Todd Levine And His Law Firm Was Recently Recognized For Their Excellence

One legal firm in Miami, Florida is being recognized once again for their excellence in 2019. Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. was awarded by The Best Lawyers in America. The Florida based law firm specializes in a large number of issues including mergers and acquisitions, real estate litigation, entertainment law, and so much more.

The Best Lawyers in America recognized the law firm in many ways. Many of the working lawyers at the firm were recognized for their work in their specific industry. Todd Levine was recognized for his excellent work as a commercial real estate litigator. Abbey Kaplan was recognized for his work entertainment law, mergers and acquisitions, and much more. Bruce Katzen was also recognized for his work as a lawyer in securities and capital markets law.

These acknowledgments are just a testament to their dedication to their clients. They operate with a high sense of integrity, dedication, and professionalism that can’t be matched. Kluger kaplan is a private law that owns and runs several offices in Miami, including offices in Minneapolis, Boca Raton, and Miami. Kluger kaplan offers services to a wide variety of issues so clients coming for help for different issues have a well qualified expert to talk to. The Best Lawyers in America list is compiled of the most talented and accomplished lawyers in the world. For the 2019 edition, almost eight million votes were received.

Todd Levine is a lawyer, primarily a commercial real estate litigator in Miami, Florida. He is one of the founding partners of a Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, P.L. The professional commercial litigator has worked in the industry for over 20 years, collecting an abundance of knowledge and skills along the way. Mr. Levine earned his law degree from the University of Florida Levin College of Law.

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Marc Beer Is The Current Chairman Of LumeNXT, Inc.

Marc Beer is a successful entrepreneur and business man in the United States and an investor as well who ventures majorly me the healthcare sector. He is a native of Dallas and studied his undergraduate studies at Miami University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. When he finished his studies, Marc Beer started practicing his career by working is some organizations. , marc is also an entrepreneur, and he owns a company in the United States which he runs smoothly. He is also an excellent leader with good managerial skills which helps him in running companies smoothly.


Mark Beer has worked in many companies including Genzyme Therapeutics Worldwide where he was employed as the Leader of Global Marketing. Prior to working at Genzyme, Marc was serving at Sanofi Company as the Global Marketing leader from the year 1996 to the year 2000. Marc has also worked at a company known as Biostar. He is also remembered for working at Viacell Company as the top firm’s executive Officer. Marc is a highly experienced business professional who assumed top managerial positions in many companies, and this enabled him to run his company smoothly.


Marc Beer has spent more than 20 years in the health industry developing and commercializing the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Despite the fact, Beer is not a professional in health, but he plays an essential role in the development of the industry in the United States. He is also charitable and is passionate about giving back to the community. He strives to improve the living standards of people especially women living in Boston and Dallas. Currently, he owns a pharmaceutical firm called Renovia Inc, company which is based in Dallas.


On April 2nd this year, Marc Beer became part of the Board of Directors as the chairman at LumeNXT Inc. The company is a private firm which mainly focuses on developing a surgical illumination line which is proprietary with the aim of reducing invasive surgeries. The company uses modern technology in carrying to surgeries. Marc is humbled to work for hand in hand with the group of and engineers medical officers who are aimed at providing cost effective and safe operations to patients. He assures the company to demonstrate high levels of professionalism in running the company and helping it realize its goals.


Since Marc has spent many years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, he is conversant with all the challenges facing the industry. He will try his level best to ensure that the company can overcome the challenges and achieve its goals as well as scaling to greater heights. Marc is a vital person in the company. Learn more:


Isabel dos Santos Has Shed Some Light Regarding The Critical Importance That Education And Technology Will Play In The Development Of The Economy Of Africa

Isabel dos Santos recently made an appearance in the EU Parliament located in Brussels, Belgium. During this appearance, she discussed the fact that technology is poised to become the future of the burgeoning economy of the continent of Africa. Isabel Dos Santos spoke at the Africa Summit 2019 where she opened up about technological developments that can be applied in Africa as a way to foster growth across multiple regions of the large and diverse continent. She also discussed the challenges that exist in terms of bringing Africa fully into the digital age that the rest of the world has already entered into more fully.

Isabel dos Santos highlighted the importance of education going forward so that Africa can become competitive in terms of technology. As part of a distinguished panel at this summit that also included the ECR’s Chairman Syed Kamal and Antonio Tapani, the President of the European Parliament.

Businesswoman Isabel dos Santos holds the lofty distinction of being the wealthiest woman in the continent of Africa as well as having an impressive background in one of the most renowned political families of her native Angola. Her father, Jose Eduardo dos Santos held the Presidency in Angola for the better part of three decades, beginning in 1979. She currently has a net worth that exceeds $2 billion and also holds the distinction of being the first woman in Africa to become a billionaire. The has also been named as one of the top 100 Most Influential Women In The World. This distinction was bestowed on her by the BBC. Among her many activities, Isabel dos Santos is known for her continual drive to empower women as well as the generous contributions that she regularly makes to charitable causes.

Through her own website, Isabel dos Santos is known for sharing not only her own personal story but stories from countless individuals her home country of Angola and from around the entire world. These stories are often about individuals who have been able to achieve despite the barriers that might have been put in front of them. Helping these kinds of individuals has been one of the passions of the life of Isabel dos Santos.


“Marc Beer’s women’s health startup raises $42 million “

Women around the world suffer from numerous health conditions that severely affect the quality of life that they live. Sadly, some of these medical conditions have been neglected by the biopharma companies for one reason or another. One man, Marc Beer, an experienced executive in the pharmaceutical sector and entrepreneur is looking to change the current situation in women’s health care. Through his biopharma start-up Renovia – based in Boston – Marc is looking to finding medical solutions to some of the most chronic health issues faced by women around the world.


Raising funds for the course


Recently, Marc Beer was out and about rallying for funds to further the good course of his start-up looking to not only improve women’s health but also bring happiness to communities. In his funds rallying campaign, Marc was very successful. He managed to raise a total of $42 million in funding to finance Renovia’s operations. The main focus for the company of late has been finding therapeutic and diagnostic solutions for the notorious pelvic floor disorders especially urinary incontinence. Reliable statistics indicate that not less than 250 million women from around the globe suffer from this dreaded condition.


The Renovia CEO raised a total of $32 million through Series B funding, and the additional $10 million came from venture debt. Marc Beer successfully got on board some of the most seasoned health sector investors in his Series B round funding to raise the $32 million. A healthcare-focused investment firm, Longwood Fund which had also earlier invested in Renovia was part of the Series B round. Other investors were Ascension Ventures from Missouri and Perspective Advisors from New York.


The funding raised will be dedicated to coming up with the second generation of the Leva devices. Additionally, there are three other break-through devices in the works at Renovia which these funds will play a significant role in their development. Making this funding announcement, Marc Beer mentioned that his company was very grateful for the support of its investors. He added that his company would keep delivering new treatments for pelvic disorders as their knowledge on it expands through research.


About Marc Beer


Marc Beer is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Boston based biopharma start-up Renovia. This pharmaceutical entrepreneur has over two decades of experience as an executive in the medical sector. Marc’s area of specialization has been the development and commercialization of break-through biotechnology devices and pharmaceutical diagnostics. Through his start-up Renovia, Marc hopes to help millions of women around the world living with pelvic disorders live normal lives. The Leva device (first edition) has significantly made this possible, and he hopes with its second edition things will even get better. Learn more:


How Clayton Hutson Has Become A Jack Of All Trades When It Comes To Holding Events

When it comes to doing the work that it takes to hold a concert Clayton Hudson is a jack of all trades. He has been an event producer, tour rigger, production manager, and even the person who drives the equipment truck. He is a graduate of Central Michigan University, where he earned a BFA in technical production and theatre design, as well as the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business where he earned an MBA.

Clayton Hudson’s professional career began in March 1996 when he was the production manager for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. After three and a half years of experience there he was able to branch out into other aspects of the industry. He now offers his services to musicians through his own company. He offers services such as stage management, rigging, show producer, production design, monitor engineering, and logistics management.

As an arena rigger, Clayton Hutson has worked at some of the best venues in the United States. Some of these arenas are the Bridgestone Arena, Van Andel Arena, Opryland Convention Center, and the Joe Louis Arena. He has been the tour rigger for some of the biggest acts in the industry such as Boston, Alice in Chains, and Velvet Revolver. He is currently handling the rigging, as well as the position of stage manager, for Kid Rock’s tour which kicked off last September.

As the production manager he has also worked with many luminaries in the music industry like Gwen Stefani, Prince, Jennifer Nettles and Guns n’ Roses. While wearing his monitor engineer hat he has worked with the Backstreet Boys, Kelly Clarkson, Boston, New Kids on the Bock, and Axl Rose among many others.

Since August 1999, Clayton Hutson has been the production manager at Getagrip Touring Inc. This company, based in the Chicago area, is focused on the entertainment industry as well as corporate event management. At this company he has pulled off the seemingly impossible for many different events over the year at a more cost effective way than competitors in the industry. Learn more:

Due to his stellar reputation in the industry, Clayton Hutson was also chosen by the Olympics Organizing Committee that handled the Rio de Janeiro games in Brazil in 2016. He worked for over two years as a technical consultant on everything from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony. His services were used for both the regular Olympics as well as the Paralympics which followed.

Jeff Schneider | Chief Executive Officer, Father, Athlete

Being a boss is no easy feat. Leaders want to make sure they’re doing all they can for their employees. Research shows that 92% of human resource executives agree that contributing to a nonprofit can improve an employee’s leadership skills. This stat illustrates just how much leadership goes hand in hand with charity as it can directly affect a person’s career. Likewise, a study by Deloitte found that 61% of millennials who rarely or never volunteer still consider a company’s commitment to the community when making a decision on a potential job, therefore, it can affect an employer’s hiring rate as well. As the office is indubitably shaped by acts of humanity, Jeff Schneider, CEO of small private company in Bee Cave, TX, prioritizes making charity not only a part of his office, but also a part of his personal life.

“The volunteer rate declined by 0.4 percentage point to 24.9 percent for the year ending in September 2015.” cites the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. A majority of the citizens in the U.S. complete most of their community service in life for a high-school or college requirement. Typically, upon meeting the hour requirement, people move on and go back to their routines as they did before, but this is where Jeffry took a less-traveled path. Jeff didn’t cease volunteering after it stopped being required of him. Instead, without being required to, he made it part of his routine and continues to make time for it. He even volunteers with his employees. The staff participates in community service annually as part of their wellness. By working alongside a variety of companies such as the LifeWorks organization, Jeff Schneider is happily making a positive difference in other people’s lives in any way he can.

Jeffry Schneider

CEO Jeffry Schneider has this to say on LifeWorks, “LifeWorks enables the young people in Austin who are in crisis mode find a place to realize their potential and achieve their goals which usually includes a wellness regime.” It’s apparent that Schneider is proud to be part of the organization’s mission. Based in Austin, TX, LifeWorks has a mission rooted in helping people overcome the trauma and abuse that keeps them from enjoying a life full of good health and wellness. LifeWorks seeks to aid individuals who need help finding shelter and employment. The company also provides educational programs focused on teaching them the tools required to achieve the mental and physical health required to attain self-sufficiency. He affirms that any human has the power to help someone else and that these small changes in the present can lead to a better  tomorrow. Despite having all the responsibilities of leading a company and leading a family, Jeffry Schneider continues to find time to put others before himself, a great example to many.