Dr. Mark Holterman Is The Generous Founder Of The Mariam Global Health Fund

Dr. Mark Holterman is a Pediatrician who has practiced for more than 20 years with a passion that many find contagious. He earned his medical degree while attending the University of Virginia School of Medicine where he learned about clinical medicine and basic science research. He has also spent time as a pediatric surgery resident and a general surgery resident, which has added to his experience and base of knowledge. As a researcher, Dr. Holterman has studied cancer treatment, stem cell therapy, and obesity and also serves as a medical professor. His creation of the Mariam Global Health Fund has helped to advance healthcare and medical treatments as well as technologies in these fields.


Greatest Medical Opportunities

When asked how he came up with the idea for the Mariam Global Health Fund, Dr. Mark Holterman commented that it took years for him to gain a true understanding of what is needed in the world. He expressed that the time he has spent in the field of clinical medicine has given him the opportunity to meet many different talented scientists who have great ideas that can change the world. The unfortunate thing is that many of these scientists give up due to lack of funding, and this is where the idea for Mariam Global Health was born (Ideamenschs). The company gives social investors the chance to put their money to good use, and since biotechnology is at the forefront of the latest and greatest opportunities, he wants to help innovators in the high-risk industry to have a chance to succeed.

Dr. Mark Holterman breathes life into his ideas by bringing them before his business team to see what they think. This gives him the chance to have what his team and him call a “reality check” that allows them to decide if the idea is a good one or not based on a spread of criteria. He also believes that it is a good idea to speak with an expert who deals with the industry that his idea is in and possibly collaborate with them or someone else if necessary. He warns people of getting too greedy and says that greed will wear a person down over the course of their life.