Organo Gold and the Demand for Organic Coffee

Organo Gold is one of the more profitable mom-and-pop styled coffee brands that people are not able to find in places like Walmart Supercenters or grocery stores. People that are really true fans of Organo Gold are getting this online. That is how Bernardo Chua has managed to cut out the middleman.

He does not believe in creating the type of brand that would have to go through the mainstream and acquire mainstream advertising. What Bernardo Chua wanted to do with Organo Gold was create a brand of beverages that would be able to consumers with word-of-mouth appeal and social media buzz. Shop now at

This has certainly become one of the more creative brands from a coffee distributor in a long time. Bernardo has created other products, but this global networking brand of coffee and tea is known mostly his beverages. This is where Bernardo really makes his bread and butter.

He is the type of person that is well aware of what the competition is doing, but Bernardo Chua does not get wrapped up into what everyone else is doing with their time. Instead, Bernardo has put time into creating a unique brand that gets a lot of social media appeal.


There are tons of people that are talking about this company and the way that it has evolved. That makes it much easier for people to recognize this brand when they look at options for acquiring coffee.

Organo Gold has become one of the most popular products on the market because it caters to a millennial generation that is interested in organic products. This is how Bernardo has launched the marketing campaign for Organo Gold. People that hear about it are aware that it is Organic gourmet coffee. This is what drives the demand for this coffee and tea brand. Watch this video on Youtube.