebrity with genuine interest with the outcomes of the company to market them. The person’s values should correspond with the brand’s values and aspirations to continue strengthening the connection and building the brand. The link should assist the brand to penetrate new markets.

Establish robust marketing strategies that will complement with celebrity marketing

Companies should ensure that their brands satisfy the needs of the consumer.investing in modern digital marketing strategies should also be a priority for the businesses that want to succeed in marketing the products. Celebrity marketing should serve as another plan to spearhead the marketing strategy when there is already an established plan.